English Spelling MCQs

English Spelling MCQs

These English Spelling multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of English Spelling. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 50+ English Spelling MCQs.
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1: It was a ______ day outside.

A.   raney

B.   rainey

C.   rainy

D.   None of these are correct

2: A solution in which the solvent is water.

A.   Aquaeous

B.   Aquous

C.   Aquious

D.   Aqueous

3: Does the following sentence have correct spelling? The radio's speaker made a wierd noise.

A.   No

B.   Yes

4: Which of the following sentences is spelled correctly?

A.   Don't loose your loose change, loser!

B.   Don't lose your loose change, loser!

C.   Don't loose your loose change, looser!

D.   Don't loose your lose change, looser!

5: Which spelling is correct?

A.   She was quite shy during her adolecent years.

B.   She was quite shy during her adollescent years.

C.   She was quite shy during her adolesent years.

D.   She was quite shy during her adolescent years.

E.   She was quite shy during her addolescent years.

6: What is a word used to describe someone who has very good skills?

A.   Proficient

B.   Profiecient

C.   Profficient

D.   Profficiente

E.   Profecient

7: Complete this phrase with the correctly spelled word: At the zoo, we watched the tigers in their new ___________________.

A.   enclosed

B.   inclosure

C.   enclosure

D.   enclosing

8: The following sentence is spelled correctly: "The drinks are in the fridgerator."

A.   True

B.   False

9: Which is the correct spelling

A.   obedance

B.   obidence

C.   obediance

D.   obedience

E.   obadince

10: Which of these words is the correct spelling?

A.   Unnesessary

B.   Unnecessary

C.   Unecessary

D.   Unesessary

11: __________ resources include any combination of sand, gravel, or crushed stone in a natural or processed state used in the construction of _________. city ________ and residential buildings.

A.   agergate, goverment, enfarstructure

B.   Aggregate, government, infrastructure

C.   aggervate, gov, infarredstructure

D.   sorry, you're outta here.

12: Choose the correct spelling of the word below.

A.   parrallesim

B.   parallelism

C.   parralesim

13: Which is the correct word to complete this phrase: learning ___________.

A.   cruve

B.   curve

C.   curb

D.   kerb

14: The judge commanded the defendant to stop _______.

A.   lieing

B.   lying

C.   liying

D.   None of the given options are correct

15: How much do you ______ ?

A.   waigh

B.   wiegh

C.   way

D.   waiy

E.   weigh

16: They gave him a tour of _____ house.

A.   there

B.   thare

C.   they're

D.   their

17: No ______, but I don't really like your jacket.

A.   offense

B.   affense

C.   ofence

D.   ofense

18: Fill in the blank. ___ going the wrong way.

A.   Your

B.   Youre

C.   Yer

D.   You're

19: He unsheathed his:

A.   sword

B.   sawrd

C.   sowrd

D.   sord

20: You must _____ my commands.

A.   None of the given options are correct

B.   obey

C.   obay

D.   obaye

21: It was so cold, the water would likely _____.

A.   freese

B.   freaze

C.   freez

D.   frease

E.   freeze

22: What is spelled correctly?

A.   emprove

B.   Improve

C.   impruve

D.   Immpove

23: He had a large ______, which he kept in the harbor.

A.   yaucht

B.   yot

C.   yacht

D.   yaught

24: I called my menter for some advice. Which word is spelled incorrectly?

A.   advice

B.   menter

C.   Everything is spelled correctly

D.   Called

25: He ____ his laundry into light and dark piles.

A.   sepurated

B.   separated

C.   seprated

D.   seperated

26: Spell the correct Answer

A.   Hippopotomas

B.   Hippopotamus

C.   Hipopotoamas

D.   Hippopotoumas

27: "I would have appreciated your sincerity much more than your ________________," Ella screamed at Steven.

A.   sarcasim

B.   sarcasism

C.   sarcasm

28: She ______________ last night's event.

A.   facilitated

B.   facilatated

C.   ficilitated

D.   facillitated

29: Please select correct spelling;

A.   Exagerate

B.   Exaggerete

C.   Exagarate

D.   Exaggarate

E.   Exaggerate

30: My __________ would not allow me to lie. Which spelling is correct?

A.   conscious

B.   conscience

C.   consense

D.   consience

E.   conshience

31: The statement had underlying:

A.   connottations

B.   connotations

C.   connatations

D.   conotations

32: ___________ which means pointless repetition of word or phrase.

A.   Taotology

B.   Toutology

C.   Tautology

D.   Tauotology

33: What's the word denoting rebirth?

A.   Renassance

B.   renaissance

C.   rainessance

D.   Renaissanse

E.   Raneisaance

34: Which word below is spelled correctly?

A.   Indubatable

B.   Indubiteble

C.   Indubitible

D.   Indubitable

E.   Indubetible

35: All of the words in the following sentence are accurately spelled (true or false): Karen is keen at differentiating between diagnoses.

A.   False

B.   True

36: ________________--the purest essence of something.

A.   Quintessence

B.   Quentescence

C.   Quitessence

D.   Quintessense

E.   Quentessince

37: Select the correct spelling.

A.   amalgum

B.   amolgum

C.   amolgam

D.   amulgam

E.   amalgam

38: Choose the correct spelling which means riddle.

A.   conandrum

B.   conundrum

C.   conondrum

D.   canundrum

39: Is the following sentence spelled correctly? "There were alot of odd occurrences on Halloween."

A.   No

B.   Yes

40: "ZAP! BOOM! BAM!" are examples of:

A.   onomatopaea

B.   onomotapeia

C.   onomatopoeia

D.   onamatapaea

41: Which words do NOT refer to a shade of blue?

A.   puce

B.   azure

C.   cerulean

D.   cyan

42: Which of the following is correctly spelled?

A.   The angry customer was implacable.

B.   The angry customer was implicable.

C.   The angry customer was unplacable.

D.   The angry customer was inplacable.

43: It was a complete ________.

A.   embarassment

B.   embarrassment

C.   embarrasment

D.   embarasment

44: He is a connoissuer of polyphony. Which word is spelled incorrectly?

A.   no words are misspelled

B.   polyphony

C.   connoissuer

45: He ordered some appetizers to ______ his _______.

A.   wet; appettite

B.   whet; appetite

C.   wet; appetite

D.   whet; apettite

46: Which plural form is incorrect?

A.   John's toy cars

B.   the DJ's CD's

C.   music from the 1980s

D.   Penny's pennies

E.   their shirts and blouses

47: He is constantly spouting

A.   bavardage

B.   bevardage

C.   baverdage

D.   beverdeage

E.   beverages

48: Which is the correct sentence.

A.   Their bring there family there

B.   There bringing they're family there

C.   The're bringing their family there

D.   They're bringing their family there.

49: The correct sentence is...

A.   I to wanted two of them

B.   I too wanted two of them

C.   I too wanted to of them

D.   I to wanted too of them

50: Chose the correct spelling

A.   Hieracy

B.   Herarchy

C.   Hierarchy

D.   Hierarhy