Control System MCQs

Control System MCQs

These Control System multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Control System. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Control System MCQs.
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1: Addition of zeros in transfer function causes which of the following ?

A.   Lead-compensation

B.   Lag-compensation

C.   Lead-lag compensation

D.   None of the above

2: Which of the following can be measured by the use of a tachogenerator ?

A.   Acceleration

B.   Speed

C.   Speed and acceleration

D.   Displacement

3: Which of the following is the non-linearity caused by servomotor ?

A.   Static friction

B.   Backlash

C.   Saturation

D.   None of the above

4: Which of the following statements is correct for any closed loop system ?

A.   All the co-efficients can have zero value

B.   All the co-efficients are always non-zero

C.   Only one of the static error co-efficients has a finite non-zero value

D.   None of the above

5: In a stable control system backlash can cause which of the following ?

A.   Underdamping

B.   Overdamping

C.   Poor stability at reduced values of open loop gain

D.   Low-level oscillations

6: In liquid level and electrical system analogy, voltage is considered analogous to

A.   Head

B.   Liquid flow

C.   Liquid flow rate

D.   None of the above

7: Signal will become zero when the feedback signal and reference signs are equal.

A.   Input

B.   Actuating

C.   Feedback

D.   Reference

8: By which of the following the system response can be tested better ?

A.   Ramp input signal

B.   Sinusoidal input signal

C.   Unit impulse input signal

D.   Exponentially decaying signal

9: In an open loop control system

A.   Output is independent of control input

B.   Output is dependent on control input

C.   Only system parameters have effect on the control output

D.   None of the above

10: Which of the following is an open loop control system ?

A.   Field controlled D.C. motor

B.   Ward leonard control

C.   Metadyne

D.   Stroboscope

11: Which of the following statements is not necessarily correct for open control system ?

A.   Input command is the sole factor responsible for providing the control action

B.   Presence of non-linearities causes malfunctioning

C.   Less expensive

D.   Generally free from problems of non-linearities

12: The initial response when tne output is not equal to input is called

A.   Transient response

B.   Error response

C.   Dynamic response

D.   Either of the above

13: Any externally introduced signal affecting the controlled output is called a

A.   Feedback

B.   Stimulus

C.   Signal

D.   Gain control

14: Transfer function of a system is used to calculate which of the following ?

A.   The order of the system

B.   The time constant

C.   The output for any given input

D.   The steady state gain

15: The transient response, with feedback system is

A.   Rises slowly

B.   Rises quickly

C.   Decays slowly

D.   Decays quickly

16: An expert system relies on ____ to provide subject-specific knowledge.

A.   Human experts

B.   The Singularity

C.   Bayesian analysis

D.   Computational analysis

17: The properties of a control are listed in the ________ window.

A.   Options

B.   Properties

C.   Solution Explorer

D.   Project