Human Resource Management MCQs

Human Resource Management MCQs

These Human Resource Management multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Human Resource Management. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Human Resource Management MCQs.
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1: True or false? Harassment can occur in all work environments between opposite and same sex employees.

A.   True

B.   False

2: One important role of the HR Manager is to:

A.   Make everyone happy

B.   Please only highly compensated employees

C.   Assess risks as it relates to employees

D.   Encourage department managers to create and enforce their own rules

3: Which is a soft skills topic for Leadership Training?

A.   Payroll

B.   Sales

C.   Time Management

D.   System processes

4: The best way to prevent unionization is to:

A.   Terminate all employees who express interest in organizing

B.   Prevent unhappy employees by treating them well

C.   Campaign against unions

D.   Create a non union policy

5: Which is not considered a payroll tax?

A.   City Income Tax

B.   Garnishments

C.   Federal Income Tax

D.   Social Security Tax

6: With frequent regulation changes, it is best to:

A.   Keep policies very general

B.   Evaluate policies regularly

C.   Frequently call local Employment Agency

D.   Contact a Lawyer monthly

7: When evaluating compensation, it is best to look at

A.   Employees' education only 

B.   External and Internal Equity

C.   Internal Equity only

D.   Employees' experience only

8: When creating a new position which is best?

A.   Conducting an assessment of the department's needs

B.   Ask existing employees their opinions

C.   Mirror a competitor's department

D.   Looking at the market first

9: True or False: Organizational Development (OD) is a process used to enhance the effectiveness of an organization and the well-being of its members through planned interventions.

A.   True

B.   False

10: True or false? A Matrix Organization is characterized as one that is diverse and interconnected.

A.   False

B.   True

11: To help reduce the risk of discrimination, it is best practice to:

A.   Be overly cautious around a member of a protected class

B.   Try to make everyone happy

C.   Allow management to do what it takes to keep the disgruntled quiet

D.   Have fair and enforceable policies and procedures

12: A good safety program should include:

A.   All of these.

B.   Evaluation

C.   Recognition and incentives

D.   Training and communication

E.   Prevention and program design

13: Standard Operating Procedures are useful for

A.   Both new and existing employees

B.   Existing employees only

C.   New employees only

D.   HR only

14: True or false? Role playing is a training technique used to develop skills.

A.   False

B.   True

15: True or false? A good HR Manager may not always know the right answer, but will know how to find it.

A.   True

B.   False

16: True or false? A flat organization is an organization with many levels.

A.   True

B.   False

17: What is the best way to increase Performance Appraisal process satisfaction? 

A.   Allow the employee and supervisor to set goals

B.   Provide a "good" appraisal to sensitive employees

C.   Do not share full appraisal with employee

D.   Do not compare scores with others

18: When recruiting for an openned position, which is best practice?

A.   Contact all who applied

B.   Contact most qualified candidates to schedule 1st interviews

C.   Contact unemployed candidates first

D.   Contact provided references first

19: Which is a good observation when developing an Employee Recognition Program?

A.   Everyone is motivated by money

B.   Everyone is motivated by praise

C.   Employees may have different motivators

D.   It is impossible to motivate staff

20: True or false? Non-Exempt employees must be paid for hours worked overtime.

A.   True

B.   False

21: True or false? The length of time employee records must be kept varies, according to federal and state laws.

A.   False

B.   True

22: What is a good way to increase organizational performance?

A.   Acting on employee surveys

B.   Reducing standards

C.   Hiring tough Managers

D.   Enforcing strict disciplinary actions

23: An interviewer believes that older workers are more difficult to train and make more mistakes than younger workers. This form of performance appraisal error is

A.   Conflict.

B.   Bias.

C.   Contamination.

D.   Deficiency.

24: An HR audit is designed to help management

A.   Improve employee morale.

B.   Analyze HR policies, programs, and procedures against applicable legal requirements.

C.   Improve HR effectiveness.

D.   All of these.

25: An Employee Handbook:

A.   Remains in HR department

B.   Remains in managers' offices

C.   Does not need to be signed

D.   Should be signed by all employees

26: What action can help reduce company risk when dealing with unemployment claims?

