Air Traffic Control MCQs

Air Traffic Control MCQs

These Air Traffic Control  multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Air Traffic Control . You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 100+ Air Traffic Control MCQs.
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1: How many 7s come between 150 and 200?

A.   19

B.   21

C.   11

D.   15 

2: Which of the following statements regarding images in Microsoft Excel 2010 are true?

A.   Microsoft Excel 2010 validates images which are in the form of external and active content.

B.   Microsoft Excel 2010 provides for changing the sharpness and contrast of images but not changing their transparency.

C.   Microsoft Excel 2010 supports 3D rotation of images. 

3: What should be done with an irate customer after they have vented out and explained their situation?

A.   Ask them to call back later when they have calmed down.

B.   Express empathy.

C.   Put them on hold and pass them onto a manager.

D.   Issue them a refund regardless of the problem. 

4: You are editing a shape using the Drawing Tools. Which among the following Shape Fill options in the Shape Styles group gives you control over the transparency for a shape?

A.   Fill color, More Fill Colors

B.   Background Color

C.   Texture

D.   Pattern 

5: When square of a number is increased by 3, then the resulting value becomes equal to four times the original number. Find the number(s).

A.   –1,3

B.   3,4

C.   1,3

D.   2,3 

6: The default chart colors are determined by what?

A.   Slide Design Effects

B.   Slide Background Graphics

C.   Slide Fill Shading

D.   Slide Color Scheme 

7: Find the value of the following expression:

A.   850

B.   425

C.   825

D.   None of the above

8: Which of the following would be the best thing to say to an irate customer?

A.   Please call back later.

B.   I'll have to ask my manager to approve what you are asking for.

C.   I can see why you feel that way.

D.   Why didn't you buy a competitor's product 

9: A fixed-wing aircraft has an unaccelerated stall speed of 60 knots. What would its stall speed be under a load factor of 4G?

A.   116 knots

B.   120 knots

C.   134 knots

D.   140 knots 

10: How do you repair a Microsoft Outlook 2010 .pst file if it gets damaged?

A.   By using the last backup .pst file.

B.   By scanning the .pst file with scanpst

C.   By re-logging into the mail account.

D.   The file cannot be repaired. 

11: Which of the following is not a category of transition?

A.   Subtle

B.   Exciting

C.   Dynamic Content

D.   Emphasis 

12: What information do you gather from the image shown above?

A.   The man in grey T-shirt is of Asian origin.

B.   A family of four is travelling together.

C.   There is a noisy child on board.

D.   A woman is travelling by air for the first time with her child. 

13: In Microsoft Word 2010, "Keep lines together" paragraph formatting:

A.   works well for paragraphs within a table if "Allow row to break across pages" is also selected.

B.   automatically enables the text rows to break across pages.

C.   does not work for paragraphs within a table if "Allow row to break across pages" is also selected.

D.   always works for paragraphs within a table. 

14: Complete the following sentence using the best option from the options listed below.
Humility keeps you grounded and ensures that

A.   you are the best.

B.   you may not succeed in everything.

C.   you are close to your conscience.

D.   you cannot always rely on self-respect. 

15: The VOR (VHF omnidirectional range) radio navigation system operates in the frequency range of ______.

A.   108.0 to 117.95 MHz

B.   108.0 to 117.85 MHz

C.   108.0 to 117.75 MHz

D.   108.0 to 117.79 MHz 

16: Complete the following sentence:
_______________ is the range of air band on which the VHF aviation communication system works

A.   118 MHz to 136.975 MHz

B.   8.33 MHz to 25 MHz

C.   105 MHz to 143.684 MHz

D.   12.46 MHz to 54.8 MHz 

17: The stalling speed VS1 indicates _______________.

A.   reference stall speed in a specific configuration

B.   reference stall speed in the landing configuration

C.   flaps, landing gear and spoilers all retracted

D.   flaps extended, landing gear down

18: What is the minimum age limit to obtain a student pilot certificate?

A.   16 years

B.   17 years

C.   18 years

D.   20 years 

19: Which of the following marshalling signals is shown in the image above?

A.   Turn to your left

B.   Turn to your right

C.   Slow down engines on right side

D.   Slow down engines on left side

20: If a commercial pilot certificate was issued to a person in the year 2012, then according to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations, which of the following is true about the expiry date of the given commercial pilot certificate?

A.   It will expire at the end of the 11th month after the month in which it was issued.

B.   It will expire at the end of the 23th month after the month in which it was issued.

C.   Commercial privileges of that certificate will expire if a flight review is not satisfactorily completed in 12 months.

D.   It does not have an expiry date.

E.   None of the above 

21: Which of the following are the primary flight control surfaces of an airplane?

A.   Ailerons, elevator and rudder

B.   Spoilers, LE flaps and TE flaps

C.   Ailerons, slats and rudder

D.   Airbrakes, ailerons, elevator 

22: According to FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), unless otherwise authorised by the administrator, no person may operate an aircraft below 10,000 feet mean sea level at an indicated airspeed of more than ________ knots.

A.   220

B.   180

C.   250

D.   200 

23: Which of the following figures is indicating the "Slow down" signal?

A.   1

B.   2

C.   3

D.   4 

24: If an airplane having a gross weight of 2500 pounds is subjected to a 60 degree constant-altitude bank, then the total load on that airplane would be:

A.   3000 pounds

B.   4000 pounds

C.   4500 pounds

D.   5000 pounds 

25: Which of the following airborne end systems in an aircraft sends flight plan change requests, position reports, etc. and receives clearances and controller instructions?

