Social Media Marketing MCQs

Social Media Marketing MCQs

These Social Media Marketing multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Social Media Marketing. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Social Media Marketing MCQs.
So scroll down and start answering.

1: What question should a mission statement answer?

A.   Who is your CEO?

B.   Why does your company exist?

C.   When was your company founded?

D.   Where can I find more information about your company?

2: What is a hashtag?

A.   A tag embedded in a message that allows the user to send subliminal messages to readers

B.   A tag embedded in a message that leads to an external advertisement

C.   A tag embedded in a message that tracks the analytics of that message

D.   A tag embedded in a message, consisting of a # symbol followed by a word to tap into a trending buzzword or keyword

3: On what grounds are Twitter accounts suspended?

A.   When you only tweet once a month.

B.   Accounts are suspended for Twitter Rules (Terms of Service) violations and temporarily suspended if the account has been hacked.

C.   When you tweet promotional links more than you tweet @mentions and @replies.

D.   When the Followers to Following ratio is too large.

4: Hootsuite can be used to schedule a post on your personal profile for these social sites:

A.   Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat

B.   Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

C.   G+, YouTube and Instagram

5: Which social network uses 'repins'?

A.   LinkedIn

B.   Vine

C.   Twitter

D.   Pinterest

6: What is one way can you help your LinkedIn Company Page be seen by more potential customers/clients?

A.   Post to your Company Page every day and then share the post to your Connections through your personal profile.

B.   Mention your LinkedIn Company name in every conversation on LinkedIn at least twice.

C.   Don't add any mention of your Company Page in your Summary and force people to click through to your website to find your LinkedIn Company Page link.

7: What Currencies are Supported on Linkedin?

A.   USD, CHF and SEK

B.   CAD,DKK,and EUR

C.   AUD, BRL and GBP

D.   All of the above

8: What's a Retweet (RT)?

A.   A Retweet is a Tweet that you forward to your follower

B.   Tweet that you directly post on twitter

C.   When you post on Pinterest is called Retweet

D.   Your Post on facebook

9: What is a "KPI"?

A.   Key Player Intuition

B.   Key Player Involved

C.   Key Performance Indicator

D.   Key Performance Instance

10: You can share a page on Facebook the following ways:

A.   All of these

B.   On your own timeline

C.   On a friend's timeline

D.   In a group

E.   In a private message

11: Which of the following is NOT a social media channel?

A.   Twitter

B.   Foursquare

C.   Youtube

D.   Facebook

E.   email

12: Facebook makes money from:

A.   membership fees

B.   advertisements

13: What is the definition of CTA (call-to-action)?

A.   A old-school marketing technique that is not in use anymore.

B.   Text suggesting a specific action; such as, call now, click here now, click to learn more, download now, etc.

C.   Images showing the wrong way of doing something without showing the correct way.

14: In online advertising "CPC" stands for...?

A.   Cost per Check

B.   Cost per thousand

C.   Cost Per Click

D.   Click per Click

A.   True

B.   False

16: 53 percent of interaction between Google+ user and a brand is positive.

A.   True

B.   False

17: How do Facebook Ads target specific users?

A.   They target demographics based on age, location, and gender

B.   They target keywords you include in your profile, such as your religion or relationship status.

C.   All of these

D.   They gather precise information from pages you like, and people you follow

18: To post ads on Facebook is Free?

A.   False

B.   True

19: What is the name of Facebook page analytics?

A.   Details

B.   Insights

C.   Data

D.   Analytics

20: Effective social marketing emphasizes which of the following content types?

A.   Content relevant to the intended audience, and not always about YOU or your company's products

B.   Your company's twitter feed and Facebook page

C.   Your company's product brochures and landing pages

D.   Mentions every press release issued by your company

E.   Mostly videos of your CEO talking about your products and solutions

21: It is proper Twitter etiquette to post links in your tweets as

A.   long tail keywords.

B.   images

C.   shortened URL's.

D.   direct access URL's.

E.   highly descriptive anchor text.

22: The percentage of people who come to a website and leave instantly is measured by the:

A.   Rejection Rate

B.   Redirect Rate

C.   Bounce Rate

D.   CORSI Rating

23: What tone should your company's blog have?

A.   One person writing everything in their own personal style

B.   A consistently professional voice critiquing competitor's blogs

C.   Your CEO's voice

D.   One overall perspective, no matter if one person is writing it or several people are writing it

24: True or False? LinkedIn displays page metrics to the admins of a company profile.

A.   True


25: What is the definition of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

A.   SEO is the process of making sure a website ranks higher in organic search results by providing quality content, relevancy and engagement.

B.   SEO is a complicated science that suggests you create algorithms that trick Search Engines into ranking websites higher in organic search results.

