DVD Studio Pro MCQs

DVD Studio Pro MCQs

These DVD Studio Pro multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of DVD Studio Pro. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 60+ DVD Studio Pro MCQs.
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1: Which one of these is NOT a source that can go into DVD Studio Pro?

A.   Motion

B.   Color

C.   Compression

D.   Word

2: True or False? You do NOT need to encode all your sources.

A.   True

B.   False

3: Up to how many images can a DVD slideshow hold?

A.   75

B.   99

C.   200

D.   88

4: Which discs can you use to burn in your system's DVD burner?

A.   DVD-9, DVD-10

B.   DVD-5 and DVD-9

C.   DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-14

D.   DVD-4, DVD-5 and DVD-9

5: Each track is allowed how many chapters?

A.   Unlimited

B.   9

C.   99

D.   999

6: A layered menu is made up of what?

A.   More than one PNG file

B.   PSD File

C.   A video file on top of a picture

D.   More than one video

7: Where would you find information on a simulation while it is in progress?

A.   Script Tab

B.   Story Tab

C.   Log Tab

D.   Outline Tab

8: _____are available and should be used when lining up buttons or text on a menu?

A.   Button Markers

B.   Chapter Markers

C.   Rulers

D.   Guides

A.   7

B.   3

C.   5

D.   1

10: To view subtitles in your project you must ______________.

A.   preview OR simulate

B.   simulate

C.   preview

D.   view

11: True or False? You can use both NTSC and PAL assets in the same project.

A.   False

B.   True

12: True or False. You can open DVD Studio projects from older versions in DVD Studio Pro 4


B.   True

13: True or False? MPEG-2 16:9 supports only HD video assets.

A.   True

B.   False

14: What does VBR stand for?

A.   Variable Bit Rate

B.   Video Bit Rate

C.   Variable Bit Ratio

D.   Valid Bit Rate

E.   Video Bit Ratio

15: What is the standard resolution of an SD DVD?

A.   640 x 480

B.   720 x 480

C.   800 x 400

D.   1920 x 1080

E.   1280 x 720

16: Action that will not be cut off on the screen is called the ______________.

A.   active area

B.   action safe area

C.   active safe area

D.   action area

17: What is the feature that directs a DVD to play the initial piece of media when a DVD is inserted in a player?

A.   Initial Play

B.   Menu

C.   First Play

D.   Play

18: What is the standard frame rate of a PAL DVD video?

A.   24 fps

B.   25 fps

C.   29.97 fps

D.   50 fps

E.   30 fps

19: What are DVD-R and DVD+R?

A.   Discs that you can only write once on

B.   Rewritable discs that can be used multiple times

20: A ______ is made up of several commands

A.   Slideshow

B.   Track

C.   Menu

D.   Script

21: What is a Video TS file?

A.   Video Technology Site file

B.   The authored DVD file

C.   Slideshow file

D.   The Closed Captioning file

22: How do you duplicate an element?

A.   Command-G

B.   Command-H

C.   Command-D

D.   Command-C

23: What is the standard DVD aspect ratio?

A.   1.78:1

B.   4:3

C.   2.40:1

D.   16:10

E.   2.35:1

24: What is the standard frame rate of an NTSC DVD video?

A.   30 fps

B.   24 fps

C.   60 fps

D.   29.97 fps

E.   23.98 fps

25: When recording and editing audio, you should use a sample rate of ____________.

A.   94 kilohertz

B.   44.1 kilohertz

C.   40 kilohertz

D.   48 kilohertz

26: The width of the visible area to the height of the visible area of the video frame is called _________.

A.   video Frame ratio

B.   PAL ratio

C.   aspect ratio

D.   video ratio

27: Subtitles can only be how long?

A.   As long as the track

B.   2 minutes

C.   30 seconds

D.   5 seconds

28: How do you save a project?

A.   Shift + Command + S

B.   File> Save

C.   File> Save As

D.   All Answers

E.   Command + S

29: What does the 'i' in 25i frame rate mean?

A.   International scanning method

B.   Interlaced scanning method

C.   Index scanning method

D.   Independent scanning method

A.   False

B.   True

31: What does the Graphical Tab represent?

A.   A graphical of assets in a project

B.   A graphical view of all tracks, menus, slideshows, scripts, stories and connections in a project

C.   A graphical view of build data

D.   A graphical view of video metadata

32: What does the Track Tab contain?

A.   Video Track

B.   Audio Tracks

C.   Subtitle Tracks

D.   All of these

33: True or False? DVD Studio Pro supports web interactivity.

A.   False

B.   True

34: Which one of the following is HD resolution?

A.   704 x 480

B.   1280 x 720

C.   720 x 576

D.   720 x 480

35: True or False? DVD Studio Pro can encode video files within the program.

A.   False

B.   True

36: What is the standard widescreen aspect ratio?

A.   4:3

B.   16:9

C.   16:10

D.   2.35:1

E.   2.40:1

37: Besides your mouse, What allows you to perform commands in DVD Studio Pro

A.   Keyboard Shortcuts

B.   Layered Menus

C.   The Inspector

D.   Notepad

38: You can have more than 1 menu with DVD Studio Pro?


B.   True

39: What is the size of a single side, single layer DVD disc?

A.   700 MB

B.   1 GB

C.   9.4 GB

D.   4.7 GB

E.   25 GB

40: How do you create a story?

A.   Click the Insert Story tool

B.   Click the Add tool

C.   Click the Add Story tool

D.   Click the Insert tool

41: What appears when you select an asset in the assets tab?

A.   Asset guide

B.   Asset Help

C.   Asset toolbar

D.   Asset Inspector

42: Which of these is NOT a characteristic of DVD-9?

A.   Dual layer

B.   All of these are characteristics of DVD-9

C.   2-4 hours of content

D.   Single-sided

43: Is DVD Studio compatible with Windows 8?

A.   Windows 2000/XP Compatible Only

B.   No, Linux only

C.   No, it will only run on Mac OS X

D.   Yes

44: Which is not a configuration for DVD Studio Pro?

A.   Advanced

B.   Beginner

C.   Basic

D.   Extended

45: How do you preview a project?

A.   Project> Play

B.   Command + P

C.   Press Play Button in the Viewer Tab

D.   Press Simulate Button from main project window

46: Which of these is NOT included in the type order?

A.   Layered stories

B.   Layered menus

C.   Menus

D.   Stories

47: Random play after a menu times out is created by using?

A.   Scripts

B.   Slide Shows

C.   First Play

D.   Build/Format

48: What is End Jump?

A.   The point which a DVD stops

B.   What plays after a track, marker or story ends

C.   Skipping to the end of the DVD

D.   A DVD that never reaches the end point

49: What is it called when there is a hidden feature that can only be configured when an invisible button is clicked?

A.   Secret Menu

B.   Mint Drop

C.   Easter Egg

D.   Invisible Drop

50: Dropzones can not be made with?

A.   Audio

B.   Picture

C.   Shape

D.   Video Clip