Communication (Interpersonal) MCQs

Communication (Interpersonal) MCQs

Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of Communication (Interpersonal) MCQs. We encourage you to test your Communication (Interpersonal) knowledge by answering these multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: Intrapersonal dissatisfaction is __________.

A.   Contact stage

B.   Intimacy stage

C.   Deterioration stage

D.   Dissolution stage

2: Another term used to describe a conversational narcissist is _____ communicator.

A.   Passive

B.   Interactive

C.   Active

D.   Self-absorbed

3: _____ involves favorable explanations for why others have behaved in a certain way.

A.   Relationship management

B.   Mitigating information

C.   Emotional hijacking

D.   Decoding

4: _________ is the amount of influence communicators seek.

A.   Affinity

B.   Respect

C.   Immediacy

D.   Control

E.   Desire

5: ___________ is the desire to stay in a relationship no matter what happens.

A.   Investment

B.   Passion

C.   Commitment

D.   Intimacy

6: Deserter, dominator, recognition seeker, and aggressor are all examples of __________.

A.   Identify specific tasks

B.   Independence

C.   Information power

D.   Dysfunctional roles

7: A cell phone ringing in the middle of class is an example of ________.

A.   External noise

B.   A distraction

C.   A noise channel

D.   Nonverbal communication

8: One professional technique to let out your frustration about a work situation is to ______.

A.   Distract yourself

B.   Close their communication

C.   Manageable

D.   All of the above

9: Stonewalling sends a(n) __________ message to the other person.

A.   Assertive message

B.   Confirming

C.   Disagreeing

D.   Disconfirming

E.   Competing

10: The maxim of __________ refers to praising someone or complimenting the person in some way.

A.   Quality

B.   Generosity

C.   Tact

D.   Approbation

11: The tension between personal freedom and shared activities is the _____ dialectic.

A.   Autonomy vs. connection

B.   Predictability vs. novelty

C.   Openness vs. closedness

D.   None of these

12: Harley davidson user groups are an example of _____.

A.   A brand community

B.   An emotional connection

C.   Free advertising

D.   Personal benefits

13: High-pressure selling will most likely work in situations that involve ________.

A.   Valued customers

B.   Repeat customers

C.   Service-based sales

D.   One-time sales

E.   Complex products

14: If a company adds a new product line to its existing portfolio, it has increased its _________.

A.   Product line length

B.   Product mix consistency

C.   Product mix width

D.   Product mix depth

E.   Product support services

15: If you feel hungry, marketers would say you have developed __________ to eat something.

A.   An obsession

B.   A desire

C.   A craving

D.   A need

E.   A feeling

16: In 2012, _______ purchased the british-based aegis group.

A.   Presidential candidate

B.   Dentsu INC

C.   North Korea

D.   Government permits

17: In a vertical marketing system, if the system is _______, the less likely conflict will occur.

A.   Less formal

B.   More independent

C.   Less independent

D.   More conventional

E.   More formal