Caspio MCQs

Caspio MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Caspio MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Caspio by answering these 30 multiple-choice questions.
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1: Which of the following table names follow the standard naming rules for naming a table in Caspio Bridge?

A.   emp_det

B.   empdet1

C.   emp-det

D.   emp.details

E.   99empdetails

2: Which of the following is the correct way of defining a parameter name in Caspio Bridge Relational DataPages?

A.   [@fieldname]

B.   [!fieldname]

C.   [fieldname]

A.   Keys

B.   Fields

C.   Records

D.   Header and Footer

4: Which of the following are correct about Security and Authentication methods in Caspio Bridge?

A.   Web User Authentication is applied to DataPage folders. Once it is configured, it applies to all the DataPages of that folder.

B.   RLS options are available in the DataPages created in the folders without Web User Authentication.

C.   Privileges can be used to restrict access to specific hostnames and IP addresses when DataPages are to be deployed outside Caspio Bridge.

D.   When Web User Authentication is removed, it disables the DataPages that rely on Record Level Security.

5: Why is the view name Emp-Det1 considered incorrect in Caspio Bridge?

A.   View names cannot contain numbers.

B.   View names cannot start with letters in the upper case.

C.   View names cannot have the '-' symbol.

D.   All of the above.

6: Which of the following parameters are mandatory while making any Caspio Bridge Web Service API call?

A.   AccountID

B.   Profile

C.   Password

D.   TableName

7: Which of the following authentication methods is used in Caspio Bridge to protect the DataPages from unauthorized users?

A.   Privileges

B.   WUA

C.   Record Level Security

D.   All of the above

8: Which of the following are invalid date inputs in Caspio Bridge if the field has the data type Date/Time?

A.   13/09/1986

B.   09/13/1986

C.   1986/13/09

D.   13-09-1986

9: Which of the following types of cookies is used by the Caspio Bridge account?

A.   Session cookies

B.   Tracking cookies

C.   Browser cookies

10: Which of the following Caspio Bridge Web Service API methods use Document-style Web Service calls?

A.   CreateTable

B.   CreateEmptyTable

C.   GetTableDesign

D.   GetTableDesignRaw

11: Which of the following Caspio Bridge DataPage elements can be used to add graphics to your DataPages?


B.   Virtual Field

C.   HTML Block

D.   Sections

12: Which of the following types of Caspio Bridge DataPages is used to create WAP browser compatible forms?

A.   Web Form DataPage

B.   Mobile Form DataPage

C.   Search and Report DataPage

D.   Password Recovery DataPage

13: Which of the following protocols is used by default to access the Caspio Bridge Web Services API?



C.   FTP


14: Which of the following objects can be used to filter data or relate multiple pages together?

A.   Views

B.   Styles

C.   Localizations

D.   Mashups

15: Which of the following Caspio Bridge Form Elements are not available in Mobile Forms?

A.   View Counter

B.   Radio Button

C.   List Box

D.   Hidden

16: Which of the following data types in Caspio Bridge does not offer rendering options?

A.   Date/Time

B.   Text(4000)

C.   Yes/No

D.   File

17: Which of the following data formats can be used to import a file containing localization into Caspio Bridge?

A.   Text

B.   XML

C.   Microsoft Excel

D.   CSV

18: What is the maximum possible size of an HTML DataPage in Caspio Bridge?

A.   100Kb

B.   50Kb

C.   200Kb

D.   20Kb

19: Which of the following is the correct syntax of the "contains" comparison constraint in image (c) in Search and Report DataPages in Caspio Bridge to fetch the result shown in image(b) from the table shown in image(a)?

A.   black AND blue AND color

B.   (black AND blue)color

C.   (black AND blue) AND color

D.   None of the above

20: Which of the following are the objects through which web user authentication(WUA) is applied in Caspio Bridge?

