Promotion Strategy MCQs

Promotion Strategy MCQs

Try to answer these Promotion Strategy MCQs and check your understanding of the Promotion Strategy subject.
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1: Promotion consists of ________.

A.   Advertising

B.   Publicity

C.   Giveaways

D.   All of these

2: A company's external value delivery network consists of __________.

A.   Suppliers, distributors, and customers

B.   Suppliers, customers, and other company departments

C.   Customers, competitors, and suppliers

D.   Suppliers, distributors, and other company departments

E.   Other company departments, customers, and competitors

3: A firm's marketing strategy identifies a firm's target market(s), its four ps, and _______.

A.   Its relative market share

B.   Its promotion strategy

C.   A method of pricing and producing its products

D.   A method of obtaining a sustainable competitive advantage

4: selling shoes directly to consumers is an example of _________.

A.   Disintermediation

B.   Online securities trading

C.   An electronic mall

D.   Cyberbanking

5: A ________ consists of all the product lines and items that a particular seller offers for sale.

A.   Product mix

B.   Brand line

C.   Consumer mix

D.   Packaging mix

E.   Line extension

6: Integrated marketing communications would include all of the following except ________.

A.   Direct mail

B.   Sales promotions

C.   Public relations

D.   Distribution

7: Determining which segments to target for firms depends on an interplay between ______ issues.

A.   Quantitative and strategic

B.   Qualitative and statistical

C.   Calculation and estimation

D.   Practical and theoretical