A.   Allow every claim to be paid

B.   Consult a Lawyer every time

C.   Fight every claim

D.   Document the events leading to termination

27: Which is considered a bad question during the interview process?

A.   Do you have a degree?

B.   What are your weaknesses?

C.   Can we contact your current employer?

D.   How old are you?

28: Who may not be eligible for benefits?

A.   Families of employees

B.   Owners

C.   Contractors

D.   Lower level employees

29: When an employee comes to HR to discuss a concern with a Supervisor which is best practice?

A.   Bring in the Supervisor right away

B.   Always suggest the employee directly speak with the Supervisor

C.   Pass concerns to other employees

D.   Assure conversation will be kept confidential

30: True or false? A Company is responsible for payroll taxes for Contractors.

A.   False

B.   True

31: In the United States with regards to HIPPA and ADA, it is best practice to

A.   Keep employee and medical records together

B.   Keep medical records off property

C.   Keep employee medical records separate from personnel records

D.   Do not keep medical records on file

32: Investigation interviews should result in:

A.   Involvement of authorities

B.   Immediate disciplinary action

C.   Written statements that are signed by those interviewed

D.   An employee termination

33: Which is not a purpose of a written job description?

A.   Document duties and responsiblities

B.   List several department roles

C.   List Qualifications

D.   List skills required

34: A window manufacturer guarantees its installers a base wage plus an extra $25 for each job completed to specifications. The employer is using a:

A.   Merit pay system

B.   Productivity-based system

C.   Competency-based system

D.   Flat-rate system

35: Skills inventory is used to

A.   Determine experience and skills of competitor's workforce

B.   Determine experience and skills across industries

C.   Determine skills in the marketplace

D.   Determine experience and abilities of workforce

36: Which of the following is one of the elements of a SMART goal?

A.   Threat.

B.   Action-oriented.

C.   Technology.

D.   Strength.

37: When determining Employee vs. Contractor you must look at:

A.   Pay schedule

B.   Hours worked

C.   The department worked

D.    Degree of control over work

38: When working with Unions, how long should HR prepare for contract negotiations prior to end of a collective bargaining agreement?

A.    1 week prior

B.   Up to several months in advance

C.   No need to prepare

D.   1 year

39: Which may not be in a company's Annual Performance Appraisal processes?

A.   Deadlines are set

B.   HR reviews forms

C.   Managers meet with Employees

D.   Managers can change review after meeting with employee

40: FMLA does not grant leaves for:

A.   Fathers

B.   Adopted parents

C.   Siblings

D.   Legal guardians

41: What is the difference between training activities and developmental activities?

A.   Training activities prepare employees for their present jobs; developmental activities prepare employees for future jobs.

B.   There is no difference; the two terms are interchangeable.

C.   Training activities focus on the acquisition of new skills; developmental activities correct skill deficiencies.

D.   Training activities are broader in focus; developmental activities have a narrow focus.

42: True or false? Health benefit deductions are an after tax deduction.

A.   True

B.   False

43: How long should files of terminated employees be held?

A.   10 years

B.   1 year

C.   At least 3 years

D.   6 months

44: Internal recruiting method that allows current employees the chance to respond to announcements of positions;

A.   Open question

B.   Job bidding

C.   Job competencies

D.   Job posting

45: Which fits a remote Independent Contractor Best?

A.   Offered benefits

B.   Must use own equipment

C.   Must manage people

D.   Paid hourly

46: Which of the following is true under the Equal Pay Act?

A.   Employees doing equal work should receive the same pay.

B.   Jobs filled primarily by women should have the same salary as similar jobs filled by men.

C.   Seniority systems cannot result in pay disparity.

D.   Companies should provide all employees with the same working conditions.

47: Which is critical when judging the objectivity of Performance Appraisals?

A.   Awareness of rating biases

B.   Years of of employee experience

C.   Experience of Supervisor

D.   Promotion potential

A.   Employee

B.   HR Manager

C.   Immediate supervisor

D.   CEO

49: Form W2 and 1099 Forms must be mailed on or before which date?

A.   January 31st

B.   February 10th

C.   December 31st

D.   April 15th

50: A general Company Orientation may not include

A.   Department Processes

B.   Company Culture

C.   Harassment Topics

D.   Company Structure