Microsoft Power Automate MCQs

Microsoft Power Automate MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Microsoft Power Automate MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Microsoft Power Automate by answering these multiple-choice questions.
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1: You are using a scheeduled flow to copy information from one databse to another. What is an important caveat to keep in your mind?

A.   All field names in both DB must match exactly and there must be the same number of records in each DB

B.   You must alays create a loop to verify your data has been successfully copied

C.   Power automate does not support two-way synchronization, so changes made in the destination are not copied back to the source.

D.   You can copy data only between DBs in the same environment.

2: Why would you use geofencing with Power Automate?

A.   To create areas within a business where flows do not process

B.   To trigger automated flow when a device enters or exists a defined area

C.   To create flows that process whenever an emplotee moves from one region to another

D.   To create instant flows that sends a user's current location with the push of a button

3: What is a necessary requirement to using a flow template?

A.   Must have access to all connectors used in the flow

B.   Must have Power Automate installed on your mobile device

C.   Must have permission from template owner

D.   Must have access to OneDrive

4: Which choice is an example of using an automated trigger?

A.   A flow that starts when a mobile button is pushed

B.   A flow that starts when a new record is added to a SharePoint list

C.   A flow that starts when users request approval for documents

D.   A flow that starts at a specified time

5: How do you make a flow available to a single team channel in Microsoft Teams?

A.   In the channel, click 'Add a tab' and select 'Flow', then share flow with matching user group

B.   Create a new channel called 'Shared Teams Flows' and post a link in the team chat

C.   You cannot restrict users at the channel level

D.   Share the flow only with the users in the channel, then advise them to add the URL to their list of saved links in Teams.

6: What is the difference between Delay and Delay until actions?

A.   Delay until postpones an action until a specific date and time

B.   Delay until postpones an action until a field condition is reached in a loop (wrong)

C.   Delay postpones an action by a specific number of minutes (can be day, week etc)

D.   Delay postpones an action to give users time to input information (wrong)

7: In the context of Power Automate, what is a solution?

A.   A flow thats created specifically to be shared with an entire organization

B.   A flow that prcesses more than 7% of the time

C.   A portable container for flows that enables you to move and share them between environments

D.   A flow used to calculate numerical values

8: What expression allows you to get details about the current workflow instance at run time?

A.   Workflow()

B.   Details()

C.   WorkflowDetails()

D.   RunDetails()

9: What are the prerequisites for creating solutions?

A.   Office 365 admins status - shared outside an organization

B.   Common Data Service and an environment with version or later

C.   An enterprise license for Msft Office 365

D.   Certification in Msft Power Platform

10: You want to update multiple items in an excel spreadsheet with information from multiple email messages. How can you do this in a single flow?

A.   Create auto flow that triggers when email received, add Update Excel action, then re-add it as many times as needed.

B.   Create instant flow that updates a single record, then select multiple emails in your inox and start the flow from the menu bar

C.   Add and Apple to each loop after the Get email actio, then add another action to write the records to Excel

D.   Create scheduled flow that triggers when u submit a request, adda acondition that defines the info to extracted, add an Update Excel action and change the Advanced settings to repeat as needed.