Social Sciences MCQs

Social Sciences MCQs

These Social Sciences multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Social Sciences. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Social Sciences MCQs.
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1: It is more energetically efficient for us to eat more ________.

A.   Plant-based foods

B.   GM foods

C.   Foods grown using IPM methods

D.   Carnivorous animals like

2: _____ exists when one party has confidence in an exchange partner's reliability and integrity.

A.   Intended Use.

B.   Is often custom designed for each customer according to requirements.

C.   Accessory Equipment

D.   Trust

3: A typical unit of sale for a wholesaler would be ________.

A.   One hour of work

B.   A block of time devoted to a task

C.   One item

D.   One dozen

E.   All of the above

4: The organizational strategy should ideally _____ the is strategy.

A.   Drive

B.   Complement

C.   Dictate

D.   Ignore

5: The most common reason that an expatriate fails at an international assignment is ________.

A.   Incompetence

B.   Technical demands

C.   The inability of a spouse to adjust

D.   Language difficulties

6: What occurs with the doppler effect are changes in _______.

A.   Frequency due to motion

B.   Radio waves

C.   Blue light

D.   Scattering

7: Over the last decade, small business created _____ of net new jobs in the united states.

A.   15-20

B.   30-40

C.   40-60

D.   60-80

8: The ________________ in christ in majesty reflects the byzantine style.

A.   Natural proportions of the figure

B.   Convincing spatial recession

C.   Softly flowing drapery folds

D.   Modeling from light to dark in three shades

9: Abbot suger began the rebuilding of the cathedral of __________ in the 1130s.

A.   Saint-Denis

B.   Shift toward more open, light-filled spaces

C.   Paris

D.   Hall

10: Albert bandura is to self-efficacy as julian rotter is to __________.

A.   Self-image

B.   Locus of control

C.   Personal freedom

D.   Self confidence

11: Average gross profit per customer is ________.

A.   Average sale per customer minus average cost of sale per customer

B.   Average cost of tangible product minus average cost of intangible product

C.   Average sale per consumer plus average sale per wholesaler

D.   Average cost of sale minus average sale per customer

12: Many business experts contend that __________ will likely be the growth market of the future.

A.   Asia

B.   South America

C.   The Middle East

D.   Africa

13: Public schools, charities and government agencies generally ___________.

A.   Are incorporated

B.   Do not seek to earn a profit

C.   Provide goods rather than services

D.   Do not have any stakeholders

14: After harvesting, many entrepreneurs experience conflicts that are _____ in nature.

A.   Financial

B.   Practical

C.   Emotional

D.   Tactical.

15: As a business strategy, the strategy behind ""dumping"" is to __________.

A.   Gain a foothold in a new market

B.   Better utilize e-commerce opportunities

C.   Avoid trade protectionist laws

D.   Achieve eligibility for foreign aid

16: Bookseller barnes & noble is an example of a ________ company.

A.   Click-and-mortar

B.   Reverse auction

C.   Click only

D.   Bricks and clicks

17: Empowerment requires that managers focus more on __________ lower-level employees.

A.   Training,

B.   Supporting,

C.   Coaching,

D.   And motivating

E.   All of these

18: For product-based businesses, ________ often represents their largest capital investment.

A.   Account receivables

B.   Inventory

C.   Plant and equipment

D.   Real estate

19: Good marketers know that a(n) ________ is the heart of the marketing plan.

A.   Researching suppliers

B.   Sales forecast

C.   Analysis of the market

D.   None of these

20: In the _____ marketplace model, the reverse auction is typically used.

A.   Buy-side

B.   Sell-side

C.   Group purchasing

D.   Desktop purchasing

21: Service or product quality is most likely to be crucial in a business plan for _____.

A.   Bankers

B.   Potential customers

C.   Joint venture partners

D.   None of these

22: Small business owners can seek professional advice at no cost through ________.

A.   Prefers not to work around other people

B.   The Service Corps of Retired Executives

C.   To protect the owners' personal assets

D.   Managing the use of mobile computing

23: In the aida model, the ""think"" stage is the ________________ stage.

A.   Awareness

B.   Action

C.   Interest

D.   Desire

24: In the communication process, putting thought into symbolic form is called __________.

A.   Noise.

B.   Distortion.

C.   Encoding.

D.   Decoding.

25: In the imc communication process, the __________ encodes the marketing communication message.

