Magento MCQs

Magento MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Magento MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Magento by answering these multiple-choice questions.
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1: Is it possible to integrate multiple domain with different store in single Magento installation?

A.   Yes

B.   No

2: What does ORM stand for in Magento?

A.   Object Relational Mapping

B.   Object Relation Maps

C.   Objective Resource Mapping

D.   Objective Relative Mapping

E.   Optional Relational Mapping

3: When writing a Magento module which of these files are you likely to create first?

A.   controllers/IndexController.php

B.   Block/Template.php

C.   Helper/Data.php

D.   Model/Observer.php

E.   etc/config.xml

4: If you have mutliple people that need access to the Magento backend, how do you restrict access to specific users?

A.   Magento comes with a Permissions based system that allows definition of users and assigned roles

B.   Magento licensing only allows 2 admin users

C.   Magento doesn't allow mutliple people to be signed on at the same time

D.   Magento requires a 3rd party ACL extension to allow multiuser access

5: True or False: You can upload particular product on multiple website from one admin.

A.   True

B.   False

6: What is the correct way to add css and js in magento page?

A.   These can be added in PHP block files

B.   These can be added in layout xml file where css and js files can be added in head reference

C.   These cannot be added at all

D.   These can be added directly in phtml files where they are needed

7: If you're going to take credit cards directly in your Magento store, which of the following items will you need?

A.   EMS Certificate

B.   SSL Certificate

C.   LAD Certificate

D.   WFE Certificate

8: True or False: Products URL can be created manually.

A.   True

B.   False

9: Paypal raised the cost of processing credit cards. Where do you go to remove Paypal as a payment choice?

A.   CMS Static Block Management

B.   Magento Caching Engine

C.   Paypal website, under My Account

D.   The Payment Methods section of the System Configuration

10: How would you create a page about the magento store for customers to read?

A.   By creating a CMS page

B.   Create a bundle product

C.   Calling the developer

D.   Create a virtual product

11: A customer wants to know if there order went through. Where does an admin go to check on orders?

A.   Category Menu

B.   The Magento Configuration Panel

C.   The Sales Order Management Grid

D.   Under Coupons and Promotions

12: Magento has always used fallback logic in rendering themes.

A.   True

B.   False

13: Magento has a built in Contact us form. Where do you specify to whom those requests get sent?

A.   The Customer Info Screen

B.   The contacts section of the System Configuation

C.   The Main Dashboard

D.   The shipping methods configuration

14: The developer has told you that a theme is ready to use, where do you see what theme is currently in use?

A.   The design section of the System Configuation

B.   The Customer Management Grid

C.   The Design Dashboard

D.   Depends on the URL Rewrites

15: True or False? Template contains the PHTML files that contain xHTML markups and any necessary PHP to create logic for visual presentation.

A.   True

B.   False

16: The store sells a t-shirt that comes in different colors. What product type is used?

A.   simple

B.   configurable

C.   downloadable

D.   bundle

17: Turns out FEDEX is cheaper for some of the products. Where do we add FEDEX as a choice during checkout?

A.   The payment methods configuration

B.   The Shipping Methods section of the System Configuration

C.   The Main Dashboard

D.   The Order Info Screen

18: Which of these would be a good use case for a Configurable Product?

A.   Shipping Costs

B.   Downloadable Instructions

C.   T-shirt that comes in different sizes and colors

D.   Computer where each part is customized

19: What is EAV in Magento?

A.   Entity Allocated Value

B.   Effective Added Values

C.   Entity Allocation Values

D.   Entity Art Volumes

E.   Entity Attribute Value

20: What function of Magento that let's you reuse content in CMS Pages and Email Templates?

A.   Custom Error Handlers

B.   Catalog Price Rules

C.   CMS Static Blocks

D.   Category Design Updates

21: _________ are ways in which Magento distinguishes the array of functionalities in the system and creates a modular way to manage it from both a visual and functional standpoint.

A.   Blocks

B.   Tabs

C.   Cells

D.   Boxes

22: What is the setting that determines that an attribute value will show on the product page?

A.   Scope

B.   The Visible on Product View Page on Front-end

C.   Store Label

D.   Used for layer navigation

23: Magento allows you to use multiple themes within the same layout and template.

A.   False

B.   True

24: What is the rule for working with Magento's base package?

A.   Do NOT edit the files in the base package.

B.   Both of these

C.   Do NOT create a custom theme inside of the base package.

25: Which code snippet is used to show products labeled as "new" on your front page?

A.   {{block type="catalog/product_new" name="" alias="product_homepage" template="catalog/product/new.phtml"}}

B.   {{block type="catalog/product_list" name="home.catalog.product.list" alias="products_homepage" category_id="4" template="catalog/product/list.phtml"}}

C.   {{block ="catalog/product_list" name="home.catalog.list" alias="homepage"catalog/product/list.phtml"}}

D.   {{block type="catalog/product_list" name="home.catalog.product.list" alias="products_homepage" template="catalog/product/list.phtml"}}

26: What is the purpose of a Grouped Product?

A.   It offers a simple way to add multiple related products to the Shopping Cart

B.   It is a feature to limit the amount of traffic to a specific product

C.   None of these

D.   It allows a group of people to purchase a product at the same time

27: What is the difference between a simple product type and a virtual product type?

