People Management MCQs

People Management MCQs

The following People Management MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of People Management. We encourage you to answer these 100+ multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: An employee makes a racial remark about another co-worker. The racism is obvious and malicious. What action should you take?

A.   Laugh.

B.   Terminate the employee

C.   Do nothing.

2: In many industries women tend to be promoted up to 90 % less than men. This phenomenon is called:

A.   top floor phenomenon

B.   glass ceiling

C.   glass slipper

D.   grass-root movement

3: Non-Exempt employees must be paid for hours worked overtime.

A.   True

B.   False

4: When there is tension amongst your team, which is a good solution?

A.   Avoid getting involved

B.   Leave the employees to work it out themselves

C.   Address concerns and try to resolve

D.   Go to HR immediately

5: A leader __________.

A.   leads

B.   adapts

C.   manages

D.   All answers are correct.

E.   plans

6: A direct report comes to you and says they are being sexually harassed by a member of senior management. You have heard rumors that this particular employee has been looking for ways to get paid time off and you suspect this is a ploy. What should you do?

A.   Request a meeting with direct report to investigate sexual harassment claims and invite a member of human resources to help conduct meeting. Depending on what your direct report says, determines on how you react further.

B.   Needs to be a shorter in length to meet with your time standards.

C.   Ask a member of your team to keep a close watch out on this direct report because they are claiming sexual harassment and you are skeptical.

D.   Ask direct report be transferred to another department in the company. No one has the time for the drama.

E.   Fire the direct report before a law suit is threatened.

7: An employee is talking on the phone while looking up information in Google and taking notes. This is an example of

A.   inability to concentrate

B.   oral and written communication skills

C.   multitasking

D.   Internet research proficiency

8: An organization's "vision" is...

A.   Analysis of the way an organization is viewed by its competitors.

B.   An inspirational description of organization's values and the long-term goals it strives to achieve.

C.   One of the benefits an organization offers to its employees.

A.   Talk directly to the the staff member, identify the issue and resolve it together with the staff member.

B.   Wait it out as the issue will disappear by itself.

C.   Talk to someone in the same department as the staff member to see if anybody else share the staff members viewpoints.

D.   Talk to HR about the staff member, not the employee .

10: You encounter a customer who is loudly arguing and asking to see a manager. First thing you do:

A.   Tell them the manager is not here and it's not your fault

B.   Offer a glass of water and tell them to calm down

C.   Call the security and ask them to leave

D.   Introduce yourself and apologize

11: True or false? As a supervisor, when assisting in an investigation, it is best to keep information confidential.

A.   True

B.   False

12: Suppose there is a lot of attrition in your team. What would you do first?

A.   Complain to your supervisor.

B.   Initiate a meeting to go over this quarter's goals.

C.   Give the remaining members of the team a pay bump to keep them happy.

D.   Try to assess the root cause of employee demotivation.

13: True or false? Open communication does not promote trust.

A.   False

B.   True

14: True or false? It only takes one employee to destroy team dynamics and productivity.

A.   False

B.   True

15: When delegating work it is best to delegate to the:

A.   Employee who will get the job done in a satisfactory manner

B.   Longest employee

C.   One with the most time

D.   Newest employee

16: Your team is upset due to a change in direction imposed by the business, you should...

A.   complain to your boss and see if s/he can do anything

B.   continue work as usual because business will only change their mind again in 6 months

C.   discuss the changes with your business contact and explain it to your team

D.   let the team vent their displeasure so they can move on

17: Two of your employees are arguing in front of a customer. What should you do?

A.   Both answers are correct

B.   Pull them to the side and scream at them

C.   Pull them to the side and get to the root of the problem while explaining how unprofessional it is to argue in front of customers

D.   Neither

18: True or false? Infrequent communication can cause fear.

A.   True

B.   False

19: You receive a customer complaint that one of your subordinates is being RUDE. You:

A.   Apologize to the customer and report the incident to the manager above you at once.

B.   Apologize to the customer and talk to the mentioned employee to be able to fully assess the situation before taking further action.

C.   Tell the customer to file a complaint on the company's web-site and assure the mentioned employee that it's nothing to worry about.

20: Which is the best definition of Workplace Harassment?

A.   Situation causing someone to feel uncomfortable in the workplace

B.   Any situation involving the same sex

C.   Any situation involving opposite sex

D.   Feeling uncomfortable outside of the workplace

21: True or false? Gossip in the workplace is common, and will not harm anyone or violate company policy.

A.   True

B.   False

22: If your company takes pride in being an EOE, this means

A.   Eligible Operations Engineer

B.   Ethical Open Equity

C.   Equal Opportunity Employer

D.   Equity Optimal Employer

23: Motivation can only be achieved through compensation.

A.   True

B.   False

24: Which is not a characteristic of a good Manager?

