Display Ads MCQs

Display Ads MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Display Ads MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Display Ads by answering these 50+ multiple-choice questions.
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1: What are banner ad networks?

A.   Multimedia broadcasting networks

B.   Social networks based on banner ad best practices

C.   Networks that act as brokers between advertisers and publishers

D.   Networks that compile and share banner advertising advice

2: One common way for a publisher to fill up unused inventory is to use:

A.   House ads

B.   Expired ads

C.   Pinup ads

D.   White space

3: Which of the following is a standard IAB ad size?

A.   240 x 380

B.   200 x 600

C.   728 x 90

D.   100 x 325

4: What term describes the tendency of web visitors to ignore banner ads?

A.   Ad Aware

B.   eFilter

C.   Banner Block

D.   Banner Blindness

5: In what way are leaderboard ads displayed?

A.   Animated

B.   Horizontally

C.   Vertically

D.   All of these

6: Which of the following is a benefit of Facebook's Custom Audiences feature?

A.   ability to target based on last login time

B.   ability to target relatives of existing users

C.   ability to use Facebook data to target users with AdSense ads

D.   ability to target individual people with ads

7: True or False? Display Ads should always be published in company colors.

A.   False

B.   True

8: Which term describes the 'lifetime' of an ad campaign?

A.   Flight

B.   Fortitude

C.   Stamina

D.   Train

9: What is the click-through-rate of the average banner ad?

A.   5%

B.   10%

C.   0.10%

D.   22%

10: What are the 3 most common banner ad unit sizes (included in IAB universal ad package)?

A.   160x600, 300x600, 728x90

B.   120x600, 300x600, 728x90

C.   160x600, 300x250, 728x90

D.   120x600, 300x250, 728x90

11: Which of the following is typically important in crafting an effective CTA?

A.   including capitalized words

B.   using several hyperlinks

C.   using the word free

D.   conveying a sense of urgency

12: In what way are skyscraper ads displayed?

A.   All of these

B.   Vertically

C.   In a looping GIF

D.   Horizontally

13: Which of the following IS NOT a Google Display Network targeting option?

A.   Placements

B.   Topics

C.   Demographics

D.   Purchases

14: Displaying relevant messages to users based on the type of content they consume is known as:

A.   Sourcing Ads

B.   Contextual Targeting

C.   Match Advertising

D.   Display Advertising

15: Text that appears while a banner is loading or when a cursor moves over a banner is called:

A.   Alt text

B.   Clear text

C.   Hidden text

D.   Main text

16: True or False? All banner ads should click through to a website homepage.

A.   False

B.   True

17: True or False? SEO based keywords are irrelevant in Display Advertising.

A.   False

B.   True

18: Which of the following is a benefit of display ads?

A.   they target only users who are familiar with your brand

B.   the produce a relatively low click-through-rate

C.   the same ads can be used for every audience

D.   they appear next to content that you are already viewing

19: True or False? Advertising your website as a whole on a banner is more effective than a specific product/service.

A.   False

B.   True

A.   False

B.   True

21: Which of the following are monetization models for display ads?





22: Online advertising is often divided into two categories, display and:

A.   Set

B.   Social

C.   Structured

D.   Search

23: What does it mean when a digital ad is "Above the fold?"

A.   It is outperforming other ads in the campaign and should be given the most attention

B.   It is adhering to design and branding best practices

C.   It is visible in the upper section of the web page with no scrolling required

D.   Clicking the ad will bring the user to a new web page

24: What does a megaboard or leaderboard refer to?

A.   an ad placed at the top right of a page

B.   an ad placed at the bottom center of a page

C.   an ad placed the top center of a page

D.   ad ad placed at the bottom right of a page

25: What term refers to a snippet of HTML placed on a webpage to display an ad?

A.   Block

B.   Tag

C.   Cut

D.   Snip

26: What file format allows for silent looping video?

A.   .GIF

B.   .RAR

C.   .ZIP

D.   .JPEG

27: What is a Call To Action?