A.   Instructor.

B.   Sender.

C.   Transmitter.

D.   Communication channel

26: Integrated marketing communications include all of the following except ________.

A.   Personal selling.

B.   Advertising.

C.   Public relations.

D.   Supply chain management.

27: Brand __________ refers to the linking of a brand to other favorable images, such as a celebrity.

A.   Association.

B.   Loyalty.

C.   Awareness.

D.   Insistence.

A.   Advertainment

B.   Buzz marketing

C.   Personal selling

D.   Sales promotion

E.   Product placement

29: During the evaluation phase of an imc program, a firm will __________ and make needed changes.

A.   Pretest the promotion

B.   State the mission

C.   Identify possible advertising or promotional firms

D.   Carry out the promotion

30: Firms can use __________ to bring customers together to share experiences around the products.

A.   Surveys

B.   Social media

C.   Consumer outlets

D.   Brand associations

31: Firms with a very limited advertising budget would be very unlikely to use ________ advertising.

A.   Outdoor.

B.   Internet

C.   Television.

D.   Radio.

32: Information about a customer's activities and interests are all ________ in a customer database.

A.   Direct-mail marketing

B.   Purchasing convenience

C.   Guranteed low prices

D.   Psychographics

33: Like personal selling, __________ often consists of interactive communication.

A.   Direct marketing

B.   Advertising

C.   A sales promotion

D.   Publicity

34: sells its services through __________.

A.   Mass marketing

B.   Direct marketing as a supplementary channel

C.   Direct mail

D.   Personal selling

35: Product placement in television programs and movies is an example of ________.

A.   Branded entertainment

B.   Advertainment

C.   Lifestyle execution

D.   Mood execution

36: Retailers use __________ to get customers into their stores.

A.   Specialty product displays

B.   Supply chain relationships

C.   Off-price wholesaling

D.   Mass media advertising

37: The _____ is in charge of the nonverbal communication portion of an ad.

A.   Ad illustrator

B.   Advertising planner

C.   Media specialist

D.   Art director

38: The _____ is the percentage of homes exposed to an advertising medium.

A.   Continuous

B.   Circulation

C.   Rating

D.   Readers per copy

39: The _________ pricing strategy maintains low prices and avoids the use of special sales.

A.   Everyday low pricing (EDLP)

B.   Target-based

C.   Cost-based

D.   Skimming

40: Organizational structure depends on a variety of factors not including ________.

A.   The locations of business operations

B.   Increasing democratization

C.   The overall economy

D.   Deflation

41: As a rule of thumb, your piti costs shouldn't exceed ________ of your pretax monthly income.

A.   8 percent

B.   18 percent

C.   28 percent

D.   48 percent.

42: __________ are the most frequently used vehicles for mass media prevention efforts.

A.   Newspapers

B.   TV and radio

C.   Billboards

D.   Films

43: All contracts can be categorized as either ___________ or __________.

A.   Written or oral

B.   Bilateral or unilateral

C.   Both a and b

D.   None of the above

44: All marketing mix decisions must have two characteristics: ____ and ____.

A.   Consistency; reliability

B.   Efficiency; Strategic planning

C.   Strategic planning; Consistency

D.   Efficiency; reliability

45: All of the following are examples of mandatory bargaining items except ________.

A.   Employee security

B.   Profit-sharing plans

C.   Indemnity bonds

D.   Employee drug testing

46: All of the following are guidelines to help corporations deal with identity theft except ____.

A.   Identity theft.

B.   Non-auction scam.

C.   Advance fee fraud.

D.   Malware fraud.

47: _____ spend more time on social media sites than any users in any other country.

A.   Mexicans

B.   Americans

C.   Israelis

D.   Spaniards

48: _____ would be most likely to help you develop a business plan.

A.   Venture capitalists in your area

B.   The Small Business Administration

C.   Your local small business banker

D.   None of the above

49: A new business that sets up a(n) __________ from the start is saving itself time and grief later.

A.   Good accounting system

B.   Angel investment network

C.   Vertical marketing system

D.   Detailed supplier network

50: A pull rather than a push strategy is most likely preferable when ________.

A.   Self-service is not predominant

B.   The price of a product is high relative to incomes

C.   There are few governmental restrictions on advertising

D.   There are a large number of languages and a low literacy rate