Adobe Illustrator MCQs

Adobe Illustrator MCQs

Try to answer these 600+ Adobe Illustrator MCQs and check your understanding of the Adobe Illustrator subject. Scroll down and let's begin!

1: What color mode should you use for a print document?


B.   RGB


D.   Dot Coloring

E.   Advanced Coloring

2: Which key combination toggles between Outline and Preview mode?

A.   Opt/Alt + Y

B.   P

C.   O

D.   Cmd/Ctl + Y

E.   Cmd/Ctl + Opt/Alt + O

3: To open a saved document use:

A.   Alt/Option+Shift+Ctrl/Command+O

B.   Shift+O

C.   Alt/Option+O

D.   Ctrl/Command+S

E.   Ctrl/Command+O

4: How can you add functionality to Illustrator?

A.   Link Illustrator with your Facebook account

B.   Add effects

C.   Download Illustrator Extras

D.   Add plugins

5: How do you change the opacity of a color?

A.   Go to the Layers Panel and adjust the slider.

B.   Go to the eraser tool and erase the color out

C.   Go to the Transparency Panel and adjust the slider.

D.   Use the smooth tool to lessen the color

6: Which is not part of CMYK?

A.   Yellow

B.   Coral

C.   Black

D.   Magenta

7: What menu is the "Save for Web & Devices" option located in?

A.   Effect

B.   Select

C.   Object

D.   File

E.   View

8: Can you import an Illustrator document into InDesign?

A.   No

B.   Yes

9: What is the appropriate color mode for printing?

A.   sRGB

B.   Adobe RGB

C.   RGB


10: Can you import an Illustrator document into Photoshop?

A.   No

B.   Yes

11: Adobe Illustrator is best suited to...

A.   vector design

B.   bitmap design

12: What color mode is best suited for print?

A.   64-Bit


C.   RGB

D.   Grey-Scale

13: What is the Illustrator file extension?

A.   .isr

B.   .psd

C.   .ai

D.   .ils

E.   .pdf

14: Which of the following is an Illustrator transformation tool?

A.   Shear

B.   All of these

C.   Rotate

D.   Scale

15: What happens when you press Ctrl + N?

A.   Selects None

B.   New Document

C.   Opens an old Document

D.   Selects Hand tool

E.   Selects Pencil Tool

16: Which color palette should you work in when designing graphics for the web?

A.   Pantone


C.   HSB

D.   RGB

17: What is the key command to undo an action?

A.   command/ctrl + z

B.   command/ctrl + u

C.   the space bar

D.   command/ctrl + shift

E.   command/ctrl + t

18: What color mode is best suited to web usage?

A.   Mono Chrome


C.   RGB

D.   Grey-Scale

19: In the color panel, which of the following color palettes are available?

A.   RGB

B.   Grayscale

C.   All of these


20: What tool is used to pickup the color from an object?

A.   Copy & paste

B.   Text tool

C.   Eyedropper tool

D.   Hand tool

21: Illustrator is different from other imaging programs in that it is used for...

A.   vector graphics

B.   point based graphics

C.   raster graphics

D.   commercial graphics

22: The Shapebuilder tool allows you to

A.   Trim

B.   All of these

C.   Unite

D.   Exclude

23: What tool is used to draw a star?

A.   Text tool

B.   Circle tool

C.   Star tool

D.   Free Transform tool

24: Which tool would you use to create a circle?

A.   Ellipse tool

B.   Direct select tool

C.   Free transform tool

D.   Rectangle tool

25: What is the keyboard shortcut for undo last action?

A.   Cmd (Ctrl) + Z

B.   Shift + Z

C.   Z

D.   Option (Alt) + Z

26: What is the keyboard shortcut for a new document?

A.   Option (Alt) + N

B.   Shift +N

C.   N

D.   Cmd (Ctrl) + N

27: Lines which can be straight or curved and which connect two points are called:

A.   Paths

B.   Sections

C.   Sidewalks

D.   Walkways

28: Which tool allows you to create a graph?

A.   Text tool

B.   Table

C.   Graph Tool

D.   Mesh tool

29: To select all objects in your document?

A.   Ctrl (Cmd) + A

B.   Ctrl (Cmd) + Alt (Option)

C.   Shift + S

D.   Ctrl (Cmd) + O

30: The stroke of an object is the object's:

A.   Outline

B.   Tilt

C.   Perspective

D.   Size

31: What tool will draw a straight line?

A.   Rectangle tool

B.   Direct select tool

C.   Line segment tool

D.   Arrow tool

32: What are the two types of gradients available?

A.   Contour and Linear

B.   Radial and Linear

C.   Contour and Ellipse

D.   Contour and Cone

E.   Linear and Ellipse

33: What color mode should you use for graphics that will be used on the web?


B.   RGB

C.   Pantone

D.   Duotone

34: What is the keyboard shortcut to group objects?

A.   Alt + G

B.   Alt + P

C.   Ctrl (Cmd) + G

D.   Ctrl (Cmd) + P

E.   None of these

35: How do you open a previously created document?

A.   View > Open

B.   File > Browse

C.   Edit > Open

D.   File > New

E.   File > Open Recent Files

36: What menu is the Shear transform effect found in?

A.   Object>Transform

B.   Type>Size

C.   Select>Object

D.   Edit>Menu

37: Can you change the color-fill of an object in a multi-page Illustrator file?

A.   Yes. Select > Same > Fill color, then apply the new color from the Swatch Panel.

B.   No. It is best to select the color and change the color in the Color wheel.

C.   No. You have to select each object individually and change the fill color.

38: Which key is used for Hand Tool ?

A.   H or Space

B.   Tab

C.   Enter

D.   Tab+Q

E.   Shift

39: What happens to an object when you decrease its opacity?

A.   Becomes smaller

B.   Nothing happens

C.   Becomes larger

D.   Becomes transparent

E.   The object is sent behind other objects

40: Which of the following is a choice in blend mode?

A.   Exclusion

B.   All of these

C.   Hue

D.   Overlay

41: Which of the following are types of viewing modes?

A.   Preview Selection view

B.   Artwork view

C.   All of these

D.   Preview view

42: The Gradient tool can only be used linearly and not radially.

A.   False

B.   True

43: To modify the size of an object while keeping its proportions the same, hold down...

A.   shift

B.   control

C.   W

D.   S

44: How do you add a new artboard to your current document?

A.   shift + command + v

B.   Document set up > edit artboard > new artboard

C.   command + a

45: Which of these is a valid way to open a PANTONE Color Book?

A.   File > Open Color Books > PANTONE

B.   View > Open Color Books > PANTONE

C.   Swatches Palette > Open Swatch Library > Color Books > PANTONE

46: When you press the combination of Command (control)+A, what will happen?

A.   Select all on working art board

B.   All locked objects will be selected

C.   All hidden objects will be selected

D.   Loads last selection

47: What type of graphics are resolution independent?

A.   pixel

B.   jagged

C.   fixed-number of pixels

D.   raster

E.   vector

48: Can you import an Illustrator document into Flash?

A.   Yes

B.   No

49: What does scaling do to an object?

A.   Resizes the object

B.   Makes it bigger

C.   None of these

D.   Makes it smaller

50: Vectors are...

A.   very large files

B.   scalable

C.   grainy