WordPress MCQs

WordPress MCQs

The following WordPress MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of WordPress. We encourage you to answer these multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: What is a "pluggable function"?

A.   A function placed in wp-includes/pluggable.php that let you override certain core functions via plugins

B.   A function placed in wp-includes/pluggable.php that can be overridden if you create the pluggable.php file

C.   A function that can only be used by plugins

D.   A function placed in wp-includes/pluggable.php that can be removed only with a plugin.

2: WordPress gives you the ability to theme the way attachments are displayed by adding MIME_type.php files to your theme.

A.   False, this is still being developed

B.   False, this was never a feature

C.   False, this was deprecated >=3.0

D.   True

3: Which line of code would you add to your wp-config.php file to enable the WP_DEBUG feature?

A.   define('WP_DEBUG',true);

B.   define('WP_DEBUG', false);

C.   define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);

D.   define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false);

4: If you forget your admin password, you should try this first:

A.   Check the support blog

B.   Click lost password

C.   Call 1-800-WordPress

D.   Contact WordPress support

5: Do new versions of WP provide support for automatic upgrades of itself?

A.   No

B.   Yes

6: True or False: The $wpdb object can be used to read data from any table in the WordPress database (such as custom plugin tables), not just the standard tables that WordPress creates.

A.   true

B.   false

7: True or False: You can replace JavaScript libraries included with Wordpress.

A.   True

B.   False

8: What is the name of comment spam prevention plugin that comes default with WordPress?

A.   Akismet

B.   Intense Debate

C.   Jetpack

D.   Curecomment

E.   Disqus

9: WordPress is an example of what type of software?

A.   Linux

B.   Proprietary

C.   Open Source

D.   Windows

10: You can easily add functionality to your WordPress blog by adding a:

A.   Apps

B.   Plug-in

C.   Tool

D.   Adapter

11: Of the following, which is a page in the administrative area of WordPress?

A.   Dashboard

B.   None of these

C.   Codex Control

D.   Dashter

12: How do you deactivate a plugin?

A.   On the Plugins menu, select the plugin and click Deactivate

B.   Delete the source code for the plugin from your server

C.   Your site moderator must deactivate it for you

D.   Plugins cannot be deactivated

13: True or False? Wordpress.org's software is free.

A.   True

B.   False

14: WordPress is open source software.

A.   True

B.   False

15: Is it possible to hide wordpress header info?

A.   Yes

B.   No.

16: How many authors can you have on your WordPress blog?

A.   1

B.   10

C.   Unlimited

D.   2

E.   100

17: WordPress is written in what programming language?

A.   Python

B.   Java

C.   PHP

D.   Perl

E.   Ruby on Rails

18: How much does it costs to host your plugin in WordPress plugin directory?

A.   Free

B.   $2.99/year

C.   $10.99/year

D.   $4.99/year

E.   $1,000 Plugin Submission and Approval Fee

19: What is the maximum number of blogs that can be created in a WordPress network?

A.   3000

B.   Unlimited

C.   25

D.   100

E.   10

20: I am backing up my WordPress website. At a minimum, I need to make copies of:

A.   The database and wp-content folder.

B.   The wp-content folder.

21: What is the default WordPress admin url?

A.   /wp-manage

B.   /wp-admin

C.   /admin

D.   /manage

22: Can you add custom meta boxes to the post editor page?

A.   Yes

B.   No

23: What considerations should you make when using WordPress for a high-traffic site?

A.   Determine what size of files you will be hosting and plan accordingly

B.   All of these

C.   Make sure your host or hardware/network can handle the traffic

24: When you use custom CSS to lay out your site, you can:

A.   Text-wrap around an image

B.   Use image styles

C.   All of these

D.   Add borders and captions

25: WordPress requires which of the following?

A.   A server with a lot of help from your neighbors

B.   A server with Perl and MySQL

C.   A server with PHP and MySQL

D.   A server with PHP and PostgreSQL

E.   A server with Ruby on Rails

26: How can you get involved with WordPress?

