Physics MCQs

Physics MCQs

Answer these 100+ Physics MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of Physics.
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1: Three identical balls wit h charges 12 x10‘12 C, 8 x1012 C, and -5 x10'12 C, respectively are brought in contact with each other and then separated. What is the correct number of electrons in excess or def‌icit on each ball after the contact?

A.   3.125 x107

B.   5.187 x107

C.   4.277 x 107

D.   6.911x107

2: A snowball with a weight of 1.50 kg is shot upward at a 30° angle to the horizontal. If the initial speed is 30 m/s. then what is the change in the gravitational potential energy of the snowball—Earth system. as the snowball moves from the launch point to the point of maximum height? What will be that maximum height?

A.   169 J and 11.5 m, respectively

B.   178 J and 18.4 m, respectively

C.   112 J and 21.2 rn, respectively

D.   157 J and 14.8 m, respectively

3: If the mass of a vehicle is 1800 kg, then what is the work required to be done for increasing the velocity of the vehicle from 60 km/h to 120 km/h?

A.   832600 J

B.   749700 J

C.   128840 J

D.   116260 J

4: Which of the following options is the correct number of the electric lines of force that originates from a 1 C charge?

A.   3.65 x109

B.   1.129 x 1011

C.   4.86 x1015

D.   8.18 x107

5: Which of the following laws states that the algebraic sum of the products of resistance and current in each part of any closed circuit is equal to the algebraic sum of the emf's in that closed circuit?

A.   Faraday‘s f‌irst law

B.   Kirchoff's first law

C.   Kirchoff's second law

D.   Faraday's second law

6: Which of the following statements correctly states the Law of Conservation of Mechanical Energy?

A.   It states that when no non-conservative forces are acting, the sum of the kinetic and potential energies of an object are constant as the object moves around.

B.   It states that the difference between the potential and kinetic energies of an object is zero, if no non-conservative forces are acting as the object moves around.

C.   It states that an object is in force equilibrium if its potential energy function is minimum.

D.   It states that the value of potential energy is twice the value of kinetic energies of an object, if no non-conservative forces are acting as the object moves around.

7: What is the approximate energy associated with big bang?

A.   10123 J

B.   1055 J

C.   1068 J

D.   1082 J

8: Consider that a sample of 238U92 is undergoing o—decay. Its half-life is 4.5 x109 years. Find the activity 0f 1 g sample of 238U92.

A.   1.23 x104 Bq

B.   1.83 x103 Bq

C.   2.83 x103 Bq

D.   1.62 x104 Bq

9: Which of the following options is the correct frequency band for FM broadcast in India?

A.   140-160 MHz

B.   76-88 MHz

C.   174-216 MHz

D.   88-108 MHz

10: Two parallel wires are placed at a distance of 10 cm apart. The length of each of these wires is 5 m and they carry equal currents along the same direction. Find the current through the conductors, if they experience a mutually attractive force of 4.9 x104 N.

A.   5.2 A

B.   8.5 A

C.   7 A

D.   6 A

11: An object is at a certain height above the ground. If the object's mass is 15 kg and its potential energy is 540 J. then at what height the object is with respect to the ground. (Consider the value of g =10 m/sz.)

A.   4 m

B.   4.8 m

C.   3 m

D.   3.6 m

12: A raindrop falls from a height of1 km. If the mass of this drop is 1.00 g and it hits the ground with a speed of 60 m/s. then what is the work done by the unknown resistive forces?

A.   7.4 J

B.   -5.7 J

C.   11.2 J

D.   -8.2 J

13: Consider that three charges -4 x10‘9C. +6 x10‘9C, and -8 x10‘9C are placed at the vertices of an equilateral triangle XYZ. The sides of the triangle are 40 cm each. If X1, Y1, 21 are the mid points of the sides of the triangle. then what is the work done in shifting the charges X. Y and Z to X1. Y1. 21. respectively?

A.   -8 x10"7 J

B.   -9 x10'7 J

C.   -2.3 x10”7 J

D.   -13 x10‘7 J


In the given image. what is the correct value of VCEq for the given network?

