General Physics MCQs

General Physics MCQs

These General Physics multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of General Physics. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these General Physics MCQs.
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1: ""conservation of energy"" refers to the fact that _____.

A.   If you conserve energy you will not be as tired

B.   The net amount of disorder is always increasing

C.   No chemical reaction is 100 percent efficient

D.   Energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be converted from one form to another

E.   The entropy of the universe is always increasing

2: A 7-n vector at an angle of 45° to the horizontal has a vertical component that is about _______.

A.   5 N

B.   4 N

C.   2 N

D.   3 N

3: A ball thrown by a(n) __________ travels an average speed of 29 feet per second.

A.   Rough-and-tumble

B.   6-year-old girl

C.   Overweight

D.   Bedwetting during the night

4: A book rests on a table. the forces acting on the book that keep it motionless are _______.

A.   Gravity

B.   Support force

C.   Both

D.   Normal force

5: A car impacting another car head-on will have ____________ the force of impact.

A.   Same

B.   Twice

C.   Lessened

D.   Three times

6: A column of mercury 76 cm tall has a weight that is equal to ___________.

A.   That of a column of water 10.3 meters tall

B.   Normal atmospheric pressure

C.   The weight of Earth's atmosphere

D.   13.6 times the density of water

7: A helium-filled balloon will reach its maximum altitude when __________.

A.   Its weight equals the weight of displaced air

B.   The pressure decreases when the speed increases.

C.   Air pressure is reduced over the curved top surface.

D.   The balloon and surrounding air have equal densities.

8: A metal rod moving perpendicular to a magnetic field acts like a ________.

A.   Battery

B.   Violet

C.   Energy

D.   Charge

9: A refrigerator is an example of a __________.

A.   Heat pump

B.   Smaller

C.   The pascal

D.   ΔEth = 500J

10: A(n) ____’s main function is to help you understand the complexities of the real-world environment.

A.   Name node

B.   Hierarchical

C.   Model

D.   Client node

11: Air resistance on a parachutist at terminal speed _______.

A.   Is greater for a heavier person

B.   S less for a heavier person

C.   Is greater for a lighterperson

D.   None of these

12: Areas always have dimensions ____ while volumes always have dimensions ____.

A.   L2 , L3

B.   M2, m3

C.   Both

D.   None of these

13: As the temperature of a radiating surface is increased ________.

A.   Gravity will increase

B.   The total amount of energy emitted increases and a larger portion of the energy is radiated at sorter wavelengths

C.   The solar wind increase

D.   Continuous spectrum increase

14: As water warms, it ________.

A.   Occur mostly in temperate areas

B.   Nutrient pollution leading to marine algae blooms

C.   Decreases in density

D.   Are no‐take areas in the oceans

15: Complete the relationship. 1 km = __________ mm.

A.   1 ×10^6

B.   1 × 10^-6

C.   1 × 10^9

D.   1 × 10^-9.

16: Dark matter may explain _____

A.   Unexpected orbital velocities of stars in galaxies

B.   The source of energy that fuels stars

C.   The expansion of the universe

D.   The origin of life

E.   What came before the big bang

17: Equations in conceptual physics are used mainly _______.

A.   Scientist finds evidence

B.   Guides to thinking

C.   Pinhole images of the Sun

D.   Hypothesis

18: Force vector components for a sled pulled at an upward angle _______.

A.   Pushes harder on the floor while holding the rope

B.   The expelled gas pushing on the rocket

C.   Are normally at right angles to each other

19: Friction between sliding surfaces is caused by _____. inertia microwelds the normal force gravity

A.   Inertia

B.   Microwelds

C.   The normal force

D.   Gravity

20: If quantity x is conserved for a certain system and during a certain process, that means__________.

A.   Quantity X for that system does not change in any way during that process.

B.   Might have the same angular momentum but might not

C.   When the total work done on the object is positive, the object's speed with increase.

D.   An angular momentum of an object which is conserved.

21: If two runners take the same amount of time to run a mile, they have the same __________.

A.   Acceleration

B.   Force

C.   Mass

D.   Velocity

22: If a book is lying on table than an upward force of magnitude _____ is exerted on the _____ by the table.

A.   5N / book

B.   10N / table

C.   5N / table

D.   10N / book

23: In the situation described, the kinetic energy of the sled __________.

A.   Remains

B.   Constant

C.   Decreases

D.   Increases

24: Making popsicles _____________the entropy of the system.

