Social Media Management MCQs

Social Media Management MCQs

Try to answer these Social Media Management MCQs and check your understanding of the Social Media Management subject.
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1: The graphical user interface replaced the _____ interface of earlier operating systems.

A.   Command-line

B.   Useful; essential

C.   Cold boot

D.   El Capitan

2: A television rating is _____.

A.   Local broadcast stations

B.   It put a freeze on issuing new television licenses.

C.   Comic situations and grim plots

D.   The percentage of all TV households watching a show

3: Most social media companies rely on ________ for revenue.

A.   Advertising

B.   Conection

C.   Both of these

D.   None of these

4: With nearly 88% of its population online, ____ is the leading world region in internet users.

A.   North America

B.   South America

C.   Central America

5: Instagram stories are a great way to _____________.

A.   Demonstrate complex concepts quickly and easily

B.   Directly message a customer to answer a question

C.   Deliver video podcasts

D.   Drive traffic and engagement

6: ________ refers to data and responses to data that are contributed by users and sm sponsors.

A.   Connection

B.   Capital

C.   Content

D.   Custom

7: A product aimed at an audience of teenagers would show that the product is _____.

A.   Sturdy, reliable, and safe.

B.   Tested and well-built.

C.   Traditional, tested, and conservative.

D.   Fun, exciting, and cool

8: A(n) _____ refers to an internet vandal and mischief-maker.

A.   Blog comments can be a hothouse for spam and the disgruntled

B.   Peer production is leveraged to create much of the open source software that supports many of the Web 2.0 efforts.

C.   All of the above

D.   Troll

9: As a marketer, one thing to keep in mind is that social media users are _____.

A.   Fickle

B.   Audiences

C.   Orkut

D.   Friendster

10: Writing for social media ________.

A.   Does not require close proofreading because it is informal

B.   Requires you to consider only external audiences

C.   Shines a close light on your writing skills and can affect your career

D.   Is completely different from writing traditional business documents

11: Facebook and twitter are examples of _____.

A.   Social networking sites

B.   A pro-innovation human resource department

C.   Marketing

D.   How Zappos operates

12: Fbi reliance on citizen photographs to catch the boston marathon bombers is an example of ____.

A.   Carpal tunnel syndrome

B.   Web empowerment

C.   Pervasive

D.   Computer addiction

A.   Cookies obtain your personal information by searching your hard drive

B.   Placing a found virus in a secure area on the hard drive

C.   People pretending to represent official organizations such as the department of homeland security

D.   Completely automated public turing test to tell humans and computers apart

14: Twitter followers consider ________ to be the most valuable type of tweets.

A.   Generic messages, such as saying

B.   Messages that engage followers, such as asking them for advice

C.   Complaints from someone who's stuck in traffic or having a bad day

D.   Random musings about a weekend at the beach