C.   SEO is achieved by placing hundreds of paid advertisements on a website so it generates more search traffic, thereby helping it show up higher in organic search results.

26: What's a good step to help secure your online branding?

A.   Strongly ask competitors to not to use your company name on their marketing materials.

B.   Post on your blog that no one else may use your company name for any purposes and lock up your posts so no one can share them.

C.   Open an account on all social platforms with your branded name, even if you're not ready to launch on that social site yet.

27: Tweets have a limit of:

A.   120 characters

B.   250 characters

C.   140 characters

D.   75 characters

E.   300 characters

28: You are able to post private pictures that only select people see on Instagram.

A.   True

B.   False

29: What is Quora?

A.   A question-and-answer website curated by its community.

B.   A tool used to collect the top submissions on Yahoo! Answer questions.

C.   A replacement rolled out by LinkedIn after closing its Answers page.

D.   Reddit's highly trafficked 'Today I Learned" subreddit.

30: AMA, the acronym used on Reddit and Tumblr, stands for what?

A.   Alternative Marketing Approach

B.   Aimed Marketing Approach

C.   Ask Me Anything

31: In addition to publication on your company & personal profile pages, where is the best place to share content on LinkedIn?

A.   Answers

B.   Careers Page

C.   Groups

D.   Skills Page

32: What is the process called where you keep track of your company's mention on the web

A.   eavesdropping

B.   social stalking

C.   sound hounding

D.   social listening.

33: What is the most effective use of Newsjacking?

A.   Posting blatant marketing links using breaking news (and hashtags) that have nothing to do with your product in order to generate media coverage for yourself or your business.

B.   Posting complementary ideas and creative angles using breaking news (also events and hashtags) in order to generate media coverage for yourself or your business.

C.   Interrupting too much during a co-worker's interview with the press to disagree with their stand on the subject.

34: What are the topic-specific subcategories that make up Reddit?

A.   Hang-Outs

B.   Topic-specific subcategories

C.   Groups

D.   Subreddits

35: What is a QR code?

A.   A scannable Quick Response barcode that redirects a phone to a linked website

B.   The Quick Response algorithm used to obtain a lost password on a social media website

C.   A code embedded directly into Twitter to show exactly how many people read each Tweet

D.   A scannable Quick Response barcode that allows customers in retail stores to comparison shop

36: Which of the following Twitter tools will NOT allow you to schedule Tweets and track analytics?

A.   TweetDeck

B.   SocialOmph


D.   HootSuite

37: You CANNOT use Foursquare to:

A.   buy movie tickets

B.   receive restaurant recommendations

C.   track friends

38: Click, comment, share, and like are all examples of a/an ________ you can include in Facebook posts.

A.   outreach

B.   call to action

C.   command word

D.   facebook command

39: What is the name of the mobile app that allows users to capture and share 6-second looping videos directly through Twitter?

A.   YouTube

B.   Instagram

C.   Vimeo

D.   SnapChat

E.   Vine

40: What was the original Twitter hashtag for #FF?

A.   #fridayfriends

B.   #followfriday

C.   #firstfollow

D.   #finalfantasy

41: What are Facebook Offers?

A.   Ads for special promotions set up using Facebook Ads. They can only be used for online businesses.

B.   Ads for special promotions set up using Facebook Ads. They can only be used for offline businesses, and must be printed to bring to stores.

C.   Ads for special promotions set up directly on your Facebook Page rather than using Facebook Ads. They can be used for offline and online businesses.

D.   They are the same as Facebook Ads.

42: Which of these sites directly measure social influence??

A.   Klout and Kred

B.   HootSuite and TweetDeck

C.   Mint and Instagram

43: Boosting posts and Sponsored posts are the same advertising technique on Facebook.

A.   True

B.   False

44: What does the social media metric PTAT stand for?

A.   People Talking About This

B.   People Tracking & Analysis Tool

C.   Post, Track, Analyze, Treat

D.   Posts Through Another Theatre

45: What is SMO?

A.   Social Media Organization

B.   Social Marketing Opinions

C.   Social Media Optimization

46: What two pricing models are used for LinkedIn ads?

A.   PPC and CCP

B.   CPC and CPM

C.   CSP and CPS

47: In your Facebook Insights, the percentage of people who have created a story from your post, out of the total number of people who have seen it is called its:

A.   Virality

B.   Stickiness

C.   Share percent

D.   Mention generation

48: What is the self-styled “The Front Page of the Internet”?

A.   Reddit

B.   Bing

C.   Yahoo!

D.   Google

49: What signifies a modified retweet?

A.   MeRT

B.   DM

C.   MT

D.   MRT

50: How far into the future should a company plan its marketing activities?

A.   Indefinitely

B.   1 month

C.   5 years

D.   Up to 1 year