A.   Increases

B.   Decreases

C.   Does not effect

25: Of the following, ________ is the largest mass.

A.   2.5 × 106-2 mg

B.   2.5 × 10^15 pg

C.   25 kg

D.   2.5 × 10^10 ng

E.   2.5 × 10^ fg

26: Select all that apply. sound is a ____ wave.

A.   Longitudinal

B.   Transverse

C.   Pressure

D.   Circular

27: Specific agricultural uses of water are all of the following except _____.

A.   Evaporation

B.   Growing crops

C.   Raising

D.   Livestock cleaning up

E.   Livestock waste

28: The power dissipated in a resistor can be written as __________.

A.   (ΔVR)2/R


C.   I2R

D.   All of the listed answers are correct.

E.   None of the listed answers are correct

29: The prefix in the term malignant is ___________.

A.   Mal

B.   Ml

C.   Ma

D.   Mm

30: The source of the centripetal force that arises when a runner rounds a curve on a track is _____.

A.   Inertia

B.   Friction

C.   Velocity

D.   None of these

31: A battery is connected to a resistor. increasing the resistance of the resistor will __________.

A.   Increase the current in the circuit

B.   Decrease the current in the circuit

C.   Does not affect the circuit

32: Electric charge can be transferred from one conducting body to another _________.

A.   By both contact and closeness

B.   Loosely bound.

C.   A specific large number of electrons.

D.   Magnitude and separation distance

33: In a practical machine, the power output is _______ the power input

A.   Equal to

B.   Larger than

C.   Smaller than

D.   Multiplied by

34: One advantage of the __________ model is quick recognition.

A.   Prototype

B.   Exemplar

C.   Language

D.   Concept

35: Pascal's principle says that changes in pressure at any point in an enclosed fluid _____.

A.   Remain only at the point

B.   Quickly diminish from point to point in the fluid

C.   Are transmitted to all points in the fluid

D.   Are transmitted only to points below it

E.   Are transmitted only to points close to it

36: Yellow light + blue light = _______ light

A.   Magenta

B.   Agree

C.   White

D.   Blue

37: To complete its outermost shell, oxygen will likely __________.

A.   Give up electrons

B.   Move electrons from the inner shells to the outer shell

C.   Accept electrons

D.   Accept some electrons and give up other electrons

38: In csma/ca, the amount of time a device is made to wait before it can transmit is called the ____.

A.   Interframe space (ifs)

B.   Free space (fs)

C.   Frame time (ft)

D.   Intraframe time (ift

39: The most common example of a(n) ____ switched network is the conventional telephone system.

A.   Circuit

B.   Packet

C.   Broadcast

D.   Isynchronous

40: A mole of red photons of wavelength 725 nm has ________ kj of energy.

A.   6.05 x 10−3

B.   2.74 x 10−19

C.   4.56 x 10−19

D.   227

E.   165

41: A(n) ________ chip converts sound waves from a voice into a digital signal.

A.   Analog-to-digital converter

B.   Telephony

C.   Digital signal processor

D.   Digital convergence

42: All waves consist of some sort of ______ that transmits energy.

A.   Medium

B.   Force

C.   Disturbance

D.   Particles

43: An upward force of magnitude _____ is exerted on the _____ by the table.

A.   5N/ book

B.   6N/ book

C.   7N/ book

D.   4N/ book

44: Normal faults occur from _____ stress and reverse faults occur from _____ stress.

A.   Compressive ,tensional

B.   Tensional ,compressive

C.   Tensional ,shear

D.   None of these

45: Of the following choices, the best conductor is _____.

A.   Static

B.   Copper

C.   Wood

D.   Plastic

46: The force acting on the particle at point a is __________

A.   Directed to the right

B.   Directed to the left

C.   Equal to zero

D.   None of these

47: The force exerted on the rope by the ceiling is in the _____ direction.

A.   Upward

B.   Downward

C.   None of these

D.   All of these

48: The rate constant of a first-order process that has a half-life of 3.50 min is ________ s-1.

A.   0.693

B.   1.65×10−2

C.   1.98

D.   0.198

E.   3.30×10−3

49: Including a full-wave rectifier in an ac circuit will yield a(n) _______ current

A.   Continuous alternating

B.   Continuous direct

C.   Intermittent alternating

D.   Intermittent direct

50: Increase in stimulus intensity _______.

A.   Increases the size of the action potential

B.   Has no effect on action potentials

C.   Increases the frequency of action potentials

D.   Increases the duration of the action potentia