Solaris Administrator MCQs

Solaris Administrator MCQs

The following Solaris Administrator MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Solaris Administrator. We encourage you to answer these multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: The range of IP addresses set aside for the Class C networks are:

A.   1-126

B.   128-191

C.   192-223

D.   192-224

2: Which command is used to uninstall a patch ?

A.   Patchdel

B.   Patchuninstall

C.   Pkgrm

D.   Patchrm

3: In x86 machines , what is executed right after the POST ?

A.   Pboot

B.   Bootblk

C.   Pnptest

D.   Btx86

4: It is possible to turn off the support for files over 2GB in size in UFS .

A.   True

B.   False

5: Which command can be used to stop the use of a particular printer without uninstalling it ?

A.   Disable

B.   Dequeue

C.   Stop

D.   Lpadmin –stop

6: Which command will kill all the active processes of the user "joe" with -KILL signal ?

A.   Pkill –KILL –u joe

B.   Pkill –u joe

C.   Kill –KILL –u joe

D.   Pkill –KILL –n joe

7: When logical device name provides block access, data is accessed:

A.   One character at a time

B.   One byte at a time

C.   4 bytes at a time

D.   Via a buffer

8: Which option of the mkfs command specifies the file system type ?

A.   –c

B.   –u

C.   –f

D.   –F

9: Which command would you execute to display the term info database entry for the printer named fred.

A.   Infocmp fred

B.   Terminfo fred

C.   Termi –p fred

D.   Infocmp –p fred

10: Which option of the lp command must be used when you are trying to modify the priority of a print job after it has been submitted ?

A.   –m

B.   –n

C.   –i

D.   –q

11: If you do not specify a backup_device when you run ufsrestore, which device is used by default ?

A.   /dev/tape0

B.   /dev/rmt/tape0

C.   /dev/tape1

D.   /dev/rmt/0

12: Which command would remove a printer class ?

A.   Lprm -c class

B.   Lpadmin -r class

C.   Lpadmin -d class

D.   Lpadmin -r -c class

13: Which command changes a user's primary group ?

A.   Newgrp

B.   Group

C.   Groupmod

D.   Usermod

14: Which of the following commands would make file readable and executable by the owner, readable by his/her group members, but no-access for everybody else ?

A.   Chmod 711 file3

B.   Chmod 520 file3

C.   Chmod 540 file3

D.   Chmod 541 file3

15: What does pgrep command produce ?

A.   PID


C.   PID and owner

D.   PID and CPU usage