AutoDesk 3DS Max MCQs

AutoDesk 3DS Max MCQs

Answer these 100+ AutoDesk 3DS Max MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of AutoDesk 3DS Max.
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1: What is the shortcut for the Material Editor?

A.   Z

B.   T

C.   X

D.   M

2: What does the G key do?

A.   Groups selected objects

B.   Shows geometry

C.   Toggles grid view in all viewports

D.   Hide grid view in the active viewport

E.   Hides geometry

3: What reactor is used for breaking objects in fragments?

A.   Fracture

B.   Hinge

C.   Soft Body

D.   Rigid Body

4: where you get the "Boolean" command?

A.   All of the above

B.   Shape>Extended Splines

C.   Geometry>AEC Extended

D.   Geometry>Extended Objects

E.   Geometry>Compound Objects

5: What is the DOF?

A.   Depth of field

B.   Detaching of form

C.   Detaching of face

D.   Drag of Forces

6: W, E, and R are shortcut key for which tools?

A.   Transworld tools

B.   Streetfimation tools

C.   Transformation tools

D.   Information tools

7: What is the keyboard shortcut for opening Material Editor dialog box?

A.   p

B.   m

C.   h

D.   Ctrl+m

E.   s

8: Which command used to copy and arrange objects in path?

A.   Spacing tools

B.   Sposure tools

C.   Razing tools

D.   Glazing tools

9: How can I move the camera on a path?

A.   Select the camera go to Rendering / Material Editor / Look at constraint

B.   Select the camera go to Animation / Constraints / path constraint

10: How do you move the default location of the pivot point of an object after it has been created?

A.   Select the object then hold down the alt key and drag the Pivot Point

B.   In the Heirarchy tab select Pivot and Affect Pivot Only, then use the Move tool to move the Pivot Point

C.   Right click on the Select and Move tool and check the Affect Pivot Only box

D.   Select the object then hold down the shift key and drag the Pivot Point

11: Radiosity is based on:

A.   The selected rendering engine

B.   Intensity of the light source

C.   Number of lights in a scene

D.   A Global illumination algorithm which calculates the light bouncing back to the eye from the light source.

12: Holding the wheel between the two mouse buttons down while moving the mouse will do what in the active viewport?

A.   Cause the material maps on the selected object to reposition by sliding them around on the object

B.   Allow you to move objects temporarily before snapping them to their original position

C.   Pan in the viewport, sliding the view around without altering the position of objects

D.   Scale the size of the viewport, allowing it to take up more of the screen

E.   Allow you to draw a marquee around multiple objects to select them

13: What is the purpose of most Max Scripts?

A.   Enable Max models to be viewed in a web browser

B.   Enables Max to create point cloud data

C.   Automate repetitive tasks and control large numbers of objects

D.   Export scene objects to a real-time engine

14: What keyboard short-cut maximises Viewport (toggle on/off)?

A.   ALT+Q


C.   ALT+X

D.   ALT+W


15: What does Ctrl + X do?

A.   Curve Editor - opens a window which allows you to edit in and out motions of animation

B.   Expert Mode - hiding windows and menus

C.   Isolate Selection - hides everything but current selection

D.   Schematic View - shows how items are linked together

E.   Auto Save - turns it on and off

16: What does the ALT + W short cut key do?

A.   Changes view style

B.   Shows wireframe view

C.   Zooms to selection

D.   Toggles sub-object selections

E.   Maximizes the active viewport

17: What is the extension of Motion File that is used in a Biped?

A.   MOV

B.   MFX

C.   3DS

D.   BIP

A.   with path constraint

B.   with path deform

C.   with select and link

D.   non of these

19: How do you invoke Expert Mode?

A.   Ctrl + E

B.   X key

C.   Alt + M

D.   Y key

E.   Ctrl + X

20: What axis of a texture map matches the Z axis of a model?

A.   V

B.   U

C.   None of these

D.   W

21: Why shouldn't you use .AVI, or .MOV file formats for long animation sequences?

A.   These formats produce image files, and are not capable of producing animation output.

B.   These formats output to one file at the end of the render job. If there is an error during renders, the file is lost. therefore it's best to render individual frames, and then reassemble frames in Video Post.

C.   These formats are limited to 5000 frames, and will stop render at 5000 frames. Any frames after are lost.

D.   These formats are limited to 1000 frames, and will stop render at 1000 frames. Any frames after are lost.

E.   3D Studio Max does not support either format.

22: What axis of a texture map matches the X axis of a model?

A.   V

B.   None of these

C.   U

D.   W

23: The Z axis is displayed using what color?

A.   Yellow

B.   Blue

C.   None of these

D.   Red

E.   Green

24: What does the track view dope sheet do?

A.   It allows you to control each curve as its own character for easy in and out movements

B.   None of these

C.   It's an out of date tool that nobody uses anymore

D.   Allow you to adjust key frames faster and move them in time to get a better feel for animation over adjusting curves in a limited time frame

E.   It manages layers allowing your to freeze selective layers

25: The yellow lines and shapes that appear in the on screen transformation gizmos signify what?

