CorelDraw MCQs

CorelDraw MCQs

The following CorelDraw MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of CorelDraw. We encourage you to answer these multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: What tool will allow free hand path creation?

A.   Artistic Text Tool

B.   Slice Tool

C.   Circle Tool

D.   Freehand Tool

2: What happens when you right click while dragging an object over another object?

A.   none of these

B.   the properties of the object you are dragging are applied to the other object

C.   the objects are grouped

D.   the objects are combined

E.   a copy of the object you are dragging is made

3: Which keyboard shortcut aligns selected objects to their top edge?


B.   Y

C.   T

D.   Shift+A

E.   Z

4: In order to see a filled Path. It must be ________

A.   Closed

B.   Round

C.   Large

D.   Circle

5: What is the key shortcut to align a selected object to the center of the page?

A.   X

B.   P

C.   Shift+P

D.   Y

E.   Alt+P

6: You can display the rotation handles on an object by?

A.   Ctrl + R

B.   Select All menu option

C.   dragging it

D.   Shift + S

E.   clicking on it once, then clicking on it again (but not double-clicking on it)

7: Which of these can be snapped to a point?

A.   guidelines

B.   text

C.   all of these

D.   objects

E.   nodes

8: Path Objects are vectors, made up of what two things?

A.   Math and Truth

B.   Nodes and Curves

C.   Charts and Graphs

D.   Numbers and Letters

9: Which color is using for print but not web design ?

A.   USB

B.   Rgb

C.   HSB

D.   Cmyk

E.   Black

10: Which setting applies to a transparency?

A.   linear

B.   square

C.   conical

D.   uniform

E.   all of these

11: CorelDraw is an example of a(n) __________

A.   groupware application

B.   bit publishing package

C.   graphics suite

D.   paint program

12: What is used for selecting and deselecting objects ?

A.   Shape tool

B.   Pick tool

C.   Freehand tool

D.   Bezier tool

13: Which fill type can be applied to a vector image?

A.   Pattern Fill

B.   Texture Fill

C.   Fountain Fill

D.   Fill Color

E.   All of these

14: The connection between 2 nodes is either a ______ or a ______. Fill in the blanks.

A.   Service, Function

B.   Cable, Light

C.   Line, Curve

D.   Chart, Compass

15: Which of these is a type of Guideline?

A.   Vertical

B.   Horizontal

C.   2 Points

D.   Angle and 1 Point

E.   all of these

16: Which is the keyboard shortcut for paste?

A.   Ctrl + C

B.   Ctrl + V

C.   Tab + P

D.   Shift + P

17: Which of these is an align and distribute tool setting?

A.   Align Centers Horizontally

B.   all of these

C.   Align Top

D.   Align Right

E.   Align Bottom

18: What is the file type, or extension of CorelDraw drawings?

A.   CDT

B.   PSD

C.   CPK

D.   CDR

19: You can snap to which of these points?

A.   edge

B.   all of these

C.   node

D.   midpoint

E.   center

20: Which of these specifications can be used to set up a page template?

A.   layout style

B.   size

C.   all of these

D.   orientation

21: Which of these is a Dimension Tool?

A.   all of these

B.   Horizontal Dimension Tool

C.   Slanted Dimension Tool

D.   Angular Dimension Tool

E.   Callout Tool

22: CorelDraw is a ____________ based drawing Application Package

A.   Scalar

B.   Vector

C.   Bitmap

D.   Photo paint

23: Artistic Text is not a vector object. How do you make it a path?

A.   Alt + Click

B.   Ctrl + C

C.   Convert To Curves

D.   Double Click

24: Which is a Blur effect option?

A.   Radial Blur

B.   Gaussian Blur

C.   Motion Blur

D.   none of these

E.   all of these

25: Dots per inch (dpi) refers to what?

A.   resolution

B.   none of these

C.   location of nodes

D.   shape of objects

E.   drawing scale

26: What does the CDT file extension stand for?

A.   Cookbook Detail Layout

B.   California Drawing Template

C.   CorelDraw Timeout

D.   CorelDraw Template

27: Which of these is a page size setting?

A.   all of these

B.   Executive

C.   Web Page (760x420)

D.   Legal

E.   Photo Card

28: Which Effect can be copied from one object to another?

