Adobe InDesign MCQs

Adobe InDesign MCQs

These Adobe InDesign multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Adobe InDesign. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Adobe InDesign MCQs.
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1: When a graphic is selected, what color is the outline?

A.   red

B.   It is the color assigned to the layer it is on

C.   purple

D.   black

2: What is the the Adobe equivalent of Mail Merge?

A.   Mail Merge

B.   Data Merge

C.   Spreadsheet Data Input

D.   Data Import

3: What do InDesign's default web settings include?

A.   Page sizes in pixels

B.   Color mode in CMYK

C.   Page sizes in Picas

D.   Work space set to interactive

4: How could you select the content inside of a frame for a photo?

A.   Edit > Select text

B.   Hand Tool

C.   Direct Selection Tool

D.   Selection Tool

5: InDesign shows no errors on preflight but all of your graphics appear as grey boxes with a black "X". What is the cause?

A.   The images are too high resolution for your video card.

B.   You are importing a graphic that InDesign does not support.

C.   You have your display performance set to "fast display".

6: By default, the thumbnails at the very top of the Pages panel represent...

A.   Master Pages

B.   Document Pages

C.   Layers higher up in the stacking order

D.   Layers lower down in the stacking order

7: Which of the following is true by default for images placed in InDesign?

A.   They change to match the color mode of the document

B.   Any layers they contain are flattened

C.   They are linked to the document

D.   They are automatically embedded into the document

8: The color Paper in the Swatches panel is...

A.   100% K

B.   transparent

C.   not modifiable

D.   opaque white, by default

9: Which would a Master Page most likely be used for?

A.   To apply a logo and header information that appears on every page throughout the document.

B.   To group together all the subsequent pages in a section of the document for organization and planning.

C.   To mark the start of each major section of a document.

D.   To design the cover page to the document.

10: Which of the following is a reason that an image in InDesign may look low resolution/pixelated?

A.   The link to the original image has been broken

B.   All of these

C.   The original image was too low in resolution

D.   The display performance is set to Fast or Typical

11: True or False: If you want text to align to the spine on a spread, you have to change the alignment on every text box manually?

A.   False

B.   True

12: What are hidden characters?

A.   The hidden area of an image in a picture frame.

B.   Layers whose visibility have been turned off.

C.   Objects outside of the trim area.

D.   Non-printing symbols that represent spaces, returns, etc.

13: What does the bleed panel do?

A.   It lets you drip and smear paint to create marks.

B.   It lets you specify printer marks and size of bleed area.

C.   All of these

D.   It lets you specify the color and thickness of ink.

14: When you are color separating artwork, what are you doing?

A.   Taking the color and putting it next to Black

B.   Dividing your work into CMYK

C.   Colorizing your work

D.   Putting the work into layers

15: To place a copied item from the clipboard to the same location as the original item that was copied choose

A.   Edit>Paste

B.   Edit>Paste in Place

C.   Edit>Paste Into

D.   All of these

16: Which of the following is/are true about Unconditional and Conditional Text?

A.   All of the answers are true.

B.   All text is unconditional until selected and changed.

C.   Conditional text lets you store two or more versions of text within one document.

D.   Unconditional text is always visible.

17: To constrain the movement of an object in InDesign, select it with the Selection Tool and then hold down which key as you drag it?

A.   Function

B.   Option (Mac) or Alt (Win)

C.   Command (Mac) or Control (Win)

D.   Shift

18: What is the keystroke for Type tool on both Windows and MAC?

A.   Shift + T

B.   Option + T

C.   T

D.   P

19: True or False:In recent versions of InDesign, you can place an InDesign document inside another one.

A.   False

B.   True

20: To enlarge an object in InDesign, select it and then use which tool?

A.   Zoom

B.   Scale

C.   Image Size

D.   Grow

21: What effect fades out images on a gradient?

A.   Overprinting

B.   Compound paths

C.   Corner Effects

D.   Feather

22: What does Landscape Orientation mean?

A.   A horizon line will automatically appear on each page

B.   The page width is greater than its height

C.   The page height is greater than its width

D.   The document should be used for web, not print layout

23: What is the definition of kerning?

