PowerBuilder MCQs

PowerBuilder MCQs

These PowerBuilder multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of PowerBuilder. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 50+ PowerBuilder MCQs.
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1: The windows that are opened in the client area of an MDI frame are known as:

A.   Child windows

B.   Frame windows

C.   Sheets

D.   Popup windows

E.   Modal windows

2: The five system tables created by PowerBuilder the first time it connects to the database are collectively known as:

A.   MetaData

B.   Data Dictionary

C.   System Tables

D.   Repository

E.   Powersoft Tables

3: A control that can be used for displaying other controls is:

A.   Listbox

B.   Datawindow

C.   Tabcontrol

D.   Groupbox

E.   Richtextedit

4: A named set of parameters stored in your PowerBuilder initialization file that defines a connection to a particular database in the PowerBuilder development environment is known as:

A.   ODBC connection

B.   DSN

C.   Data connection

D.   Database profile

E.   Data parameter

5: Which is the ancestor main window for all SDI applications?

A.   w_sheet

B.   w_response

C.   w_popup

D.   w_main

E.   w_child

6: Which property of the error object contains the name of the object in which the error occurred?

A.   Objname

B.   Objtype

C.   Object

D.   Text

E.   Objectname

7: The escape character in Powerscript is:

A.   ~

B.   !

C.   @

D.   #

E.   $

8: You want a variable that will be accessible anywhere in the application. What type of variable will you declare?

A.   Application

B.   Global

C.   Instance

D.   Shared

E.   Local

9: Which of the following shape controls is not available in the PowerBuilder control bar?

A.   Line

B.   Rectangle

C.   Polygon

D.   Oval

E.   RoundRectangle

10: Which popup menu is displayed when the user releases the right mouse button over an u_dw based datawindow control?

A.   m_dw

B.   m_edit

C.   m_frame

D.   m_lvs

E.   m_oc

11: Which menu is the master menu for all PFC applications?

A.   m_master

B.   m_app

C.   m_main

D.   m_frame

E.   m_tvs

12: In a window, you need two sets of radio buttons. On which control will you place the radio buttons ?

A.   Tab

B.   Groupbox

C.   Roundrectangle

D.   Rectangle

E.   Oval

13: The string function mid is used to:

A.   Find the middle character in a string

B.   Find the middle word in a sequence of words

C.   Extract a certain number of characters from a string

D.   Determine whether a string contains a particular pattern of characters

E.   Find the length of a string

14: On which platform do INTERSOLV ODBC drivers, included with PowerBuilder, support ODBC connections?

A.   Windows 95/98

B.   Windows NT

C.   Windows 2000



15: Which of the following is not a standard data type?

A.   Boolean

B.   Char

C.   Double

D.   Currency

E.   Real

16: Which Datawindow function is used to retrieve the rows into the Datawindow ?

A.   Fetch

B.   Extract

C.   Retrieverows

D.   Retrieve

E.   Get

17: The repository table pbcatfmt contains:

A.   Names, comments, headers, labels, case, initial value and justification

B.   Edit style names and definitions

C.   Display format names and definitions

D.   Name, owner, default fonts and comments

E.   Validation rule names and definitions

18: You want to get a value for a particular key from the system registry What function will you use?

A.   RegistryGet

B.   GetKey

C.   RetrieveKey

D.   ReadKey

E.   ExtractKey

19: Assume there are two windows, w1 and w2.w2 has a tab control with the name tab1. tab1 has two pages, tabp1 and tabp2. tabp1 has a command button cb1. What will be the correct syntax to refer to cb1 from the window w1?

A.   w2.tab1.tabp1.cb1

B.   tab1.tabp1.cb1

C.   tabp1.tab1.cb1

D.   w2.tabp1.tab1.cb1

E.   w2.cb1

20: Which application event is fired first?

A.   Close

B.   Open

C.   Connectionend

D.   Connectionbegin

E.   Idle

21: Which control would you use to display the information in a hierarchical fashion?

A.   Tab

B.   PictureListBox

C.   EditMask

D.   ListView

E.   TreeView

22: Given the name of the object to be Pfc_w_master, the object as per the naming conventions is a:

A.   Window

B.   Menu

C.   Global structure

D.   Visual user object

E.   Standard class user object

23: The number of global functions defined in the PFC is:

A.   1

B.   2

C.   5

D.   10

E.   50

24: Which object will be used to handle runtime errors?

