Structural Analysis MCQs

Structural Analysis MCQs

These Structural Analysis multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Structural Analysis. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 70+ Structural Analysis MCQs.
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1: In bars with large initial curvature the working stress is _________ the limit of proportionality.

A.   above

B.   below

C.   equal to

2: The strain energy stored in a trussed beam is due to .... .

A.   bending

B.   direct force

C.   both bending and direct force

D.   indirect force

E.   bending and indirect force

3: If E is the modulus of elasticity and I is the moment of inertia then, the width of the column in the column analogy method is equal to:

A.   EI

B.   1 / EI

C.   E + I

D.   1 / E + I

A.   P / 2

B.   (P / 2)cosѲ

C.   (P / 2)sinѲ

D.   2P

5: Calculate the horizontal tension in the cable whose load per meter run is 1 kilo newtons per meter. The span of the cable is 100 meters and it has a central dip of 10 meters.

A.   100 kilo newtons

B.   115 kilo newtons

C.   125 kilo newtons

D.   135 kilo newtons

6: If the span of a bridge is ___, then it is used in the construction of highways.

A.   less than 50 meters

B.   100 meters

C.   150 meters

D.   more than 200 meters

7: Calculate the minimum number of members required to build a stable truss, given that the number of joints required is 10.

A.   20

B.   24

C.   28

D.   32

8: Which of the following types of support has zero degree of freedom?

A.   Built-in support

B.   Hinged support

C.   Roller support

9: The ratio of the total strain energy to redundant reaction is equal to:

A.   0

B.   1

C.   -1

D.   2

10: In the equation of the final stress N/A + M/AR[(1 + 1/M) x (y/r + y)], the normal force "N" is positive if it produces ________________.

A.   Hoop stress

B.   Compressive stress

C.   Shear stress

D.   Tensile stress

11: The value of the bending stress at the neutral axis is ______

A.   1

B.   0

C.   -1

D.   ∞

12: The value of the plane stress of a thin plate which is uniformly loaded by forces is _________.

A.   1

B.   0

C.   ∞

D.   2

13: Calculate the degree of external redundancy for a structure whose total number of reaction components are 90 and the total number of available conditions is 50.

A.   2.8

B.   140

C.   9/5

D.   40

14: Calculate the total indeterminateness for the above given diagram, given that the total number of reaction components is 4, degree of external indeterminacy is 1 and the degree of internal redundancy is 0.

A.   0

B.   1

C.   12

D.   21

15: If the distance of the neutral axis from the centroidal layer is negative, it means that:

A.   the neutral axis is away from the centre of curvature.

B.   the neutral axis is towards the centre of curvature

C.   the neutral axis is perpendicular to the center of the curvature.

16: The bending moment of an arch is equal to:

A.   half of the vertical intercept between the linear arch and the center line of actual arch.

B.   twice the vertical intercept between the linear arch and the center line of actual arch.

C.   one third of the vertical intercept between the linear arch and the center line of actual arch.

D.   the vertical intercept between the linear arch and the center line of actual arch.

17: In a semi-circular arch, the load applied at the center is 1000 newtons. Calculate the reaction component.

A.   31.8

B.   318

C.   3.18

D.   .318

18: Due to the ____________ in temperature, the length of the 3-hinged arch ___________.

A.   increase, decreases

B.   increase, increases

C.   decrease, increases

D.   decrease, decreases

19: Which among the following do/does not come under the category of the compatibility method?

A.   Castigliano's theorem of minimum strain energy

B.   Maxwell-Mohr equations

C.   Slope deflection method

D.   Moment distribution method

E.   a and b

F.   c and d

20: If λ is the small strain or displacement, ∂U is the total strain energy and ∂T is the elastic limit then, which among the following is the correct expression for the self straining systems?

A.   ∂U + ∂T = λ

B.   ∂U X ∂T = λ

C.   ∂U - ∂T = λ

D.   ∂U / ∂T = λ

21: In a continuous beam, the sum of the moments acting at a joint is equal to ___________.

A.   1

B.   2

C.   -1

D.   3

E.   0

22: In unsymmetrical bending:

A.   the plane of bending is parallel to a plane and lies in the same plane.

B.   the plane of bending is perpendicular to a plane and lies in the same plane.

C.   the plane of bending does not lie in the same plane.

23: If the value of the degree of internal indeterminacy of a structural frame is 54, calculate the number of areas which are completely enclosed by members of the frame.

A.   17

B.   18

C.   19

D.   20

24: In the theory of bending, the external force is distributed _________ on the external force.

