Master Trainer Certification MCQs

Master Trainer Certification MCQs

Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of Master Trainer Certification MCQs. We encourage you to test your Master Trainer Certification knowledge by answering these 60+ multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: What is not true about a mesocycle?

A.   It refers to a very long training cycle, usually one year

B.   A number of microcycles constitute a mesocycle

C.   It can be utilized to develop strength, endurance and power

D.   It usually has five weeks of workout and one week of active rest

2: What would be 1RM of a client who does 12 reps with 100lbs?

A.   129

B.   139

C.   193

D.   142


State whether true or false:

You should rest your chest against the back pad while doing Rear Delt Fly.





4: Which of these decreases flexibility?

A.   Higher intake of water

B.   Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

C.   Bone structure

D.   Connective tissue

5: What would be a client's BMI if a client's weight is 50kgs and his height 1.55m?

A.   20.8kg/sq m

B.   18.5kg/sq m

C.   29.9kg/sq m

D.   21.8kg/ sq m

6: Which of the following is not a phase of linear periodization?

A.   Strength

B.   Hypertrophy

C.   Power

D.   Flexibility

7: Which of these is not a component of fitness in youth?

A.   Metabolism

B.   Endurance

C.   Flexibility

D.   Strength

8: Which of these is not a characteristic of the hypertrophy phase of periodization?

A.   It is helpful for the high intensity phase to follow

B.   It is helpful to achieve a high level of muscular endurance

C.   It consists of 20 reps

D.   It is a moderate to high intensity phase


State whether true or false:

Exercises can trigger an asthma attack.





10: In which type of muscle action does the muscle shorten in length as it contracts?

A.   Isometric

B.   Eccentric

C.   Isotonic

D.   Isokinetic

11: Which of the following is correct about Dumbbell One Arm Upright Row?

A.   It is important to maintain good posture while performing this exercise

B.   It is important to keep your elbow slightly bent at the bottom of the motion, in order to maintain pressure on your deltoid muscle

C.   You should not jerk your back while raising the dumbbell

D.   All of the above

12: What is Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR?

A.   It is the breakdown of the ingested food leading to the production of energy

B.   It is a set of constructive metabolic processes

C.   It is an individual's minimum calorific requirement at rest

D.   It is the rate required to maintain a stable internal environment


State whether true or false:

Improvement in one





14: What is the exercise in the picture called?

A.   Cable Seated Crunch

B.   Cable Triceps Extension

C.   Cable Lateral Raise

D.   Cable Kneeling Triceps Extension


State whether true or false:

Anabolism comprises of chemical reactions that break down complex molecules into simpler ones and produce energy.





16: The five sets in a Pyramid include:

A.   12, 8, 10, 10 and 12 reps

B.   12, 10, 8, 10 and 12 reps

C.   8, 10, 12, 10 and 12 reps

D.   12, 10, 10, 12 and 8 reps

17: Which of these helps improve metabolism?

A.   Weight lifting

B.   Resistance Training

C.   Aerobic exercises

D.   Strength Training

18: What is the exercise in the picture called?

A.   E-Z Bar Lying Row

B.   Dumbbell Lying Row

C.   Dead Lift

D.   Weighted Incline Leg-Hip Raise

19: Lifting the leg and keeping it high without any outside support is an example of _______ flexibility.

A.   dynamic

B.   static-active

C.   static-passive


State whether true or false:

A low resting heart rate indicates a good health condition.





21: Which of the following is correct about Cable Standing Fly?

A.   It targets the chest muscles

B.   You need to lie face up on a decline bench between the cable crossover machines to perform this exercise

C.   It targets the leg muscles

D.   You need to lift your body off the floor by extending your arms to do this exercise

22: Which of these is not a kind of proprioceptor?

A.   Intrafusal fiber

B.   Sarcomere

C.   Golgi tendon organ

D.   Pacinian corpuscle

23: Which of these is not a level of organization in the body?

A.   Molecular

B.   Organ

C.   Process

D.   System

24: An individual's rate of perceived exertion measuring 13 on the Borg scale would indicate that it is:

A.   very light

B.   somewhat hard

C.   no exertion at all

D.   maximal exertion

25: What is concentric strength?

A.   It is the maximum amount of weight that you can lower under control while exercising

B.   It is the maximum amount of weight that you can hold in a stationary position for a long time

C.   It is the strength per unit of time or the maximum force produced in minimum time

D.   It is the state when the muscle shortens in length and develops tension when it tries to overcome resistance

26: What does DOMS stand for?