A.   Maintenance computer


C.   Printer

D.   Flight Management System (FMS) 

26: Which of the following is/are the reasons for the development of ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System)?

A.   To reduce crew workload.

B.   To improve data integrity.

C.   Both a and b.

D.   None of the above. 

27: Which of the following is/are the applications of radar?
1.It is used in weather forecasting.
2.It warns of obstacles in or approaching their path and gives accurate altitude readings.
3.It is used to map the composition of Earth
4.It is used to monitor and regulate ship movements in busy waters.

A.   1, 2, 3, and 4

B.   1, 2, and 4

C.   1, 3, and 4

D.   2 and 3 

28: Which level of junk e-mail protection available in Microsoft Outlook 2010 will you apply, if you want all such e-mails to be treated as junk whose senders are neither on your Safe Senders List nor on your Safe Recipients List?

A.   No Automatic Filtering

B.   Low

C.   High

D.   Safe Lists Only 

29: Choose the most grammatically correct statement.

A.   Almost all my clothes are lose since I lost weight.

B.   Your house is very well maintained.

C.   The situation couldn't get more risky.

D.   I should have brought the necklace last week knowing it was much in demand.

30: The temperature of the Pack Outlet Air is controlled by adjusting the flow through the _________.

A.   Bleed Air System

B.   Air Conditioning System

C.   Air Cycle Cooling System

D.   Ram Air System

31: According to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Regulations, what should be the maximum authorized indicated airspeed of an aircraft when operating in a VFR corridor designated through class B airspace?

A.   210 miles per hour

B.   220 miles per hour

C.   240 miles per hour

D.   230 miles per hour 

32: How important is consistency while offering customer service to different people?

A.   Not important - Customers only know what they experience and can not compare the service they get with that offered to others.

B.   Very important - Customers expect a consistent level of service when dealing with a company.

C.   Important only for large companies, not for small ones.

D.   Important only for small firms since they rely on customer referrals. 

33: Spot the error in the following sentence.
It is not easy to crack an entrance exams of leading universities

A.   not easy

B.   to crack

C.   an entrance

D.   of leading

34: If 75% of 1/3 of a number is 25, then the number is:

A.   125

B.   100

C.   75

D.   115 

35: Among five software companies, Mars pays higher wages to its employees than what Venus pays, but its wages are not as much as those paid by Jupiter. Uranus pays more than what Earth pays, but still not as much as what Venus pays to its employees. Who among them pays the least to its employees?

A.   Venus

B.   Earth

C.   Mars

D.   Data Inadequate

E.   None of these 

36: Which of the following is the new form of the word "AUSTERIT", if each consonant in the word is substituted by the third letter that comes in the English alphabet after it and each vowel by the very first letter that comes after it?





E.   None of these 

37: Which of the following are included in a digitally signed e-mail message?

A.   Certificate

B.   CAPTCHA image

C.   Public key

D.   Sender's full name 

38: Which of the following defines the correct purpose of using a poster frame image?

A.   To add still image introduction to the video

B.   To add visual effect to the narration

C.   To insert a picture on any part of the screen

D.   To create or edit a presentation based on a set of pictures 

39: The minimum VFR (Visual Flight Rules) day and night flight visibility requirements at an altitude of 10,200 feet MSL (mean sea level) in Class G airspace are _______.

A.   8 miles

B.   7 miles

C.   6 miles

D.   5 miles 

40: For which of the following airspace class, there are no minimum visibility requirements?

A.   Class G airspace

B.   Class C airspace

C.   Class B airspace

D.   Class A airspace

41: Fill in the blanks. Due to the _______ effect of the background music, the _______ of the play did not seem very long.

A.   harmonizing... duration

B.   stabilizing... theme

C.   neutralizing... sound

D.   damaging... intension 

42: Choose the most grammatically correct statement.

A.   You should inform your parents in case you get late.

B.   Please put your wet clothes in the drier.

C.   She left before we ordered the desert.

D.   There is to much risk involved in this task. 

43: Peter purchases a bicycle for Rs.25000 and sells it at a profit of 25%. What is the selling price of the bicycle?

A.   Rs.32250

B.   Rs.36250

C.   Rs.34550

D.   Rs.31250 

44: At or above what speed does an airplane risk hydroplaning during a takeoff roll with tire pressure of 64 PSI?

A.   70 knots

B.   72 knots

C.   77 knots

D.   79 knots 

45: Which of the following is INCORRECT regarding setting of passwords in Microsoft Outlook 2010?

A.   There is no logon password for the Outlook program itself. The password you set protects only your Outlook data file (.pst) that is used in Outlook.

B.   If you are running Outlook with a Microsoft Exchange account, your data for that account, including password access, is automatically managed by Microsoft Exchange.

C.   You can set a password for individual folders within the .pst.

D.   None of the above 

46: The minimum approximate flight visibility for VFR flights operating at 8800 feet in Class B airspace with no clouds would be ______ statute miles.

A.   5

B.   4

C.   3

D.   2 

47: Which of the following areas in the Microsoft Excel 2010 PivotTable Field List, calculates the aggregates of columns?

A.   Report Filter

B.   Row Labels

C.   Values

48: Which of the following is the standard specification fuel used by most of the countries in commercial airplane engines?


B.   JET A-1

C.   JET B

D.   None of the above 

49: What does a customer with a problem expect from a customer service representative?

A.   Discounts and coupons

B.   The management's commitment to the growth of the firm

C.   An aggressive tone

D.   Understanding and empathy

50: Spot the error in the following sentence.
I do not think she is very fond in Italian food.

A.   do not

B.   is very

C.   fond in

D.   food