A.   horizontally

B.   parabolically

C.   vertically

D.   tangentially

25: If the value of the equivalent uniformly distributed load is 10 newtons per meter and is distributed along a span of 10 meters, calculate the point load.

A.   30 newtons

B.   45 newtons

C.   48 newtons

D.   50 newtons

26: A simply supported beam has a maximum bending moment of 100 newtons per meter at the center of a 10 meter span. Calculate the uniformly distributed load across the beam.

A.   8 newtons per meter

B.   10 newtons per meter

C.   12 newtons per meter

D.   14 newtons per meter

27: Which of the following is not a characteristic of the cantilever method?

A.   Point of contra flexure in each member does not lie at mid-span.

B.   Point of contra flexure in each member does not lie at mid-height.

C.   Axial stress in the column is inversely proportional to their distance from the centroidal vertical axis.

D.   Axial stress in the column is directly proportional to their distance from the centroidal vertical axis.

28: The anchor cables transfer the .... of suspension cable to the anchorage.

A.   torque

B.   thrust

C.   tension

D.   twist

29: In the Grashof's theory for symmetrically loaded circular plates, the thickness is .... .

A.   smaller than the diameter of the circular plate.

B.   larger than the diameter of the circular plate.

C.   equal to the diameter of the circular plate.

30: The Airy stress function is denoted by:

A.   Ѳ

B.   σ

C.   έ

D.   φ

31: Calculate the strain energy of a structure on which an axial load of 10 newtons is applied gradually. The structure undergoes a deformation of 50 millimeters.

A.   250 newton millimeters

B.   300 newton millimeters

C.   400 newton millimeters

D.   450 newton millimeters

32: A moment rotating a prismatic beam without translation induces at one end of the beam a moment __________ of its magnitude.

A.   half

B.   two times

C.   three times

D.   one third

33: In a circular plate, which type of stress is not considered?

A.   longitudinal stress

B.   lateral stress

C.   normal stress

34: In the column analogy method, the moment of the pressure at the base of the column is ___________ the moment of the pressure on top of the column.

A.   five times

B.   three times

C.   two times

D.   equal to

35: Calculate the end load A in a cantilever whose half depth of the section is 10 meters and the constant Z1 has a value of 9.

A.   4000 newtons

B.   5000 newtons

C.   6000 newtons

D.   7000 newtons

36: In a stable structure, the value of the algebraic sum of moment of forces about a point is ________.

A.   1

B.   2

C.   0

D.   ∞

37: The horizontal component of cable tension is __________ the horizontal reaction.

A.   one third of

B.   equal to

C.   twice

D.   half of

38: The number of independent elastic constants for an isotropic body is ___.

A.   0

B.   1

C.   2

D.   3

39: If the girder factor of a joint is 0.5, calculate the column factor?

A.   1

B.   0.5

C.   2.5

D.   -1

40: A 2-hinged circular steel arch rib has a span of 50 meters and a rise of 10 meters. Calculate the radius of the arch.

A.   20 meters

B.   23 meters

C.   25 meters

D.   27 meters

A.   thrust

B.   torque

C.   shear force

D.   bending moment

42: If Mi is the fixed bending moment diagram and Ms is the static bending moment diagram then, the bending moment at any point in a beam is equal to:

A.   Mi / Ms

B.   Mi + Ms

C.   Mi x Ms

D.   Mi – Ms

43: Which type of bending moment is taken as negative?

A.   hogging bending moment

B.   sagging bending moment

C.   absolute bending moment

44: Calculate the actual force in a structural member, given that the force in the member due to the external loading is 20 newtons, the redundant reaction component is 10 and force in the member due to unit force applied is 20 newtons.

A.   200 newtons

B.   220 newtons

C.   230 newtons

D.   240 newtons

45: In Castigliano's theorem, the total strain energy of the frame with respect to the force is equal to ________.

A.   0

B.   1

C.   -1

D.   2

E.   ∞

46: How many boundary condition equations are there in a plane?

A.   3

B.   4

C.   5

D.   6

47: The strain tensor consists of ____________ strain components.

A.   3

B.   6

C.   9

D.   12

48: Calculate the total column moment for each storey of the building, given that the total horizontal force above each storey/story is 100 newtons, the height of the storey is 50 meters, and the sum of the column end moment factor is 10.

A.   250 newton meters

B.   400 newton meters

C.   500 newton meters

D.   750 newton meters

49: Calculate the number of redundant members for the above given diagram.

A.   0

B.   1

C.   2

D.   5

50: Calculate the total number of members of a structure if it has 10 joints.

A.   7

B.   10

C.   17

D.   27