A.   Application

B.   Err

C.   Error

D.   Errobject

E.   Errorobject


Given the following database access components for a windows platform, arrange them in the correct order starting from the application and ending with the database:

1 Powersoft ODBC interface (PBODB60.DLL)

2 PowerBuilder Applications

3 Database

4 Database ODBC Driver

5 ODBC Driver Manager (ODBC32.DLL)











26: The connection object for use with all distributed PFC applications is:

A.   n_sqlca

B.   n_conn

C.   n_connection

D.   n_cn

E.   n_data

27: The & character is used:

A.   For declaring constants

B.   To concatenate strings

C.   For statement continuation

D.   To escape characters

E.   To give comments

28: Which object provides the ability to display a Web page in the default browser?

A.   Inet

B.   Browser

C.   Internet

D.   Web

E.   Net

29: Which of the following is not a mathematical function?

A.   Abs

B.   Arrange

C.   Ceiling

D.   Exp

E.   Fact

30: Which of the following identifiers is invalid?

A.   ABC_Code

B.   Child-Id

C.   response35

D.   Child'sId

E.   Part#

31: How many instances of a window can you create?

A.   1

B.   2

C.   5

D.   10

E.   No limit

32: Which object is used to analyze the performance of a PowerBuilder application?

A.   TraceTree

B.   There is no such object

C.   Performance

D.   Analyze

E.   Monitor

33: You are declaring an instance variable. What is the prefix you would use to name the variable?

A.   g

B.   l

C.   s

D.   i

E.   a

34: The default transaction object is:

A.   sql

B.   cn

C.   sqlca

D.   tran

E.   conn

35: Which PowerBuilder repository table contains the edit style names and definitions?

A.   pbcattbl

B.   pbcatcol

C.   pbcatfmt

D.   pbcatedt

E.   pbcatvld

36: You want to implement a timer in your application. Which function will you use?

A.   Clock

B.   Repeat

C.   Time

D.   Timer

E.   Sleep

37: The first step in creating an application with PFC is:

A.   Creating a database connection

B.   Creating an MDI window

C.   Configuring and enabling the application manager

D.   Creating a database profile

E.   Creating a menu

38: The prefix g would be used for which variable type?

A.   Global

B.   Local

C.   Instance

D.   Shared

E.   Public

39: The concatenation operator is:

A.   &

B.   +

C.   #

D.   Either & or +

E.   Either & or #

40: An object with the prefix ds would refer to a:

A.   DataWindow

B.   dataStore

C.   DataWindowChild

D.   DragObject

E.   DrawObject

41: The operator for exponentiation is:

A.   !

B.   **

C.   ^

D.   @

E.   #

42: The PFC object u_cb stands for:

A.   Command button visual user object

B.   Checkbox visual user object

C.   Listbox visual user object

D.   Listview visual user object

E.   Groupbox visual user object

43: Which DBPARM parameter is used to connect to an ODBC data source?

A.   ConnectString

B.   ConnectOption

C.   AppName

D.   CursorLib

E.   SQLCache

44: The ODBC API does not define which of the following?

A.   A library of ODBC function calls that connect to the data source, execute statements and retrieve results

B.   A standard way to connect and log on to a DBMS

C.   SQL syntax based on the X/Open and SQL Access Group (SAG) CAE specification

D.   A representation of data types for a specific DBMS

E.   A standard set of error codes

45: On a Windows platform, the name of the initialization file is:




D.   P.INI


46: Which of the following is not a descendant of w_master?

A.   w_child

B.   w_frame

C.   w_main

D.   w_about

E.   w_response

47: In which of the following cases does PowerBuilder not connect to the database?

A.   Open a painter that accesses the database

B.   Compile or save a PowerBuilder script containing embedded SQL statements

C.   Execute an application that accesses the database

D.   Invoke a DataWindow control function that accesses the database while executing an application

E.   Terminate the application

48: Which of the following is not a main type of PowerBuilder object in PFC?

A.   Windows

B.   Menus

C.   DataWindow objects

D.   Reports

E.   User objects

49: Which is the ancestor for all PFC windows?

A.   w_main

B.   w_frame

C.   w_master

D.   w_response

E.   w_sheet

50: The createondemand property of the tab control:

A.   Asks the user whether the control should be displayed

B.   Prompts the user to add more tab pages

C.   Specifies whether the representation of controls on all tab pages are created when the tab control is created

D.   If set to true results in the slower opening of the window

E.   Prompts the user to display the controls on the tab pages