Travel Planning MCQs

Travel Planning MCQs

Try to answer these 70+ Travel Planning MCQs and check your understanding of the Travel Planning subject.
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1: Which item will not allow you through security?

A.   Hearing Aid

B.   Weapons

C.   Heart monitor

D.   Surgical metallic hip replacement

2: United Airlines is part of which airline alliance?

A.   WorldTraveler

B.   Star Alliance

C.   SkyTeam

D.   OneWorld

E.   AirStar

3: Which of these airline alliance's has the most members?

A.   Oneworld

B.   SkyWorld

C.   WorldTraveler

D.   Star Alliance

E.   AirStar

4: Which item listed is required for domestic travel inside the United States?

A.   Passport

B.   Any government issued photo ID

C.   Social Security Number

D.   Luggage Tag

5: True or False? Non-passengers are allowed to wait at the gate for passengers on an international flight.

A.   False

B.   True

6: What is an interline connection?

A.   A connection by driving.

B.   A connection overseas.

C.   A connection between 2 separate airlines.

D.   All of these

7: True or false? You always need your passport to travel by plane.


B.   False

8: Which of these is an application that helps to organize your travel itineraries?

A.   PadMapper

B.   TripIt

C.   Path

D.   HopStop

9: True or False? Smoking is absolutely not allowed in hotel rooms.

A.   True

B.   False

10: What is the TSA?

A.   Travelers Security Assurance

B.   Transatlantic Security Association

C.   Travel Safety Alliance

D.   Transportation Security Administration

11: What is a bulk fare?

A.   An expensive fair

B.   A large number of tickets offered at a reduced price per ticket

C.   Additional costs of bringing luggage

D.   An additional premium cost for traveling in a large group

12: How many ounces of liquid (milliliters) are allowed per container in a carry on?

A.   5 (150)

B.   4 (120)

C.   6 (180)

D.   3 (100)

13: True or False? In the US, All children (including newborns), are required to carry a passport in their own name for international flights.

A.   False

B.   True

14: What is a benefit of a travel company "affinity card"?

A.   Get a unique personalized credit card.

B.   No service charges overseas.

C.   Earn rewards over time for purchases with that company.

D.   You get preferential seating on a flight.

15: What does TSA stand for?

A.   Transportation Services of America

B.   Transportation Security Administration

C.   Travel Security Agent

D.   Travel Security Anonymous

16: When a black car service is picking up a client at the airport, they are typically waiting _________.

A.   At the ticketing counter

B.   At the information booth

C.   At the gate right at the end of the ramp to the airplane

D.   At the baggage claim area or exit to the airport

17: True or False? A passport is required for Americans to enter Canada.

A.   False

B.   True

18: In which of the following countries is it ILLEGAL for LGBT persons to admit their sexuality?

A.   Barbados

B.   All of these

C.   Morocco

D.   Sri Lanka

19: What is the suggested arrival time for getting to the airport before an international flight?

A.   90 minutes

B.   45 minutes

C.   2 hours

D.   30 minutes

20: True or false? The TSA considers a Native American Tribal Photo ID a valid form of identification.


B.   True

21: In the US, what is the best source to consult for potential health risks?

A.   The FBI

B.   The NSF

C.   The CIA

D.   The CDC

22: Which of the following items absolutely need to be removed from your bags to pass through x-ray screening?

A.   Jewelry

B.   Jackets

C.   Computers (non SSD)

23: If you're flying into the U.S. from another country, what should you do?

A.   TSA rules and departure country rules are the same.

B.   TSA states that you don't need to check the flight rules for your departure country.

C.   TSA requires you to fill out paperwork before getting going overseas.

D.   TSA recommends that you check the flight rules for your departure country.

24: What is the first thing you show security besides your ticket when passing through security?

A.   Nothing else, just your ticket

B.   ID Card

C.   Credit Card

D.   Online printout of itinerary

25: Where is Charles de Gaulle airport?

A.   Athens

B.   Istanbul

C.   Vienna

D.   Paris

26: You will get a full refund when cancelling a hotel reservation ___________.

A.   typically 24 hours before check in time.

B.   only with 5 star hotels

C.   always

D.   never

27: What is an IATAN card?

A.   An easy pass security card.

B.   A card that identifies members of the International Travel Agent Network.

C.   An international identification card.

D.   A temporary residency card.

28: True or false? The TSA allows travelers to carry on mace and other self defense sprays.

A.   False

B.   True

29: Mexico is currently classified as one of the most dangerous nations to travel in worldwide. Why is this?

A.   Violence from drug cartels

B.   Unpredictable dramatic weather patterns.

C.   Excessively aggressive and dangerous wildlife

D.   Lax travel safety laws and protocol

30: What is an itinerary?

A.   A schedule for a trip

B.   A trip paid for by a company

C.   A hotel reservation

D.   A boarding pass

31: What is required to guarantee a car reservation?

A.   nothing

B.   cash

C.   phone number

D.   credit card

32: True or False? Kayak's mobile app is free to download and use.

A.   False

B.   True

33: When booking a car with a credit card, the credit card must be _________.

A.   in the name of the primary driver

B.   any credit card with anyone's name

C.   all of these

D.   in the driver's name or their spouse's name.

34: In what city can one find Logan International Airport?

A.   Anchorage

B.   Hammerfest

C.   Boston

D.   San Francisco

35: True or false? A trip planner should always keep a copy of the itinerary and passport information, even if they are not the one traveling.

A.   False

B.   True

36: Which of the following is a travel planning certification?

A.   Certified Travel Agent

B.   All of these

C.   Destination Specialist

D.   Certified Travel Counselor

37: You may carry _____ ounce containers onto airplanes.

A.   1

B.   3

C.   10

D.   0

38: In the United States, what is the typical minimum age for car rental?

A.   22

B.   24

C.   26

D.   25

39: True or false? The US has an embassy in every country.

A.   False


40: How many carry-on items (including personal items) are generally allowed on an airplane?

A.   3

B.   2 plus 1 purse

C.   4

D.   2

41: True or false? Ceremonial or religous knives are allowed through TSA security, if there is a special request filed.

A.   True

B.   False

42: Which of the following items are allowed as 'carry ons' for air travel within the United States?

A.   All of these

B.   Snow globes (more than 3.4 ounces)

C.   Gel shoe inserts

D.   None of these

43: The fee to fly with a service dog is ________.

A.   $200

B.   $0

C.   $150

D.   $100

44: The ______ number is used by travel agents to receive commission on bookings.

A.   NTB


C.   Frequent Customer

D.   Travel Agent

45: A company that provides local tours and accommodations is an example of _______.

A.   None of these

B.   a tourist

C.   a travel agent

D.   a ground operator

46: True or False? Pets are allowed to fly with you if they fit under the seat in an airline-approved bag.

A.   False

B.   True

47: Of the following, which airline has open seating?

A.   (none of these)

B.   United

C.   American Air

D.   US Air

E.   Southwest Air

48: What American city uses BART as their public transportation system?

A.   San Francisco

B.   New York

C.   Baton Rouge

D.   Boston

49: What is the minimum time for connecting flights?

A.   1 hour

B.   20 minutes

C.   50 minutes

D.   45 minutes

50: What is the numeric rule for carry ons?

A.   3 - 1 - 1

B.   9 - 1 - 1

C.   4 - 1 - 1

D.   1 - 1 - 1