A.   Simples can hold inventory, virtual products cannot

B.   Virtual Products cannot have a price associated to them

C.   Virtual Products can't be sold in the US

D.   Simple products have less complex data containers

28: Customer emails and wants to cancel their order. Bummer. What are the 2 ways you can find the order?

A.   The Category or Product Menu

B.   Searching Newsletter Subscribers or Choosing a recent discounted product

C.   Searching the Sales Order Grid or By pulling up the Customer Info

D.   The Magento Configuration Panel or Through the Payment Method

29: Where can I find system.log and exception.log debugging?

A.   error/log/

B.   log/debug

C.   application/log

D.   log/error

E.   var/log/

30: What is the setting that determines that product will show on the search page and not on the category listing?

A.   Product Attribute Manager

B.   Product Status

C.   Product Visibility

D.   Product Inventory Status

31: A new product still shows out-of-stock, even though it shows that there are 20 available. Which index should we rebuild?

A.   Stock Status Index

B.   Product Flat Data

C.   Catalog Product Rewrites

D.   Product Prices

32: The store offers a free shipping coupon for orders over $50. The owner wants to change it to order over $75. Where is that done?

A.   CMS Static Block Management

B.   The Shipping Methods of the System Configuration

C.   Promotion Menu, Shopping Cart Price Rule Management

D.   System Menu, Permission Mangement

33: True or False? When customers are using the poll feature, only one question will show up at a time.

A.   True

B.   False

34: The marketing guy wants to use a custom url for one of the products, just for a temporary time promotion. What do you use?

A.   Change Product Information

B.   Add a URL Rewrite

C.   (none of these)

D.   Create a new producty category

35: The design team wants to show what the t-shirts are made on the product page. What are 2 ways to accomplish this?

A.   Add a URL Rewrite for the Fabric Composition

B.   Change the names of all the bundled products

C.   Add the fabric composition to the product description, or create a new product attribute

D.   Use the composition directive {{composition id="identifier"}}

36: Which code snippet is used to show one category on your front page?

A.   {{block ="catalog/product_list" name="home.catalog.list" alias="homepage"catalog/product/list.phtml"}}

B.   {{block type="catalog/product_list" name="home.catalog.product.list" alias="products_homepage" category_id="4" template="catalog/product/list.phtml"}}

C.   {{block type="catalog/product_new" name="" alias="product_homepage" template="catalog/product/new.phtml"}}

D.   {{block type="catalog/product_list" name="home.catalog.product.list" alias="products_homepage" template="catalog/product/list.phtml"}}

37: For items where inventory is not tracked, what is the setting to shut inventory management off?

A.   Set the price to 0

B.   Set the order increment to 0

C.   Manage Stock, under Inventory section

D.   Category Management, under the Catalog Menu

38: When creating a new product, what is the first thing you must choose?

A.   The product price

B.   Product Type, and Attribute Set

C.   Whether the product is visble in the Catalog

D.   The Product SKU

39: Which method is responsible for a full re-index in the abstract Magento indexer?

A.   reindexAll()

B.   reindex()

C.   processIndex()

D.   processEvent()

E.   fullReindex()

40: The store sells a e-book. What product type is used?

A.   downloadable

B.   virtual

C.   configurable

D.   simple

41: Where is the css and javascript file of your custom theme kept?

A.   skin/frontend/default/your_theme

B.   design/frontend/default/base

C.   design/frontend/default/your_theme

D.   skin/frontend/default/base

42: In Magento a Coupon is also known as?

A.   Bundled Product

B.   Shopping Cart Price Rule

C.   Physical Item

D.   Promotional Chart

43: 3 main reasons product won't show on Category page?

A.   Availablity, Status, Visibility

B.   SKU, Price, Description

C.   Availability,Status,SKU

D.   Price,Status,Visibility

44: Where can you find the product page to edit the .phtml file?

A.   app/design/frontend/your theme/default/template/catalog/product/view.phtml

B.   app/design/frontend/your theme/default/template/catalog/product/list.phtml

C.   app/design/frontend/your theme/default/template/catalog/product/view/view.phtml

D.   app/design/frontend/your theme/default/template/catalog/product/new.phtml

45: How do you Embed a Static Block in a CMS page?

A.   Use the wysiwyg editor

B.   Use the block directive {{block id="block_identifier"}}

C.   Call the developer

D.   The CMS Page section of the System Configuration

46: What is the best way to add xml settings for front of the store?

A.   copy and edit xml files from base

B.   add local.xml file

C.   edit xml files in base

47: Which of the following are frontend blocks with a predefined set of configuration options?

A.   Apps

B.   Tabs

C.   Cells

D.   Widgets

A.   48810

B.   1800

C.   0

D.   3600

E.   60

49: When should you edit files in the base template?

A.   Never

B.   When the file does not exist in the theme template

C.   When there is a svn or git conflict on your files

D.   When you inherit a project from another developer

50: If you have a product that comes in different sizes, Where do you add a new size for the configurable product?

A.   The CMS Page section of the System Configuration

B.   The Catalog section of the System Configuration

C.   The Associated Products section of the Product Edit Page

D.   The Bundle Products section of the Product Edit Page