Ebay Development MCQs

Ebay Development MCQs

These Ebay Development multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Ebay Development. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 40 Ebay Development MCQs.
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1: Which of the SOAP URL Parameters does not exist?

A.   route

B.   appid

C.   version

D.   callname

2: Why are there no longer any new Open eBay Apps?

A.   eBay is still accepting applications.

B.   eBay is no longer accepting applications.

C.   There never were any Open eBay Apps.

D.   It became infested with viruses.

3: In the Production environment, a user is eligible to create an eBay Store if he or she is a registered seller on eBay and meets one of the following conditions:

A.   There is no way to create an eBay Store in the Production environment, but you can create it in the Sandbox

B.   All answers are wrong.

C.   has a cumulative feedback score of at least 20; is registered with ID Verify; has a PayPal account in good standing.

D.   the test user must first list at least one item for sale in the Sandbox; the test user must have a PayPal Sandbox account linked to that user's eBay Sandbox account.

4: In the Version scheme, what does the second digit indicate?

A.   The super release version.

B.   The major release version.

C.   The minor release version.

D.   The newest release version.

5: eBay has a list of login credentials that are completely independent and not interoperable. Which is NOT an eBay login credential?

A.   Production authentication token

B.   username and password

C.   Developers Program username and password

D.   Developers Program authentication token

A.   Only annually.

B.   Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly

C.   Daily, Weekly, Monthly

D.   Hourly, Daily, Weekly

7: eBay's base components are simple and complex types that model eBay business-level objects (e.g., items). Which is not an eBay component?

A.   Feedback

B.   Transaction

C.   User

D.   ShippingDetails

8: When eBay gives a user a unique id number, the attribute is called:

A.   ufield

B.   uniquefield

C.   idfield

D.   profileId

9: There are three types of promotional sales:

A.   Price discount only, Free shipping only, Price discount and free shipping

B.   Price discount only, Free shipping only, Special Price discount and free shipping

C.   Price discount only, Special Free shipping only, Price discount and free shipping

D.   Special Price discount only, Free shipping only, Price discount and free shipping

10: “itemFilter” in getUserReturns is responsible for?

A.   Expanding results to all listings.

B.   Restricting results to a specific listing.

C.   Listing the number of users filtered per item.

D.   Filtering the number of items to specific users.

11: The following API calls can be used to create and manage promotional sales:

A.   GetPromotionalSale, SetPromotionalSaleListings, GetPromotionalSaleDetails

B.   GetPromotionalSale, SetPromotionalSaleListings, SetPromotionalSaleDetails

C.   SetPromotionalSale, SetPromotionalSaleListings, GetPromotionalSaleDetails

D.   GetPromotionalSale, GetPromotionalSaleListings, GetPromotionalSaleDetails

12: Who is the intended audience of the eBay Developers Program?

A.   Those who are versed in XML.

B.   Those who are experienced in selling products on Ebay.

C.   Programmers educated in cobal.

D.   Coders who write in Python.

13: “getUserReturns” retrieves information for how many buyer returns?

A.   Only one at a time.

B.   Zero.

C.   It doesn't handle buyer returns.

D.   One or more.

14: What is the address of the Compatible Application Check Page?

A.   http://developer.ebay.com/support/check

B.   http://developer.ebay.com/join/policies/

C.   http://developer.ebay.com/join/check/

D.   http://developer.ebay.com/support/certification

15: Application-Level Error in XML call output does NOT have an element with a name:

A.   ns:ShortMessage

B.   ns:SeverityCode

C.   ns:ErrorCode

D.   ns:UserHint

16: The Product Metadata API helps you perform the following tasks, EXCEPT:

A.   Get the compatibility metadata version for the specified category to monitor for changes in compatibility metadata.

B.   Get compatibility properties (names) within a fitment category of the specified catalog-enabled category.

C.   Get all possible values (search values) for a given compatibility property (name).

D.   Get compatible applications for a product, based on its specifications.

17: You can retrieve buying guide details by using the FindProducts call to find a product. The FindProducts call belongs to the:

A.   Shopping API

B.   Payout Details API

C.   Trading API

D.   Finding API

18: Feedback Service is allowed a maximum of how many DSR query requests?

A.   10

B.   35

C.   5

D.   15

19: How often is Client Alerts API release made?

A.   Bi-weekly.

B.   Yearly

C.   Daily

D.   Hourly

20: The following item does not contain the user name of the automated Sandbox users

A.   external_api_buyer2

B.   external_api_buyer1

C.   external_api_seller

D.   external_api_buyer

A.   It is a relatively simple program that provides a seller with the ability to list items on eBay.

B.   This application covers most of the aspects involved in the sales process: Listing items, Monitoring buyer bidding, Discovering current bidders in an auction listing or buyers of fixed-price items, Processing and fulfilling items that have sold.