A.   Duration of Onset Muscle Soreness

B.   Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

C.   Delayed Offset Muscle Soreness

D.   Delayed Onset Mass Soreness

27: Which muscles does the Pectoral Fly work?

A.   Traps

B.   Back

C.   Abdomen

D.   Chest


State whether true or false:

The volume of training load is directly proportional to its intensity.





29: Which of these is not true about Drop Sets?

A.   The same exercise is performed for a number of sets without any rest in between and without lowering the weight after each set

B.   They work well when extra intensity is required

C.   They are a great way to achieve harder and ripped muscles

D.   They are one of the best methods for complete exhaustion of the muscles

30: Which of the following body part does the Incline Cable Pushdown target?

A.   Triceps

B.   Abdomen

C.   Legs

D.   Back

31: Which of these are examples of Push-Pull Supersets?

A.   A combination of biceps curls with the triceps pushdown

B.   Flexing the abs hard and holding them in the flexed position

C.   A combination of shoulder press and lat pull down

D.   The twenty-rep squat

32: Which of these is a determinant of VO2 max?

A.   Cardiac output

B.   Strength

C.   Metabolism

D.   Flexibility

33: The laboratory method to test flexibility of various joints is known as __________.

A.   goniometry

B.   sit and reach test

C.   toe-touch test

D.   GXT method

34: What would be the training zone (upper and lower end) of a 25 year old man with a RHR of 70?

A.   170, 145

B.   175, 145

C.   140, 170

D.   140, 175

35: What is true about Cable Neck Extension?

A.   You have to put your neck in the harness cable attachment

B.   You should sit some distance away from the middle pulley

C.   You should sit facing the pulley

D.   You should sit on the side of the pulley

36: What is the purpose of cheat reps?

A.   To increase intensity

B.   To achieve further reps

C.   To increase the weight

D.   To increase flexibility

37: The maximum level of tension that can be created by a group of muscles is known as ____________.

A.   muscular endurance

B.   muscular strength

C.   aerobic endurance

D.   Body Mass Index

38: Which of these is not true about wrist straps?

A.   They are very useful for a deadlift

B.   They strengthen the bones of the wrist

C.   They help a lifter to use more weight initially than he would be able to handle safely for the entire set

D.   They help to build muscle

39: Which of the following is Pre-Exhaustion a combination of?

A.   An isolation exercise with a compound exercise

B.   Drop Sets with Super Sets

C.   Push-Pull Supersets and Drop Sets

D.   Rest-Pause and isolation exercises

40: What is the exercise in the picture called?

A.   Barbell Rear Delt Row

B.   E-Z Bar Lying Row

C.   Dumbbell Lying Row

D.   Barbell Bent Arm Pullover

41: Which is a determinant to measure a person's abdominal obesity?

A.   Skinfold measurement

B.   Body Mass Index

C.   Waist Hip ratio

D.   Computer Tomography

A.   Jogging

B.   Biking

C.   Lap swimming

D.   Tennis

43: What is a goniometer?

A.   It is a device to measure metabolism

B.   It is a device to measure strength

C.   It is a device to measure the range of movement

D.   It is a device to measure the training load

44: Which body part does the Smith Machine Front Press work?

A.   Chest

B.   Back

C.   Triceps

D.   Shoulders

45: __________ are a combination of Pyramids and Drop Sets.

A.   Supersets

B.   Diminishing Sets

C.   Drop Sets

D.   Burnouts


State whether true or false:

You can use a lifting belt to do a Barbell Front Raise.





47: Which of these is a function of glycolysis?

A.   It is used to make ATP

B.   It provides energy for medium-duration workouts like bodybuilding, wrestling and swimming

C.   It uses the mitochondria in the cells to produce energy

D.   It helps to transform a glucose molecule (which enters the cell from the blood) into pyruvic acid which releases energy

48: Which test of measuring cardio respiratory fitness entails walking on a treadmill?

A.   Coopers test

B.   GXT method

C.   The Rockport Walking test

D.   The YMCA 3-minute step test

49: Which resistance devices is designed in order to make an individual's weight increase or decrease during an exercise movement?

A.   Constant resistance devices

B.   Accommodating resistance devices

C.   Variable resistance devices

D.   Static resistance devices

50: Which of these exercises target the chest?

A.   Reverse Preacher Curl with EZ Bar

B.   Decline Cable Fly

C.   Reverse Calf Raise

D.   Dumbbell Raise