Adobe Lightroom MCQs

Adobe Lightroom MCQs

These Adobe Lightroom multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Adobe Lightroom. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 70+ Adobe Lightroom MCQs.
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1: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom was developed in order to...

A.   make Photoshop easier to learn

B.   make more money for Adobe

C.   create a loss-less photo editing program

D.   make Photoshop obsolete

E.   streamline photo editing workflow

2: What does TAT stand for?

A.   Total alignment tool

B.   Targeted adjustment tool

C.   Test adjustment tool

D.   Targeted alignment tool

3: What kind of photo editing software is Lightroom?

A.   Non-destructive

B.   Vector based

C.   Reference based

4: True or False? deleting a collection will delete both the collection and the photos themselves.

A.   False


5: Lightroom 5 supports 32-bit TIFF files.

A.   False

B.   True

6: Which of the following tools automatically tries to balance the colors in an image for you?

A.   Overall Exposure

B.   Automatic Toning

C.   Problems

D.   Finishing Effects

7: Extraneous visible artifacts that degrade image quality is called:

A.   Picture grains

B.   Image noise

C.   Color shift

D.   Image fuzz

8: What does the little exclamation point icon that appears above the top right of a thumbnail indicate?

A.   The photo will load slow when opened

B.   The photo will load quickly when opened

C.   The photo's keyword information has been lost

D.   Lightroom can't find the original photo

9: In Lightroom it is possible to copy and paste:

A.   Keywords

B.   Ratings

C.   (all of these)

D.   Image adjustments

10: The lens defect that causes the edges, especially the corners, of an image to be darker than the center is called:

A.   Fringing

B.   Aliasing

C.   Blurring

D.   Vignetting

11: To edit photos in Lightroom you would use which module?

A.   Print

B.   Library

C.   Develop

D.   Edit

E.   Slideshow

12: True or False? You can still make tonal adjustments to grayscale images.

A.   False

B.   True

13: Lightroom is available for all of the following operating systems EXCEPT...

A.   Mac OS X

B.   Windows

C.   Linux

14: What does HSL stand for?

A.   Heat, Saturation, Light

B.   Heat, Softness, Light

C.   Hue, Softness, Luminance

D.   Hue, Saturation, Luminance

15: To edit a photo in Lightroom you would use what module?

A.   Image

B.   Develop

C.   Edit

D.   Library

16: What is the function of a "Synchronize Folder"?

A.   Import new photos

B.   Scan for metadata updates

C.   All of these

D.   Remove missing photos from catalog

17: Which of the following sliders affects dull colors the most and already saturated colors the least?

A.   Highlights slider

B.   Clarity control

C.   Shadows slider

D.   Vibrance slider

18: Which of the following shortcuts is used to bring up the Import window?

A.   Command-Shift-I (PC: Ctrl-Shift-I)

B.   Command-Shift-B (PC: Ctrl-Shift-B)

C.   None of these

D.   Command-Shift-W (PC: Ctrl-Shift-W)

19: Which of the following is NOT an option when choosing how often to automatically back up your catalog database?

A.   These are all options you can select

B.   Never

C.   Once a day, when exiting Lightroom

D.   Once a week, when exiting Lightroom

20: Where can you find the 2 auto conversion methods used to convert your images from color to black and white?

A.   The Basic panel and the Shadows slider

B.   The Basic panel and the HSL/Color/B&W panel

C.   The Basic panel and the TAT/Color/B&W panel

D.   You can only use the Basic panel to convert your images from color to black and white

21: True or False? Third party software is needed to shoot tethered (shooting straight from your camera, right into Lightroom).

A.   False


22: The representation of the number of pixels in a photo at each luminance percentage is called:

A.   An ambient wave

B.   A histogram

C.   A wave form

D.   A light graph

23: The ____________ is what your image looks like if you charted the exposure on a graph.

A.   exposure chart

B.   histograph

C.   exposure highlights

D.   histogram

24: True or False? Virtual Copies create a physical copy of the image on your hard drive.

A.   False

B.   True

25: What does the Solo Mode do in the panel section?