A.   DataPage Folders

B.   DataPages

C.   Tables

D.   Views

21: Which of the following statements hold true when the data type of a field is modified from Text to Number in a Caspio Bridge table?

A.   All the data in that table will be lost.

B.   The data is lost only if incompatible data is found.

C.   The operation fails if incompatible data in present in the field.

D.   Only those values which are incompatible are modified.

22: Which encoding scheme should be used by the hosting page while deploying a localized Caspio Bridge DataPage using the "Embed" model?

A.   UTF-8

B.   UTF-16

C.   UTF-32


23: Which of the following are not valid data formats into which a Caspio Bridge Table can be exported?

A.   Microsoft SQL Server

B.   Microsoft Access Database

C.   MySQL

D.   CSV Spreads

24: In which of the following Caspio Bridge Web Service API calls is it mandatory to pass the IsBase64 parameter?

A.   ProximitySearchByReference

B.   GetTableDesignRaw

C.   ProximitySearchByCoordinates

D.   SelectDataRaw

25: Which of the following methods in Caspio Bridge can be used to obtain the value of the system defined field PK_ID?

A.   SelectDataXML

B.   GetTableDesign

C.   ListObjects

D.   None of the above

26: Which of the following Caspio Bridge Forms have WML as their rendering option?

A.   Web Form

B.   Update Form

C.   Mobile Form

D.   HTML page

27: What will be the data type of UpdateDataResult when you call the Caspio Bridge UpdateData API?

A.   int

B.   boolean

C.   string

D.   None of the above

28: Which of the following is an invalid parameter while calling the Caspio Bridge AddTableField Web Service API?

A.   ObjectName

B.   TableName

C.   Unique

D.   Description

29: To which of the following categories does the HTML Block Cells element belong while applying styles to Caspio Bridge DataPages?

A.   Form/Details

B.   HTML tags

C.   Results Page

30: Can SSL encryption be applied as a security setting while deploying a Caspio Bridge DataPage?

A.   Yes

B.   No

31: State whether the following statement is true or false.
All Caspio Bridge Web Services API calls are stateless.

A.   True

B.   False

32: Which of the following are Caspio Bridge Web Service API methods?

A.   GetTableDesign

B.   RemoveWorkspaceMember

C.   GetDataPageAppKey

D.   ProximitySearchByReferenceRaw

33: What happens to the DataPages and views when the corresponding table is deleted in Caspio Bridge?

A.   The corresponding views and DataPages also get deleted automatically.

B.   Only the table gets deleted.

C.   Until the corresponding views and DataPages are deleted, the table cannot be deleted.

34: Which of the following data types is assigned to the system defined field PK_ID in Caspio Bridge tables?

A.   Text(255)

B.   AutoNumber

C.   Long Integer

D.   Number

35: When using Google Maps in Caspio Bridge, what will be the default location on the map if the address information in your Caspio Bridge Table is empty/blank?

A.   Error will be shown as returned by the mapping service.

B.   Default location will be shown as returned by the mapping service.

C.   Blank screen will be shown.

D.   The message

36: Is it possible for a field in a Caspio Bridge table to be empty if it has the Unique constraint?

A.   Yes

B.   No 

37: What is the default data type that is assigned to all the fields in Caspio Bridge tables imported as text files?

A.   Text(4000)

B.   Text(255)

C.   File 

38: Suppose a customer care center employs 50 customer care executives and works with a customer table with 10,000 records. Each customer care executive is assigned a group of customers. When an executive logs in to a Search and Report DataPage, he/she only sees his/her own customers and all other customers remain unavailable to him/her. Which of the following Security and Authentication methods in Caspio Bridge help to accomplish the scenario described above?

A.   Web User Authentication

B.   Record Level Security(RLS)

C.   Privileges 

39: Which step in the Caspio Bridge Web Form Wizard is used for setting up Automatic Emails?

A.   Select fields

B.   Destination and Triggers

C.   Capture or Update

D.   Configure fields