Management and Business Acumen MCQs

Management and Business Acumen MCQs

Answer these Management and Business Acumen MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Management and Business Acumen.
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1: _______Is a partnership with those who are strong supporters of a brand in a professional capacity.

A.   Advocacy Program

B.   Ambassador Program

C.   Antagonist Program

D.   None of these

2: A program focused on audiences of loyal supporters outside of the company who have a strong affinity for the company is known ____.

A.   Advocacy Program

B.   Ambassador Program

C.   Antagonist Program

D.   None of these

3: _______ is Understanding of business principles such as accounting, finance, marketing, and sales.

A.   Business Acumen

B.   Business sense

C.   Business savvy

D.   None of these

4: Corporate Social Responsibility is tying together the social,______, and financial efforts to support specific campaigns and causes aligned with a brand.

A.   Environmental

B.   Unsustainable

C.   Fraudulent

D.   None of these

5: All senior-level officials for a corporation based on different departments and responsibilities are known as ?

A.   C-Suite

B.   Corporate Social Responsibility

C.   The Junior Suite

D.   The Residential Suite

6: A Employee Advocacy program that is designed to incentivize and encourage employees to tell their stories, _______, and views to external as well as internal audiences.

A.   Perspectives

B.   Certainties

C.   Proofs

D.   Frog view

7: Engaging in PR practices with inside clients but with employees, staff, and others who work inside our organization or brand; also known as external relations is known as Employee Relations.

A.   True

B.   False

8: The pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled is known as ?

A.   Entrepreneurship

B.   Collectivism

C.   Idleness

D.   Unemployment

9: A professional who oversees management and strategy components of public relations is known as ?

A.   Manager

B.   Client

C.   Staff

D.   Owner

10: The idea that a product or service being offered is unique in a variety of ways is known as ?

A.   Tragedy

B.   Opportunity

C.   Misfortune

D.   None of these

11: The specific focus and dedication needed to accomplish a set goal for the launch of a new product or service is known as ?

A.   Pursuit

B.   Avocation

C.   Unemployment

D.   None of these

12: The constraints that must be evaluated as we consider a possible new venture; they can be social, financial, emotional, and/or time-based, and sometimes are out of our control but in control of others involved is known as?

A.   Resources

B.   Absence

C.   Amercement

D.   Abject poverty

13: Buying practices conducted through social media platforms is known as Social selling ?

A.   True

B.   False

14: _____Is a professional who focuses on producing tactical components in public relations.

A.   Technician

B.   Commercial Banker

C.   Engineer

D.   Journeyman