A.   4.12 v

B.   4.44 v

C.   3.98 v

D.   3.28 v

15: The height of a transmitting antenna located at the top ofa tower is 80m and that of a receiving antenna is 320m. If the radius of the earth is 6.4 x10'5 m. then what should be the maximum distance between them for the satisfactory communication in LOS mode?

A.   90 km

B.   88 km

C.   96 km

D.   98 km

16: What is the correct value of the temperature coeff‌icient, if the resistance of a field coil is 60 Q at 30°C and 80 Q at 90°C?

A.   0.0842 /°C

B.   1.45 /°C

C.   0.54 /°C

D.   0.0067 /°c

17: In accordance with the classical electromagnetic theory, what is the approximate initial frequency of the light emitted by the electron revolving around a proton in hydrogen atom?

A.   8.2 x 1015 Hz

B.   5.8 x 1013 Hz.

C.   7.4 x 1018 Hz.

D.   6.6 x1015 Hz.

18: Which of the following options is the approximate range of resistivity of the semiconductors?

A.   10-12 - 108 o m

B.   10-3 — 109 o m

C.   10-5 —10'6 o m

D.   10-9 —1o8o m

19: Which of the following options is a device that is used for converting one form of energy into another?

A.   Transducer

B.   Transmitter

C.   Repeater

D.   Amplif‌ier


Which of the following types of wave has the given characteristics?

i) The wave travels in a straight line from transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna.

ii) It is used for line-of-sight communication.

A.   Ground wave

B.   Sky wave

C.   Space wave

D.   None of the above.

21: What is the bandwidth of video signal required for the transmission of pictures?

A.   6.8 MHz

B.   4.2 MHz

C.   2.5 MHz

D.   8.3 MHz

22: What is the correct value of the wavelength of the fourth spectral line (£51) in the Lyman series of the hydrogen spectrum?

A.   974.3 A

B.   936.2 A

C.   951.4 A

D.   985.5 A

23: If 0.8m is the distance between the two insulated charged spheres of charges 8.5 x10‘7 C each, then what is the force when the charges are doubled and the distance of separation among them is halved?

A.   0.21 N

B.   0.16 N

C.   0.05 N

D.   0.34 N

24: In a Young's experiment, 3 mm is the width of the fringes obtained with light having a wavelength of 9000 A. If the entire apparatus is immersed in a liquid of refractive index 1.33, then what is the fringe width?

A.   1.24 mm

B.   2.92 mm

C.   2.26 mm

D.   1.83 mm

25: The radius of the nucleus is smaller than the radius of an atom by which of the following factors?

A.   102

B.   106

C.   104

D.   108

26: Calculate the mass defect of Oxygen (atomic mass = 16, atomic number = 8) in MeV/cz.

A.   112.8 MeV/c2

B.   135.2 MeV/c2

C.   132.8 MeV/c2

D.   127.5 MeV/c2

27: In relation to spectral series, which of the following options correctly states the Brackett series? (Consider that A is the wavelength, R is Rydberg constant, and n may have integral values.)

A.   1/A = 1/R [1/22 —1/n2]

B.   1/A = R [1/42 —1/n2]

C.   1M = R [1/12 —1/n2]

D.   1M =1/R [1/32 — 1/n2]

28: If the least distance of distinct vision for a person is 50 cm, then what should be the focal length of the reading spectacles for that person?

A.   + 40 cm (convex lens)

B.   + 50 cm (convex lens)

C.   + 60 cm (concave lens)

D.   + 50 cm (concave lens)

29: Which of the following types of forces is experienced by a dipole that is placed in a uniform electric f‌ield with its axis parallel to the f‌ield?

A.   Only a torque

B.   Only a net force

C.   Both a torque and a net force.

D.   Neither a torque nor a net force.

30: What is the linear charge density, if an inf‌inite line charge produces a f‌ield of 8 x104 N C'1 at a distance of 1.8 cm?

A.   2 x10'8 c m"

B.   0.5 x 10-8 c m"

C.   1.5 x10'7 C m-1

D.   0.8 x10'7 C m'1

31: Which of the following options correctly def‌ines the range (dT), if an antenna radiates electromagnetic waves from a height h? (Consider that R is the radius of the earth.)

A.   Rht/2

B.   (2Rht)

C.   (2R/ht)

D.   2R/ht

32: If q is the charge given to a conductor and V is the potential developed in the conductor, then which of the following options correctly defines the capacitance?

