Modern Marketing MCQs

Modern Marketing MCQs

Try to answer these Modern Marketing MCQs and check your understanding of the Modern Marketing subject.
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1: In this scenario beth represents the _____.

A.   Retailer

B.   VMI

C.   EDI

D.   B2B

2: In a(n) __________ marketing channel, none of the participants has any control over the others.

A.   Conventional

B.   Contractual

C.   Corporate

D.   Cooperative

E.   Administered

3: The movement of goods and services from producers to customers is called _____.

A.   Distribution

B.   Promotion

C.   Production

D.   Valuation

4: When assigning functions to channel members, it is important for producers to ________.

A.   Assign functions to the channel members that can add the most value for the cost

B.   Assign functions to channel members who do not take risks

C.   Assign functions to channel members not used by competitors

D.   Assign functions to channel members who guarantee to lower the​ producers' costs

5: Logistics, or physical distribution, is the ________________ part of the marketing mix.

A.   Possession

B.   Placement

C.   Production

D.   Promotion

6: In a market with _______________, there are many firms providing differentiated products.

A.   Pure competition

B.   Oligopolistic competition

C.   Monopolistic competition

D.   A monopoly

E.   A duopoly

7: Key aspects of the process selection challenge include _________ and __________.

A.   Information technology; marketing strategy

B.   Process flexibility; marketing strategy

C.   Capital intensity; process flexibility

D.   Marketing strategy; operations strategy

8: Step 2 of the ethical decision making framework involves ______.

A.   Choosing a course of action that generates the best solution

B.   Gathering facts that are important to the ethical issue

C.   Coming together to brainstorm any alternatives

D.   Weighing the various alternatives