A.   Distortion

B.   Blend

C.   Perspective

D.   all of these

E.   Drop Shadow

29: The zoom tool is used for ___________ objects.

A.   Magnifying

B.   marquee selecting

C.   embedding

D.   cropping

30: Which page layout style is the default setting?

A.   Booklet

B.   Tent Cards

C.   Book

D.   Full Page

E.   Top-Fold Card

31: Which action can be applied to texture fills?

A.   All of these

B.   Mirror Fill

C.   Offset Origin

D.   Skew

32: Which of these is a drawing view display option in the Show menu item?

A.   Page Border

B.   Bleed

C.   Printable Area

D.   All of these

33: From what menu can you change an image from full color to black and white?

A.   Effects > Image Manipulation

B.   Image > Modes

C.   Bitmap > Mode > Black and White

D.   Effects > Image Adjustments

34: What is the Arrange > Align tool used for?

A.   Moving objects to the center of the page

B.   Separating Objects so you can see all of them at once.

C.   Changing the position of object in relation to the page

D.   Aligning objects in relation to other objects

35: Which settings are available with the convert to bitmap command?

A.   Transparent Background

B.   all of these

C.   Always overprint black

D.   Resolution

E.   Anti-aliasing

36: What is the method for placing ruler guides on your page screen?

A.   clone rulers

B.   drag from rulers

C.   copy from previous file

D.   rotate lines

37: What shall one do first if the temp file folder is full and one is unable to save the CDR file?

A.   shutdown PC

B.   Run Corel A.R.M.

C.   run disk cleanup

D.   clean the TEMP folder from C:\Users\your account name\AppData\Local\Temp

E.   restart PC

38: What is Corel A.R.M.

A.   Corel pan tool

B.   Corel Anonymous Reading Messenger

C.   Corel hand tool

D.   Corel Auto Recovery Manager

E.   Corel Architects Redrawing Machine

39: What is the difference between the Pick Tool and the Shape tool

A.   Pick Tool allows manipulation of the path nodes, while the shape tool is for removing curves.

B.   Pick Tool requires a 3rd party extension, The Shape Tool is a native Tool

C.   Pick Tool utilizes the keyboard short cuts, while the Shape tool only allow right click

D.   Pick tool selects whole objects. Shape tool allows editing of object paths and settings.

40: Which one is the method for repositioning a guideline?

A.   none of these

B.   use Mirror Parallel

C.   cut and paste the guideline

D.   use Step and Repeat...

E.   drag the guideline to a new position

41: In CorelDraw there are two types of text. What are they?

A.   Bold and Italic

B.   Artistic and Paragraph

C.   San Serif and Serif

D.   Black and White

42: If you want Artistic Text to fit along a line or object, what Tool do you use?

A.   Shaping Tool

B.   Fit Text to Path

C.   Convert to Path

D.   Pick Tool

43: Which of these is a trace bitmap mode?

A.   low quality image

B.   clipart

C.   line art

D.   all of these

E.   detailed logo

44: Which of these is a method for choosing fill color?

A.   color blends

B.   color palettes

C.   all of these

D.   color viewers

E.   color harmonies

45: Each layer on a page can have 3 control settings. What are they?

A.   On, Off, Never

B.   Visible, Printable, Editable

C.   Readable, Writable, Executable

D.   Up, Down, Off

46: Every Path Vector can be ______ and ________. Fill in the blanks.

A.   Measured, Driven

B.   Large, Capable

C.   Simple, Complex

D.   Filled, Outlined

47: Which shortcut key aligns selected objects to the center of the page?

A.   Shift + C

B.   R

C.   P

D.   none of these

E.   Ctrl + C

48: A box appears around an object with an x in its center when you do what?

A.   select the object

B.   draw a line over the object

C.   zoom into the object

D.   place text near the object

49: what is size for making a Visiting card

A.   210 by 297 mm

B.   3.5 by 5.0 mm

C.   3.5 by 2.0 inch

50: Which setting adjusts the difference between light and dark areas?

A.   Brightness/Contrast/Intensity...

B.   Channel Mixer...

C.   Color Balance...

D.   Hue/Saturation/Lightness...

E.   none of these