Computer Skills MCQs

Computer Skills MCQs

These Computer Skills multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Computer Skills. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Computer Skills MCQs.
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1: Fill in the blank.
The temporary memory storage of the computer is known as _________.

A.   ROM

B.   REM

C.   RAM

D.   BIOS 

2: The programming language used in creating an applet, which could be included on a Web page is:


B.   JavaScript

C.   Java

D.   C++ 

3: You plan to utilize your broadband Internet connection for your VoIP telephone in addition to your PC. What hardware device would you need to connect the Internet signal from the modem in order to simultaneously forward the broadband signal to both the phone device and the computer?

A.   Router

B.   USB flash drive

C.   Ethernet card

D.   Charge-coupled device (CCD)

4: The communications protocol typically used for uploading files onto a Web sites server is:

A.   RPC


C.   FTP

D.   IRC

5: How do you paste text matter into a Notepad text file?

A.   Press Ctrl and V.

B.   Press Ctrl and C.

C.   Press Ctrl and K.

D.   Press Ctrl and F.

6: You want to set up your email accounts with emphasis on higher download speed. Which email protocol should you use?

A.   POP3



D.   POTS 

7: Business transactions over the Internet are termed as ________.

A.   Net commerce

B.   Web commerce

C.   E-commerce

D.   Internet biz 

8: What type of software would you use to represent financial data in a tabular format?


B.   DTP (desktop publishing) software

C.   Spreadsheet software

D.   Windows Explorer

E.   Notepad 

9: Your Internet connectivity suddenly dies and stays that way afterwards. Which one of the following would usually restore its functioning back to normal and should be tried first before any of the other remedies?

A.   Do a soft, power-on reboot of your computer.

B.   Turn off the electrical power to every device, wait a few seconds, and then turn the power back on and reboot.

C.   Report the lack of Internet connectivity to your ISP.

D.   Reinstall the operating system.

10: A software (PC) firewall can block both incoming and outgoing threats at the PC level, but a hardware firewall cannot block outgoing threats. (True or False)

A.   True

B.   False

11: The classification of software where a user can try out or evaluate the product for free for a trial period after which the user is expected to eventually purchase it is termed as:

A.   Freeware

B.   Open source

C.   Proprietary

D.   Shareware

12: Which of the following programming languages is used to create just one bytecoded application that can be ported to almost any machine that has preinstalled the necessary interpreter.

A.   C++


C.   JavaScript

D.   Java

13: What is the maximum power that can be delivered by using USB 3.0 port?

A.   2V, 1.2 A

B.   5V, 1.8A

C.   10V, 6.2A

D.   10V, 6.2A

14: You received an email alerting you that your bank account needs to be rectified online and asks you to enter sensitive data, like your password or PIN number, etc. This criminal activity is called:

A.   Phishing

B.   Spooling

C.   Spoofing

D.   Spamming

15: What is the name of the built-in feature in Windows that allows you to browse through your files and folders?

A.   Internet Explorer

B.   Windows Explorer

C.   Windows Navigator

D.   Windows Mapper

16: What is the function of a modem?Select all that apply.

A.   It allows the computer to connect to the server.

B.   It allows the computer to connect to the Internet.

C.   It helps in installing a new software to the computer.

D.   It helps attach a printing device to the computer.

17: In Windows, can a file name consist of only numbers, excluding its extension?

A.   Yes

B.   No 

18: The process of extracting audio files from a CD and copying and storing them on a hard drive is called burning. (True or False)

A.   True

B.   False

19: If you are looking for information about a certain subject on the Internet, what is the quickest way to get started?

A.   Bulletin boards

B.   Search engines

C.   Affiliate networks

D.   Portal websites

20: A collection of software applications that contains word-processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications, among others, is often described as a(n):

A.   Content database suite

B.   Office suite

C.   Programming suite

D.   Shareware suite 

21: What is the name of the language that is recognized by all Internet browsers and in which most websites are developed?


B.   FTP




22: How do you copy text matter in Notepad to the computer buffer?

A.   Press Ctrl and V

B.   Press Ctrl and C

C.   Press Ctrl and K

D.   Press Ctrl and F

23: What does the term CAD stand for?

A.   Cache-aided directive

B.   Computer-aided direction

C.   Computer-aided drive

D.   Computer-aided design 

24: What information should never be emailed to unknown parties?

A.   Credit card numbers

B.   Social security numbers

C.   Phone numbers

D.   All of the above

25: What is the full form of ASCII?

A.   All standard code for information interchange

B.   American secure code for information interchange

C.   American standard code for information interlinking

D.   American standard code for information interchange

26: When replying to an e-mail, who do you place in the cc: line and who in the bcc: line?

A.   A recipient who you wish be visible to all the other recipients goes in the cc: line, and recipient who you wish be visible only to the primary recipient goes in the bcc: line.