C.   It is a one that displays a seller's items in a sub-section of a web page that has other content.

D.   It is a one that displays a buyer's items in a sub-section of a web page that has other content.

22: What does the “login” call do?

A.   It logs the client into eBay.

B.   It alerts the client of an application login.

C.   It logs in the applicant when a client appears.

D.   It logs the client application into the client alerts server.

23: To sell an item, a seller must:

A.   Nothing. There are no business policies.

B.   Opt in to seller policies.

C.   Opt in to business policies.

D.   Opt out of business policies.

24: You can avoid paying VAT(Value-Added Tax) charges on your eBay fees by registering:

A.   a valid SSN with eBay.

B.   a valid VAT-TAX with eBay.

C.   a valid TAX-ID with eBay.

D.   a valid VAT-ID with eBay.

25: The main difference between the Order Adjustment API and Trading API is?

A.   The Trading API has replaced the Order Adjustment API.

B.   The Order Adjustment API must be in capital letters.

C.   There is no difference.

D.   The Order Adjustment API begins with lowercase letters.

26: The eBay Platform defines two general types of errors:

A.   Execution-Level Errors, Application Errors

B.   Infrastructure-Level Errors, Application Errors

C.   Application-Level Errors, Infrastructure Errors

D.   Application-Level Errors, Execution Errors

27: Which fault type of the Infrastructure Error Types does not exist in the eBay API?

A.   Client faults

B.   VersionMismatch fault

C.   Application faults

D.   Server faults

28: The category hierarchy for a site is embodied in the:

A.   CategorySet object

B.   CategoryList object

C.   CategoryMap object

D.   CategoryArray object

29: Sample XML for Modifying and Removing Fields has Item element, which might (should) contain any of the given elements, except:

A.   ListingEnhancement

B.   StartPrice

C.   DeletedField

D.   ItemID

30: What is NOT a service endpoint of the eBay API?

A.   https://api.sandbox.ebay.com/wsapi

B.   https://api.ebay.sandbox.com/ws/api.dll

C.   https://api.ebay.com/ws/api.dll

D.   https://api.sandbox.ebay.com/ws/api.dll

31: To retrieve the data for a single item, use GetItem. The GetItem call belongs to the:

A.   Trading API

B.   Payout Details API

C.   Shopping API

D.   Finding API

32: Select the right combination of Infrastructure Error Severity Levels.

A.   Exception and Warning

B.   Exception, Error, Warning

C.   Exception and Error

D.   Error and Warning

33: If your application works with items on sites outside the US, or if your application can be used with more than one site, you should understand the differences in:

A.   timezone, validation rules, business logic, and overall usage rules that are applied for different eBay sites.

B.   language, validation rules, business logic, and overall usage rules that are applied for different eBay sites.

C.   validation rules, business logic, and overall usage rules that are applied for different eBay sites.

D.   culture, validation rules, business logic, and overall usage rules that are applied for different eBay sites.

34: If there is no web component to your application, or you do not wish to host an AcceptURL or RejectURL page, you should get tokens with which method?

A.   Client/Desktop Applications

B.   via TokenGenerator Tool

C.   Web/Server Applications

D.   via FetchToken

35: If you're specifying a URL and HTTP header, which takes precedent?

A.   Both

B.   URL

C.   Neither


A.   Those interested in subscribing to your ebay channel.

B.   Billing for OpenEbay accounts.

C.   Subscribers and billing.

D.   Subscriptions to your coupon service.

37: The "My eBay" page shows a number of different views of a user's data. The given view does not exist in this page:

A.   My Messages

B.   All Buying

C.   All Selling

D.   My Items

38: A Fully Qualified Category has subelements:

A.   CategoryID, CategoryName, CategoryChildName

B.   CategoryID, CategoryName, CategoryParentName, CategoryChildName

C.   CategoryID, CategoryName, CategoryParentName

D.   CategoryName, CategoryParentName, CategoryChildName

39: Buyers who purchase an item on eBay using PayPal as the payment method may still file a dispute using PayPal Buyer Protection. Which of the given actions belongs to the Buyer role to be performed?

A.   Cancel an unpaid transaction

B.   Retrieve detailed information on a single Unpaid Item dispute or cancelled transaction

C.   Create a Significantly Not As Described case

D.   Create an Unpaid Item dispute

40: Is the “getDeals” call currently functional? When will it be functional?

A.   No. It will be resolved in the next version.

B.   Yes. It is currently functioning.

C.   No. It is indefinitely out of service.

D.   It was never a call included in eBay API Development.

41: The “login” call is returned in JSON. In this context, what is JSON?

A.   JabbaScript Objective Notation

B.   JavaScript Open Notation

C.   JavaScript Object Notation.

D.   JavaScript Order Notation