A.   Attend Word Camp

B.   All of these

C.   Submit a bug report

D.   Help in the Forums

E.   Edit the Codex (documentation)

27: You can post to WordPress from iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, and WebOS phones.

A.   True

B.   False

28: Which relational database does WordPress use?

A.   PostgresSQL

B.   Oracle

C.   MySQL

D.   MS SQLServer

29: How do you install a WordPress theme on your site?

A.   Upload the theme in /wp-content/themes/

B.   Copy and paste the source code into a blog entry

C.   Themes are not applicable to WordPress

D.   Upload the source code to your server

30: How much time do you have to edit a post after publishing?

A.   Posts can be edited at any time.

B.   24 hours

C.   1 hour

D.   5 minutes

E.   15 minutes

31: WordPress is a:

A.   Coded Content Silo

B.   Content Management System

C.   Content Production Developer

D.   Customer Relationship Manager

32: You can build your WordPress site in your own language?

A.   False

B.   True

33: How do you speed up the load time of your Wordpress website?

A.   All of these

B.   Compress images before uploading.

C.   Minimize plugin installation.

D.   Minimize CSS.

E.   Use a Content Delivery Network.

34: Where can you change your blog title?

A.   From the widget

B.   Upgrade the wordpress.org

C.   Under the "Settings > General" screen within the WordPress admin

D.   You need to change core code

E.   You cant change the blog title

35: Once you have entered your content onto your blog and completed final edits, what button do you activate to send it live?

A.   Enter

B.   Submit

C.   Go

D.   Publish

36: What is the key to solid WordPress SEO?

A.   Backlinks and permalinks

B.   Relevant content

C.   All of these

D.   Minimal duplicate content

37: How can you install a widget on your blog?

A.   The server programmer must add it for you

B.   Upload a file with the code for the widget onto your server

C.   Go to “widgets” in Appearance, browse available widgets and install them

D.   Copy and paste the code for a widget into your blog

38: What software stack does WordPress require to operate correctly?

A.   Ruby, MySQL, and Apache

B.   PHP, MySQL and Memcached

C.   Python, MySQL and nginx

D.   PHP, MySQL, and a web server

39: Can you unschedule an event from WP cron, if the event has been created by another plugin?

A.   No

B.   Yes

40: What is the name of the most famous WordPress plugin?

A.   Hello Manny

B.   Hello Dolly

C.   Hello Kelly

D.   Hello Sally

41: Items in WordPress sidebars are generally called:

A.   Widgets

B.   Blocks

C.   Content Zones

D.   Content Areas

42: In WordPress, what is the user role with the highest privilege level?

A.   Contributor

B.   Administrator

C.   Editor

D.   Author

A.   Excerpts

B.   Gremlins

C.   Widgets

D.   Plugins

E.   Chunks

44: This filter is used by WP to minimize spam content:

A.   Scramble

B.   Akismet

C.   Eskimo

D.   Askimo

45: In what folder are Plugins and Themes located?

A.   wp-content/

B.   wp-extensions/

C.   wp-common/

D.   wp-includes/

E.   wp-admin/

46: Before you upgrade WordPress, what is the most important task you must perform?

A.   ensure your WP account is paid

B.   backup your database

C.   install Askimet

D.   ensure the new version ends with ".2"

A.   Not Sure

B.   Yes

C.   No

48: True Or False ? is it possible to disable WordPress autosave function?

A.   False

B.   True

49: WordPress began as a publishing platform for:

A.   Web applications

B.   Newspaper sites

C.   Blogs

D.   Business homepages

50: How can you display an RSS feed in your blog?

A.   RSS feeds cannot be enabled

B.   RSS feeds do not work with WordPress

C.   Add the RSS widget to your sidebar

D.   Approve the feed link in Remote Content