B.   A recipient who you wish be visible to only to the primary recipients goes in the cc: line, and recipient who you wish be visible only to the secondary recipient goes in the bcc: line.

C.   A recipient who you wish to be visible to all the other recipients goes in the cc: line, and the person you wish to read the e-mail, but without being visible to either the recipient or the person in the cc: line, goes in the bcc: line.

D.   A recipient who you do not wish to be visible to any other recipients goes in the cc: line, and the person you wish to read the e-mail while being visible to all other recipients goes in the bcc: line. 

27: If you do not want to type your name at the end of every email you send, what can you do instead?

A.   Don't sign at all. People know who the email is from, thanks to your return email address.

B.   Only sign email to business associates, but you can exclude this step with friends and family.

C.   Create a signature that would be attached to every email you send.

D.   Include 'from' information in the subject line so you can save the time of 'signing' the email.

28: Can you use a % sign while naming a file in Windows?

A.   Yes

B.   No 

29: Which software would you use to make a business presentation using slides?

A.   Microsoft Word

B.   Microsoft Excel

C.   Microsoft PowerPoint

D.   Adobe Photoshop

30: You are preparing a letter in Notepad and your computer reboots without saving your file. Can you recover what you had written?

A.   Yes

B.   No

31: If you are using Windows 7, which keys should you press to logoff the computer?

A.   Ctrl + Alt+ L

B.   Alt + Del + L

C.   Windows Key + L

D.   Shift Key + L

32: In order to improve the performance and dependability of your computer system, you should:

A.   Install the maximum amount of RAM memory that you can afford.

B.   Defragment the hard drive(s) on regular, relatively frequent time intervals.

C.   Install software only from sources that you trust.

D.   All of the above

33: What of the following is essential for connecting two computers in a local area network (LAN)?

A.   Modem

B.   Ethernet cards or USB ports

C.   VGA card

D.   Internet connection

34: Using return receipt requested (read receipt) should be reserved for unique instances where both parties need to know an email was read.

A.   True

B.   False

35: Which of the following is/are extensions of graphics files?

A.   .BMP

B.   .TXT

C.   .DOC

D.   .GIF

E.   .TMP 

36: What is the default extension of a file developed in Notepad?

A.   .EXE

B.   .DOC

C.   .TXT

D.   .HTML

E.   .TEXT 

37: Fill in the blank.
The instructions written in a high-level language are converted into machine instructions by the __________.

A.   Router

B.   Compiler

C.   Parser

D.   Operating system 

38: Which protocol (communication standard) does the World Wide Web use?

A.   WWW

B.   FTP

C.   IPX

D.   HTTP 

39: The type of software whose programming code is able to be modified by a user or any group is termed to be:

A.   Open source

B.   Shareware

C.   Freeware

D.   Proprietary

40: Which of the following is true regarding deleted files in Windows?

A.   Once the files have been deleted, they cannot be recovered by any means.

B.   The last 100 files that have been deleted can be recovered.

C.   The deleted files are sent to a Recycle Bin and can be recovered back.

D.   Deleted files can be recovered as long as the computer has not been switched off.

41: The process of writing audio, video, or other data onto a CD or a DVD is called ripping. (True or False)

A.   True

B.   False

42: Which of the following is a computer programming language?

A.   Linux

B.   Windows 8

C.   Word 2013

D.   C++

E.   Excel

43: Fill in the blank.
The computer hard disk is a device that stores permanent memory in the computer and uses __________ storage technique.

A.   Virtual

B.   Optical

C.   Magnetic

D.   Semiconductor 

44: Which key can be pressed to refresh a Web page?

A.   F1 Key

B.   F2 key

C.   F3 key

D.   F5 key

45: What is the maximum data-transfer rate through a USB 3.1 Gen2 port?

A.   2 Gbits/s

B.   5 Gbits/s

C.   10 Gbits/s

D.   20 Gbits/s

46: If you have multiple windows open at the same time, which key combination allows you to switch between windows.

A.   Press Ctrl and V.

B.   Press Alt and Tab.

C.   Press Ctrl and K.

D.   Press Alt and Pause.

47: A computer that is scalable means that it is expandable. The more scalable your equipment is, the easier and less expensive it would be for you to upgrade them. (True or False)

A.   True

B.   False

48: What are the two main classifications of software?

A.   Application software and systems software

B.   Utility software and graphics software

C.   Gaming software and business software

D.   Traditional software and Internet based software 

49: Which of the following hierarchical structures does Windows Explorer display?

A.   Files

B.   Folders

C.   Drives

D.   All of the above

50: A dedicated computer that delivers information to other computers called clients, that are connected through a network is typically referred to as being a ___________.

A.   Hub

B.   Driver

C.   Multiprocessor

D.   Server