A.   There is no yellow on the axis

B.   Nothing, it is just there to highlight the axis

C.   Which single axis or combination is currently selected for the transformation

D.   That you should use caution when performing transformations.

E.   None of these

26: In order to get an object to react to a Force such as Gravity or Push, which button on the Toolbar do you use?

A.   Bind to Space Warp

B.   Curve Editor

C.   Select and Link

D.   Select and Manipulate

27: What map is used to give shine to an object?

A.   Ambient Color

B.   Specular Level

C.   Specular Color

D.   Ambient Level

28: Which map creates Illusion of depth?

A.   Bump

B.   Opacity

C.   Diffuse

D.   Displacement

29: Which shortcut is for scaling

A.   W

B.   R

C.   E

D.   Q

30: The Y axis is displayed using what color?

A.   Blue

B.   Yellow

C.   Green

D.   None of these

E.   Red

31: What is the function of back burner?

A.   Add a burn effect to the render

B.   Reset the rendering settings

C.   Network rendering

D.   Controls the speed of rendering

32: How can we attach an object to a path?

A.   By adding PatchDeform (WSM)

B.   By adding PathDeform (WSM)

C.   Non of these

D.   By adding SurfDeform (WSM)

E.   By Creating Group

33: Why would you want to use Schematic View?

A.   It opens up hidden modeling tools

B.   It shows you the animation curves of the scene

C.   It shows how items are linked together in the scene

D.   It shows past render settings

E.   None of these

34: If we want to import an image in our view port what shortcut i this?

A.   Alt+x

B.   Alt+C

C.   Alt+Q

D.   Alt+w

E.   Alt+B

35: You edit a box to the point where it no longer resembles a box, but a human head. You turn the bounding box back on by pressing "J," and you realize that the Reference Coordinate System is off, as your bounding box is now covering your new head like a diamond. How do you reset the bounding box?

A.   You can't; It is stuck this way.

B.   Hierarchy > Pivot > Affect Object Only > Modify > Collapse to

C.   Create > Helpers > Container

D.   Utilities > Reset XForm, Reset Selected OR Modify > Collapse All / Collapse To

36: Why would you want to press "7"?

A.   Shows stats on your polygon model

B.   opens the steering wheel options menu

C.   opens up the render window

D.   does nothing

E.   allows you to change your layout

37: What is the default shortcut key for Toggle Snap on/off?

A.   S

B.   Ctrl + T

C.   T

D.   Ctrl + S

E.   None of these

38: Which portion should be selected to embed Biped into physique modifier?

A.   Head

B.   Pelvis

C.   Legs

D.   Hips

39: Can processes of Light Tracer and Radiosity be used together?

A.   Once

B.   Yes

C.   No

40: What does holding the left mouse button down inside the Rotate tool without actually being on an axis do?

A.   Behaves as a virtual trackball, allowing rotational changes in all three dimensions

B.   Turns on the constrain feature for rotational angles like the tool button in the top of the screen

C.   Automatically rotates the object by 90 degrees in the selected yellow axis

D.   Allows us to select an object by clicking on the yellow portion of the axis

E.   None of these

41: What keyboard short-cut displays selected object as See-Through (toggle on/off)?


B.   ALT+W

C.   ALT+Q

D.   ALT+X


42: Where do you see nodes in Max?

A.   Graph Editor

B.   Elure

C.   Track View

D.   Schematic View

43: What does Ctrl + Alt + LMB (Left Mouse Button) do on the timeline?

A.   Nothing at all

B.   Expands and shrinks time from less than 0 giving you negative time

C.   Shrinks keys on the timeline so they are closer in time

D.   Highlights the timeline

44: How would you speed up an entire animation?

A.   Open up the Track View Dope Sheet and adjust your animation with the Slide Keys tool

B.   Set timeline to show selective range, select all your frames and drag the end box below your frames while holding LMB (left mouse button)

C.   Adjust it by hand to get the desired look

D.   Change the frame count in the time configuration panel

45: How do you make a viewport active without the danger of accidently selecting or changing an object?

A.   Double click on the viewport name

B.   Right click in the desired viewport

C.   Left click in the desired viewport

D.   Press Ctrl+V and type the name of the viewport

46: How can you scrub through your timeline without resetting the timeline size. You have a 4000 frame timeline and only 250 are visible.

A.   click on time line with Ctrl + Alt + MMB

B.   Click the next or previous frame icon

C.   select all your keys and press shift and you move your time line

D.   you have to change it via menu

E.   You use the scroll bar above the time line

47: Which of the following is an object based deflector?

A.   S Deflector

B.   Are Omni Deflector

C.   Omni Deflector

D.   U Deflector

48: The combination of CTRL+Q is standing for what?

A.   Isolating the selected object

B.   Expanding the current viewport

C.   Selecting similar objects to the selection inside the scene

D.   Making a quick render

E.   Making the object see-throgh

49: Which of the following is not an exposure controller?

A.   Automatic

B.   Logarithmic

C.   Photometric

50: State whether True or False.

In rigid body dynamics, each body has six degrees of freedom to move: three translational degrees of freedom and three rotational degrees of freedom.

A.   True

B.   False