A.   Micro-Manages capable subordinates

B.   Develops talents of team members

C.   Knows what motivates team members

D.   Encourages open communication

25: When motivating your team it is best to:

A.   Offer them extra money

B.   Offer what would motivate you

C.   Assess what the team sees as motivational

D.   Offer them extra time off

26: If the white-male-dominated finance company begins to hire women and people with diverse backgrounds for management positions, it's an effort to

A.   change the organization's mission

B.   change the organizational culture

C.   discriminate against white men

27: What do you do when your boss does not respond to an email you feel is important?

A.   Ask a co-worker to follow up for you.

B.   Send a follow up. If she does not respond again, approach her.

C.   Work around her input and address it later if it is a problem.

D.   Call your boss and ask when she will get to it.

E.   Complain to her boss that you are not being respected.

28: What would NOT be a competency for a team manager?

A.   BA or BS degree

B.   Team leadership

C.   Time management

29: A manager from another department tells you that your management style lacks originality. What should you do?

A.   Ask why he/she feels that way and encourage new ideas on alternative management styles.

B.   Politely let them know that their opinion does not and never will matter.

C.   Tell him/her that you are more original than they are.

D.   Ask them why they are being so rude and storm off yelling obscene words.

30: When recruiting for a new position, which statement is true?

A.   HR will know who you need

B.   It is best to determine the type of skills needed before recruiting

C.   Technical positions should be interviewed by HR only

D.   The best candidates will apply first

31: True or False? Sexual Harassment is generally tolerated when it is viewed as a joke.

A.   False

B.   True

32: An Employee can best be viewed as:

A.   An asset

B.   A liability

C.   An expense

D.   Means of production

33: Before terminating an employee it is best to:

A.   Address concerns with others

B.   Document all events leading up to termination

C.   Request a signed statement from employee

D.   Prepare co-workers before addressing employee

34: A salary means...?

A.   amount entitled to an employee in a given period (semi-monthly, monthly, annual)

B.   A vegetable

C.   rate per hour

D.   paycheck

E.   Bonus, allowance, premiums

35: What would be the best solution when terminating an employee?

A.   Discuss with HR prior to termination

B.   Have a company Lawyer present

C.   Pack up their belongings prior to breaking the news

D.   Allow employee to convince you why they should stay

36: Which is NOT the best solution when dealing with a performance concern?

A.   Contact HR for guidance

B.   Discuss performance concerns with the employee

C.   Terminate the employee as soon as possible

D.   Document concerns

37: Name a feature of an organization's CULTURE:

A.   Individual-driven or Team-driven

B.   All of these

C.   Formal or Informal

D.   Homogeneous or Heterogeneous

38: Customer service rule #1, the consumer is always...

A.   Lost

B.   Questionable

C.   Weird

D.   Right

E.   Wrong

39: It requires a degree to properly manage people.

A.   False

B.   True

40: What does not motivate employees?

A.   Bonus

B.   Premiums

C.   Salary deduction

D.   schedules

E.   Allowance

41: Productivity is measured by which factors?

A.   Inputs only

B.   Profits

C.   Inputs and Outputs

D.   Sales

42: When managing others it is best to:

A.   Be liked

B.   Be every one's friend

C.   Be feared

D.   Establish a sense of authority

43: Which of the following value dimension has a focus that looks at the value of the self versus the group?

A.   Masculinity-Femininity

B.   Uncertainty avoidance

C.   Individualism-Collectivism

D.   Power distance

44: BENCHMARKING, as a business management technique, is

A.   the process of comparing the company's employees skill levels to one another.

B.   the process of comparing one's business processes and performance metrics to industry bests or other industries' best practices.

C.   the process of marking the benches donated to public parks with company's logo, as a part of the company's social responsibility practices.

45: If you do the morally right thing and report on your boss if you know he is involved in illegal practices, you RISK being known as a _____________ in the industry.

A.   loyal employee

B.   moral person

C.   business-mender

D.   whistle-blower

46: According to Family and Medical Leave Act men are entitled to parental leave just as women are entitled to pregnancy leave.

A.   False

B.   True

47: Refusal to hire a person with a disability is AGAINST THE LAW if

A.   the building is wheelchair-accessible

B.   the disabled person belongs to a union

C.   the disability doesn't interfere with the person's ability to adequately perform the job duties

D.   the company employs 50 + people

48: One of the cheapest ways to motivate team members may be:

A.   A Small amount bonus

B.   A Small amount gift card

C.   Praise

D.   To punish undesired behavior

49: All of these are great inspirational leadership tools EXCEPT:

A.   coercion

B.   role-modeling

C.   conversation

D.   persuasion

E.   vision

50: Hiring a good fit for your company is not important. You can always mold them into being the employee you want them to be.

A.   True

B.   False