Social Media and Video Games MCQs

Social Media and Video Games MCQs

Try to answer these Social Media and Video Games MCQs and check your understanding of the Social Media and Video Games subject.
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1: Social Media is a website that allows users to generate _________ , and network with friends or other like-minded people.

A.   Content

B.   Comment

C.   Tag

D.   All of these

2: A test developed by mathematician Alan Turing to see whether a person could distinguish whether they were interacting with a computer or a person is known as _______ .

A.   Turing Test

B.   Pong Test

C.   Pokémon Test

D.   None of these

3: A ping pong simulation that was the first commercially successful arcade video game ?

A.   True

B.   False

A.   Pokémon

B.   Atari

C.   Augmented Reality

D.   None of these

A.   USA in 1996.

B.   UK in 1996.

C.   Japan in 1993.

D.   Japan in 1996.

6: Augmented Reality is where a ________ ads online imagery in real time to photos or videos of real life.

A.   Computer

B.   Smartphone

C.   Both a & b

D.   None of these

7: A video game where one hundred players enter into a digital arena and the last player standing is the winner is known as ______ .

A.   Battle Royale Games

B.   Authoritarian Theory

C.   Communist Theory

D.   None of these

8: Esports is an organized video game _______ for spectators.

A.   Team competition

B.   Employ competition

C.   Ceo Competition

D.   None of these

9: The video game transistor uses ________ perspective.

A.   Three-point

B.   Isometric

C.   Two-point

D.   Multi-point

10: Cultivation theory argues that media _____.

A.   Immersion enculturates people into shared beliefs about the world

B.   Creates a cultural divide and sense of ethnocentrism

C.   Are dominated by large corporations

D.   Sets cultural agendas