Ebooks MCQs

Ebooks MCQs

The following Ebooks MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Ebooks. We encourage you to answer these 60+ multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: Which of these showcase the free editions and previews of paid editions of books?

A.   Google Books

B.   Scribd

C.   Gutenberg

2: KF8 is a proprietary ebook format for

A.   Kobo

B.   Apple

C.   Nook

D.   Kindle

3: What are ePub and Mobi examples of?

A.   payment platforms

B.   publishing formats

C.   eReaders

D.   eBook marketing firms

4: Why are page numbers essentially pointless with digital books for eReaders?

A.   Due to file size restrictions, the extra text takes up valuable file space

B.   The content is rescaleable and the page number becomes subjective to each device

C.   They're not, page numbers are still very important with digital books

D.   The small screen on most eReaders obscures page numbers near the edge of the page

5: Often used in eBook creation, what is the name of the advanced version of HTML?


B.   XML


D.   H2ML

A.   LIT



D.   KF8

E.   PRC

7: What is the name of Apple's eBookstore?

A.   iBookstore

B.   iNewsstand

C.   iLearn

D.   iRead

8: When speaking of eBooks, what term is used to describe traditional physical books?

A.   zBooks

B.   pBooks

C.   oBooks

D.   tBooks

9: What does DRM stand for?

A.   direct reproduction management

B.   digital rights management

C.   digital reproduction management

D.   digital restrictions management

10: Which of the following IS NOT an eReader?

A.   Kobo

B.   iBit

C.   Nook

D.   Kindle

11: Which of the following is NOT included in a Dublin Core?

A.   Publisher name

B.   Amazon customer rating


D.   Author name

12: To prevent chapters from running together, how should you end each chapter?

A.   Insert a page break

B.   Put a double full stop (..) to signal a new chapter

C.   Insert one full line of tildes (~)

D.   Begin the next chapter at least five lines after the end of the previous chapter

13: What is the term for data that describes other data?

A.   Innerdata

B.   Metadata

C.   Megadata

D.   Trackdata

14: Which of the following formats does Kindle support?

A.   All of these

B.   AZW


D.   PDF

E.   KF8

15: True or False? Amazon Kindle does NOT support PDF files.

A.   True

B.   False

16: Which of these is NOT approved content for the cover image of an ebook in the Kindle store?

A.   The website of the author

B.   Author's middle name

C.   Black and white images

D.   Pricing or promotional offers

A.   Times New Roman

B.   Arial

C.   Garamond

D.   All of these

18: Wattpad is a community that allows you to ______ ebooks.

A.   read

B.   download

C.   All of these

D.   write

19: What is the name of Amazon's online ebook publishing and sales platform?

A.   Jobs Publishing

B.   Kindle Direct Publishing

C.   Northwest Publishers

D.   Apple Publishing

20: True or False? Microsoft Word has a built-in Table of Contents creator to create an active table of contents for your book.

A.   False

B.   True

21: Digital comic books are published in ____ format(s).

A.   CBZ

B.   CBT

C.   CB7

D.   CBR

E.   All of these

22: True or False? You can change your DRM settings on a title once it has been published to the Barnes & Noble bookstore.

A.   True

B.   False

23: True or False? You can set your ebook's price higher than the print version in Barnes & Noble's store.

A.   True

B.   False

24: What Adobe system blocks users from opening unauthorized copies of eBooks?

A.   MVC

B.   SEO

C.   PPC


25: What is Blio?

A.   It is the name of app where you read checked out books on your tablet, PC or smartphone.

B.   It is app used to convert book in Kindle form.

C.   It is an app you can use to rewrite text in alredy finished book.

26: What is Calibre?

A.   Measurement of a bullet

B.   A multi-platform e-book converter

C.   A formatting style for ebooks

D.   None of these





28: What is the name of the mandatory meta data incorporated into every ebook?

A.   Metal Core

B.   Dublin Core

C.   Boston Core

D.   London Core

29: True or False? .PDF files are exclusive to Adobe products.

A.   True

B.   False

30: Which of these are NOT approved languages for books sold in the kindle store?

A.   Chinese

B.   Italian

C.   Japanese

D.   Portuguese

31: What is the name of Amazon's new eBook file format meant to replace MOBI?

A.   kf8

B.   epub

C.   ebk

D.   pdf

32: Which of the following must you supply to publish on PUBIT! for Nook?

A.   a US credit card or bank account

B.   a professional reference

C.   a valid home address

D.   an driver's license or passport number

33: What happens if you publish a book in the Kindle store without a product image?

A.   A placeholder image is automatically generated

B.   You will be prevented from publishing until you upload a product image

C.   There will be no image above your book title in the Kindle store

D.   Amazon charges you a small fee until you upload a product image

34: Which of these is a famous online collection of legally free ebooks?

A.   Project Gutenberg

B.   Archive.org

C.   Google Books

A.   ebook publishing

B.   ebook writing

C.   ebook management

36: True or False? If submitting your book to the Kindle store in DOC or DOCX format, it can be uploaded in multiple files.

A.   False

B.   True

37: What is Barnes & Noble's ebook creation and self publishing platform?

A.   PubIt!

B.   B&NDist

C.   Writing Life

D.   iBooks Author

38: Which of the following is not an ebook reading application?

A.   Stanza

B.   Albite

C.   Kobo

D.   Kindle

E.   Figment

39: If you don't have Adobe InDesign and you want to preview and format your ebook for Kindle, what apps do you need?

A.   AmazonBookGen and Previewer

B.   KindleGen and Previewer

C.   KindleMaker and WindowViewer

D.   KindleBot and Previewer

40: Which of the following is not an open source ebook software?

A.   FBReader

B.   Nook

C.   Albite

D.   Calibre

A.   20GB

B.   50MB

C.   124KB

D.   There is no file size limit

42: Which of the following is a Mac exclusive ebook reader?

A.   Kindle

B.   Wattpad

C.   Stanza

D.   Kobo

E.   Nook

43: Which of the following ebook readers don't support EPUB format?

A.   Sony Reader

B.   Kindle

C.   Aldiko

D.   FBReader

E.   Kobo

A.   Distributor

B.   Piracy website

C.   Creation software

D.   Sharing community

45: What is KindleGen?

A.   A tool for writers to generate an ISBN for their ebooks before publication

B.   A downloadable tool from Amazon for creating graphic novels, comics and manga

C.   The latest generation of ereader released in the Kindle family of products

D.   A command line tool for publishers familiar with HTML to build ebooks for Amazon

46: What gives web browsers instructions on how to format and position HTML elements?

A.   CSS

B.   XML



47: What are Smashwords and Ingram examples of?

A.   publishers

B.   payment platforms

C.   eReaders

D.   aggregators

48: LIT format is a proprietary format for:

A.   Sony Reader

B.   Microsoft Reader

C.   Tome Raider

D.   Nook

E.   iBooks

49: Which of the following is a cross-platform open-source ebook reading application?

A.   Albite

B.   FBReader

C.   Aldiko

D.   Kindle

E.   Stanza

50: What is the name of the new type of PDF file meant to optimize text for a specific device?

A.   pdf reflowable

B.   pdf rerendered

C.   pdf remodeled

D.   pdf rereadable