A.   It allows you to use one panel at a time (useful on smaller screens)

B.   It allows you to save one image only

C.   It allows you to work on a single image

D.   It allows you to work on a single computer

26: What file formats are recognized by Lightroom?






27: True or False? Lightroom 4 can edit video.

A.   False

B.   True

28: While in both the Library and Develop Modules hitting the letter C does what?

A.   Applies automatic Contrast

B.   Opens Compare View

C.   Starts the Crop Tool

D.   Applies automatic Clarity

29: True or False? It is possible to create web pages from within Lightroom.

A.   False

B.   True

30: What is the database of photo locations and edits called by lightroom?

A.   Album

B.   Collection

C.   Catalogue

D.   Library

E.   Gallery

31: What is the keyboard shortcut to open the selected photo in the Develop module?

A.   Cmd (ctrl) + D

B.   P

C.   Shift + D

D.   Shift + P

E.   D

32: When rating photos in Lightroom, how are star ratings cleared?

A.   Shift + 0

B.   Esc

C.   9

D.   Shift + esc

E.   0

33: Where can you control the Lights Out Mode in Lightroom?

A.   On the File Handling tab in Lightroom's preferences

B.   On the External Handling tab in Lightroom's preferences

C.   On the General tab in Lightroom's preferences

D.   On the Interface tab in Lightroom's preferences

34: How do you hide side panels in Grid view?

A.   Spacebar

B.   Alt+Tab

C.   Shift+Tab

D.   Ctrl+Tab

E.   Tab

35: What does clarity do?

A.   Controls mid-tone contrast.

B.   Makes the picture blurry.

C.   Adds more contrast.

D.   Adds sharpness.

36: Lightroom Edits photos via:

A.   Metadata

B.   Pixels

C.   Masks & Filters

D.   Vectors

37: Which of the following is NOT one of the 4 choices you can select when choosing how fast larger previews will appear when you zoom in on one once it's in Lightroom?

A.   Embedded & Sidecar

B.   Minimal

C.   Raw

D.   Standard

38: How do you change the crop bounding box to portrait format from landscape format?

A.   This can only be done by entering a custom crop ratio.

B.   X

C.   Shift + Ctrl + X

D.   Shift + X

39: To access full screen mode in Lightroom:

A.   Only by pressing F key

B.   Only by using menu option window/screen mode/full screen

C.   Shift + F

D.   View/window/screen options/full screen

E.   Press F key or go to window/screen mode/full screen

40: What is the keyboard shortcut for Library grid view?

A.   L

B.   Cmd (ctrl) + L

C.   Shift + L

D.   Shift + G

E.   G

41: When mapping your photos, you need not be online.

A.   True

B.   False

42: What keyboard shortcut cycles forward / backward through Lightroom's lights out modes?

A.   L / shift+L

B.   L / cmd+L

C.   L / option+L

D.   L / alt+L

E.   L / cmd+shift+L

43: Which of the following Library module controls are only available from the loupe view?

A.   Pick

B.   Zoom

C.   Navigate

D.   Painter

44: True or False? Linear image data can be converted to mosiac data.

A.   False

B.   True

45: When rating photos in Lightroom, how is a green label assigned?

A.   9

B.   4

C.   8

D.   6

E.   7

46: True or False? Any develop adjustments, ratings, flags, or color labels applied to a collapsed stack affect all of the photos in the stack.

A.   False

B.   True

47: When adding metadata to photos, Lightroom applies the data to which files?

A.   Sidecar XMP files

B.   Preview XMP files

C.   Proprietary camera raw files

D.   Synchronized Lightroom files

48: When rating photos in Lightroom, how is a blue label assigned?

A.   8

B.   7

C.   9

D.   2

E.   B

49: Which of the following is NOT true about DNG files?

A.   DNG stands for Digital Negative

B.   All of these

C.   DNG files don't need a separate sidecar

D.   DNG files are larger than RAW files

50: Clicking the "+" button in the Snapshot tab will:

A.   Save metadata to file

B.   None of these

C.   Save a snapshot to easily return to a rendition you like

D.   Create a virtual copy

E.   Save a snapshot to your desktop folder