Capgemini Siebel CRM MCQs

Capgemini Siebel CRM MCQs

Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of Capgemini Siebel CRM MCQs. We encourage you to test your Capgemini Siebel CRM knowledge by answering these multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: What components should be running for siebel remote

A.   Transaction Processor

B.   Transaction Router

C.   Transaction Merger

D.   Synchronization Manager

E.   Transaction Manager

2: Where does Dashboard Toolbar appear in Siebel Tool?

A.   Application – Toolbar

B.   Project - Toolbar

C.   Application – Application Find - Toolbar

D.   Toolbar

3: What is Siebel mid market edition?

A.   Designed for companies with fewer than 100 users

B.   Designed for companies with fewer than 1000 users

C.   An integrated product suite that help manage customer relationships

D.   Built on common architecture

4: Data for Siebel application is managed by

A.   Object Manager

B.   Siebel Web Engine

C.   Data Manager

5: A user has multiple positions in his organization. He works as Sales Manager and Supervisor but his primary position in Siebel is Account Manager, when he logs in he would log in as

A.   Sales Manager

B.   Supervisor

C.   Previous logged in Position

D.   Account Manager

6: Siebel support relation of type

A.   1:1

B.   1:M

C.   M:M

D.   1:2

7: Siebel Field Service Manages operations with

A.   Pagers

B.   Handheld Devices

C.   Personal Computers

D.   Wireless Phones

8: What is a Query?

A.   Locate one or more records that meet specific criteria

B.   Create a subset of data for viewing & reporting

C.   Refresh the view to download information

D.   Refresh the view to upload information

9: To bring party data into non-party business component the join specification destination column should refer



C.   ROW_ID of Party BC

D.   Id

10: Which Siebel feature enables you to automatically apply a discount to a customers order when the customer adds both a printer and replacement ink cartridges to their online shopping cart?

A.   Siebel Workflow Policy Program

B.   Action Sets

C.   Siebel Assignment Manager

D.   Rule Sets

11: Which of the following is NOT an option with Siebel Workflows Wait Step?

A.   Pause a process for a specified amount of time

B.   Pause a process until a specified runtime event occurs

C.   Include a restart parameter in the process

D.   Include a timeout parameter in the process

12: Which server task creates the Docking\User directory on the Siebel Server for a new Mobile Client?

A.   Transaction Router

B.   Generate New Database

C.   Synchronization Manager

D.   Database Extract

13: You have a Workflow process that evaluates the age of Service Requests and updates the priority of Service Requests that are more than a week old. Which Siebel Workflow step type are you using to change the priority of the Service Request?

A.   Siebel Update step

B.   Siebel Operation step

C.   Decision Point step

D.   Sub Process step

14: The siebel application engine parameters are stored in what?choose correct one

A.   Configuration file

B.   Initialization file