A.   space between two sentences

B.   space between two characters

C.   the space between two words

D.   none of these

24: How is text aligned when flush left is selected?

A.   Aligns text with a half inch margin

B.   None of these

C.   Text is black

D.   Aligns text to left margin

25: How do you place an image into InDesign?

A.   File>Place OR Cmd + D

B.   File>Import

C.   via Adobe Bridge

D.   Copy & Paste

26: Graphics you place in your document may appear pixelated, fuzzy, or grainy. In most cases, it’s because

A.   InDesign displays images in low-resolution by default to improve performance.

B.   The images are old.

C.   The images are of poor quality.

D.   Too many documents are open at once.

27: What are process colors?

A.   transparent color swatches

B.   specially mixed inks

C.   colors made up of CMYK

D.   colors made up of RGB

28: In what window is the Ignore Text Wrap Option

A.   Object: Content

B.   Type: Glyphs

C.   View: Extras

D.   Layout: Margins and Columns

E.   Object: Text Frame Option: Ignore Text Wrap

29: In which pallette can kerning be adjusted?

A.   font pallette

B.   color pallette

C.   none of these

D.   character pallette

A.   any fle

B.   .indd file

C.   self

D.   URL

31: How many master pages can you create in a single document?

A.   1

B.   There is no limit

C.   0

D.   50

32: The display performance has which of the following options?

A.   high quality

B.   typical

C.   fast

D.   all of these

33: Which tool would be used to draw an oval?

A.   Rectangle tool

B.   Magic Wand

C.   All of these

D.   Ellipse tool

34: What is a stroke?

A.   The technical name for color swatches

B.   The outline of a path, image or character

C.   The point at which a gradient fill changes from one color to the next

D.   The area around your document board

35: What does an object style allow you to do?

A.   Speed up tedious production tasks

B.   Update formatting attributes

C.   All of these

D.   Update formatting to graphics, text, and frames

36: What does the term bleed mean?

A.   The space between paragraphs in text

B.   Text or art that extends beyond the trim page boundaries

C.   The area between columns of text

D.   The color of overlapping images on your document

37: Which of the following can be imported directly into InDesign?

A.   Text from Microsoft Word


C.   CSV data

D.   All of these

38: When creating a book which of the following file extensions is used?

A.   .ai

B.   .fla

C.   .indb

D.   .eps

39: To send an object to the back of a document, what tool would you use?

A.   Align

B.   Pathfinder

C.   Arrange

D.   Transform

40: Page numbering can...

A.   be numerals, roman numerals, letters

B.   include a prefix such as "Index"

C.   All of these

D.   start at the beginning of any new section

41: What is the keyboard shortcut to create a new document on a MAC?

A.   command + N

B.   command + D

C.   shift + F3 + M

D.   option + M

42: A master page can be created from...

A.   Scratch

B.   An existing master page

C.   An existing spread

D.   All of these

E.   An existing page

43: Why should you use the Package command?

A.   All of these

B.   For printing instructions

C.   To send a copy of linked items and graphics

D.   Copies of fonts used within the document

44: What do "Object Styles" do?

A.   Format Characters

B.   Format Graphics and Frames

C.   Format Text

D.   Format Page

45: Of these, which are Facing Pages typically used for?

A.   One page ads

B.   Letterhead layout

C.   Book and magazine layout

D.   Web page layout

46: Paragraph Styles:

A.   Format with a click

B.   Make it easy and quick to change styles

C.   Ensure consistency

D.   All of these

47: What is the definition of a font?

A.   a complete character set of particular type design

B.   characters that are consonants

C.   characters that are only vowels

D.   none of these

48: InDesign provides a shortcut editor in which you can view and generate a list of all shortcuts, and edit or create your own shortcuts.

A.   False

B.   True

49: The Application Bar includes:

A.   Zoom level

B.   All of these

C.   Screen mode options such as Normal and Preview

D.   View options such as guides and rulers

50: How do you add a page in a layout?

A.   Layout>Pages

B.   none of these

C.   File>Open

D.   Layout>Pages>Add Page