A.   qV

B.   q/v

C.   2qV

D.   q/2V

E.   2q/v

33: Which of the following options is the correct definition of Ampere's Circuital Law?

A.   B = pol/2m

B.   B = 2nLto/al

C.   B = 4uoa/nl

D.   B = Attila/uo

34: Consider that a cyclist comes to a skidding stop in 20 m. How much work is done by the road on the cycle, if the force on the cycle due to the road is 300 N and is directly opposed to the motion?

A.   -1000 J

B.   -5600 J

C.   -8000 J


E.   0 J


What is the approximate value of ID for the diode in the given image?

Note: It is given that VD=0.7 V.

A.   2.17 mA


2.64 mA


3.32 mA


3.71 mA

36: Leo lifted a container of 25 kg from the ground and puts it on his head 1.6 meter above the ground. What is the work done on the container by Leo?

A.   520 J

B.   400 J

C.   460 J

D.   500 J

37: For a double convex lens, the radii of curvature of the faces are 20 cm and 30 cm. What is the refractive index of the glass, if its focal length is 24 cm?

A.   0.8

B.   1.2

C.   1.5

D.   1.8

38: For separating a hydrogen atom into a proton and an electron, 13.6 eV energy is required. What is the velocity of the electron in a hydrogen atom?

A.   2.8 x108 m/s

B.   3.1x108 m/s

C.   2.2 x 10‘5 m/s

D.   3.2 x 106 m/s

39: When 15 O resistance is connected across the galvanometer, its deflection falls from 60 divisions to 20 divisions. What is the correct value of the galvanometer resistance?

A.   28 o

B.   30 o

C.   32 o

D.   34 o

40: While undergoing beta decay, the half-life of tritium is 12.5 years. After 25 years, what fraction of a sample of pure tritium will be decayed?

A.   ½

B.   3/2

C.   1/4

D.   ¾

41: A satellite with 10 kg weight is circling around the earth once every 2 hours. The radius of the orbit is 9000 km. What is the quantum number of the orbit of the satellite. assuming that Bohr's angular momentum postulate applies to the satellites?

A.   6.7 x 10“5

B.   12.5 x 1054

C.   4.8 x1040

D.   9.7 x 10"2

42: How much time is required by the sun for taking a shift by 1° when viewed from the earth, if it is given that the earth takes 24 hours to rotate once about its axis?

A.   5 minutes

B.   4 minutes

C.   7 minutes

D.   8 minutes

E.   10 minutes

43: In Newton's rings experiment, if the diameter of a certain order of a dark ring is four times that of the second ring, then what is the order of the ring?

A.   16

B.   20

C.   24

D.   32

44: Which of the following options could be the lowest temperature of mesosphere?

A.   -120° C

B.   -170° C

C.   -90° C

D.   -80° C

45: Which of the following options is the correct critical angle of a diamond?

A.   2046*

B.   3183"

C.   24.41°

D.   36.55°

46: Light falls on a spherical glass surface from a point source in air. It is given that n=1.5 for the spherical glass surface and the radius of curvature is 40 cm. At which of the following positions the image is formed. if the distance of the light source from the glass surface is 100 cm?

A.   160 cm

B.   300 cm

C.   480 cm

D.   600cm

47: For a ray incident from a denser to rarer medium, what is the critical angle of incidence it?

A.   It is the angle for which refraction angle is 90°.

B.   It is the angle for which refraction angle is 120°

C.   It is the angle for which refraction angle is 60°.

D.   It is the angle for which refraction angle is 180°.

48: The northern lights and the aurora occurs in which of the following layers of atmosphere?

A.   Mesosphere

B.   Exosphere

C.   Thermosphere

D.   Stratosphere


In the given image. what position of the image is formed by the lens combination?


The final image is formed 30 cm to the left of the third lens.


The final image is formed 50 cm to the right of the second lens. 


The f‌inal image is formed 60 cm to the right of the third lens.


The final image is formed 40 cm to the left of the second lens.

50: If:{ is the wavelength of the signal, then what should be the minimum size of the antenna so that it properly senses the time variation of the signal?

A.   A/4

B.   A/6

C.   A/8

D.   A/10