A.   A global rallying cry, sparked socially online, that can mobilize like-minded individuals to make substantial, real world change

B.   A line within content or an ad asking the reader to visit a page, submit a comment, share the content, etc.

C.   When a company sparks an increased focus on social media engagement, starting or cleaning up their image and accessibility on multiple social platforms

D.   A weekly (or daily) theme or goal a company profile places for itself, achievable via CTR traffic metrics

28: What is contained within display ads?

A.   Community

B.   Pitch

C.   Analytics

D.   Content

29: What term describes an ad that displays in a secondary browser window directly beneath the initial browser window?

A.   PopOver

B.   PopBack

C.   PopUnder/PopUp

D.   PopOut/Interstitial ad

A.   A compressed tool for websites to organize the PC specs, data usage, and third-party add ons used by a visitor

B.   A trend tracking code snippet stored on a user's hard drive

C.   A small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while a user is browsing a website

D.   A way to communicate web history between a user, webhost, and SEO algorithms

31: What does the term re-targeting mean?

A.   a feature that lets you show an individual two versions of an ad on the same page

B.   the ability to send an email to anyone who has viewed your display ad

C.   a feature that lets you reach people who have already visited your site with display ads

D.   the ability to use Facebook to target anyone who has viewed your AdSense ad

32: What 2 components make up a simple banner ad?

A.   Dated JAVA text and the first line of GIF coding

B.   TREOS specs & a BTHATS base

C.   The HTML tag for a link with the HTML tag for an image

D.   A Python base and HTML head

33: True or False? Animated ads yield stronger results than static ones.

A.   True

B.   False

34: What does CTR stand for?

A.   Click Through Rate

B.   Current Tracking Record

C.   Cost Time Revenue

D.   Core Theme Reaction

35: True or False? A 'hit' happens when a web server receives a request.

A.   False

B.   True

36: What is the most important thing to consider in defining a display campaign?

A.   the attribution model of the campaign

B.   the projected cost of the campaign

C.   the campaign ad size

D.   your target audience and goals

37: What are rich media ads?

A.   Ads backed by popular culture organizations

B.   Ads that use audio, video, or animation programming

C.   Ads heavily loaded with SEO terms

D.   Ads that produce significant monetary value

38: Online display ads are often referred to as:

A.   Buttons

B.   Banners

C.   Bulletins

D.   Billboards

39: What are interstitial ads?

A.   An umbrella term for banners, pop-ups, etc.

B.   A consistent banner on every webpage within a webpage

C.   Ads that appear in front of or "on top of" a webpage's content

D.   Ads that appear when a user navigates away from a webpage

40: What can make up a display ad?

A.   Video

B.   All of these

C.   Sound

D.   Images

41: What does SSP stand for?

A.   Source Supply Platform

B.   Server Side Platform

C.   Supply Side Platform

D.   Sleek Server Platform

42: What term refers to the amount of time spent at a site over a certain period of time?

A.   CTR

B.   Hold

C.   Stickiness

D.   Durability

43: Which of the following is NOT one of the ten largest display ad networks in 2013?

A.   Google Ad Sense

B.   AdIt

C.   Advertising.com

D.   Chitika

44: What are page views?

A.   The number of times a page has appeared in search results.

B.   The number of times a page has been requested from the server.

C.   The number of times a page has been seen by unique IP addresses

D.   The number of times a page has been seen by Google's ranking algorithm

45: What does DMP stand for?

A.   Demand Marketing Platform

B.   Demand Management Platform

C.   Data Management Platform

D.   Data Marketing Platform

46: What does the RFM model stand for?

A.   Robust-Frequency-Monetization

B.   Recency-Frequency-Monetary

C.   Rich-Frequency-Monetization

47: What is The Golden Triangle?

A.   The modern flow of e-commerce

B.   Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn

C.   Three common SEO strategies

D.   The top-left corner of Google's search results.

48: What % of earnings from AdSense content ads do publishers collect?

A.   82%

B.   13%

C.   68%

D.   42%

49: What term refers to a block of color used to surround feature aspects of an ad?

A.   Backdrop

B.   White Space

C.   White Paper

D.   Background

50: What term describes an online display ad normally 88 x 31 Pixels in size?

A.   Micro Banner

B.   Macro Button

C.   Micro Button

D.   Meta Banner