Adobe Photoshop MCQs

Adobe Photoshop MCQs

Answer these 1000+ Adobe Photoshop MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. Scroll down and let's start!

1: Which of these image formats are not supported when exporting an image for web and devices?

A.   PNG

B.   JPG

C.   TIF


E.   GIF

2: What does EPS stand for?

A.   Entire Photoshop System

B.   Enclosed PostScript

C.   Encapsulated PostScript

D.   Every Photographic System

3: Which tool listed below "paints" by sampling an image

A.   The Blur Tool

B.   The Sharpen Tool

C.   Pattern stamp tool

D.   Eraser Tool

E.   Clone stamp tool

4: To sample a color from any part of the image canvas:

A.   Press Ctrl (Command) + C

B.   Access the Color window on your workspace

C.   Use the Color Correction tool from the Image menu

D.   Use the eyedropper tool

5: What is a gradual blend between two or more colors?

A.   A gradient

B.   Two painted colors next to one another

C.   An area filled with the paintbucket

D.   An airbrush area

6: What is the shortcut for the eraser tool, background eraser tool and the magic eraser tool?

A.   B

B.   E

C.   M

D.   H

E.   J

7: What does HSB stand for?

A.   History, saturation, background

B.   Hue, saturation, brightness

C.   Hue, solid color, brightness

D.   Hue, saturation, black

8: Of these, what is the most common DPI for printed photos?

A.   150

B.   200

C.   300

D.   72

9: Which of the following affects tonal adjustments?

A.   Color Range

B.   All of these

C.   Lighting

D.   Opacity

10: What is the keyboard shortcut for undo?

A.   Option (Alt) + Z

B.   Cmd (Ctrl) + Z

C.   Z

D.   None of these

11: What does the "Align Left Edges" menu do?

A.   Aligns the left edges of multiple type layers

B.   Aligns the left edges of multiple vector shapes

C.   Aligns the left edges of multiple raster layers

D.   All of these

12: What is the native Photoshop file format?

A.   .jpg

B.   .psd

C.   .eps

D.   .ai

13: How many layers can a image have?

A.   As many as your RAM can handle.

B.   100

C.   10

D.   1000

E.   100,000

14: The main Adobe Photoshop project file extension is:

A.   .pdf

B.   .psd

C.   .aph

D.   .ado

15: True or false: New selections can be saved to new channels or layer masks.

A.   False

B.   True

16: All open image documents can be zoomed by using the zoom tool.

A.   True

B.   False

17: What is Command (Ctrl) + T the shortcut for?

A.   Cut

B.   Transform

C.   Toggle screens

D.   Type

18: What is the shortcut key for the pen tool and the Freeform pen tool?

A.   P

B.   F

C.   H

D.   Y

E.   U

19: What is the keyboard shortcut for saving a Photoshop document?

A.   s

B.   command + s (ctrl + s)

C.   shift > s

D.   return

E.   f1

20: True or False: The Refine Edge Tool is a way to modify your selection.

A.   True

B.   False

21: What is Command (Ctrl) + Z the shortcut for?

A.   Toggle

B.   Copy

C.   Undo

D.   Cut

22: How many layers can you have in your layer palette?

A.   As many as your machine memory can handle.

B.   75

C.   30

D.   50

E.   56

23: Which tool should you use to crop an image?

A.   The crop tool

B.   The history brush tool

C.   The brush tool

D.   The hand tool

24: What file formats can Photoshop open?

A.   All of these

B.   eps

C.   png

D.   pdf

25: What is the fastest way to save a file?

A.   V

B.   S

C.   Command (Ctrl) + S

D.   Command (Ctrl) + V

26: Which of these selection tools are available in Photoshop CS5?

A.   Move tool

B.   All of these

C.   Path selection tool

D.   Direct selection tool

27: With which of the following file formats can the Crop tool be used?

A.   .jpg

B.   .png

C.   .gif

D.   All of these

28: What is the shortcut for brush tool

A.   B

B.   M

C.   V

D.   Y

E.   T

29: Which of the following tools can be used directly to edit a path?

A.   Smudge tool

B.   Path selection tool

C.   Blend tool

D.   Type tool

30: When using a pen tablet, which of the following can you control with pen pressure?

A.   Angle Jitter

B.   Size Jitter

C.   All of the these.

D.   Roundness Jitter

E.   Opacity Jitter

31: Where do you adjust a brush shape?

A.   Brush palette

B.   Presets palette

C.   Edit Menu

D.   Texture Menu

32: What is the shortcut for the crop tool?

A.   V

B.   D

C.   C

D.   T

E.   S

33: An option for new fill layer is

A.   Solid

B.   Pattern

C.   Gradient

D.   All

34: In CS6, what filters are not available when you are working in the CMYK color mode?

A.   Blur, Distort and Noise

B.   The Filter Gallery, Lens Distortion, Video, Vanishing Point, and Oil Paint.

35: What are the three lasso tools in Photoshop?

A.   Cut, copy, paste

B.   Save, rename, delete

C.   Select, drag, drop

D.   Lasso, polygonal, magnetic

36: When resizing an image what is being added or subtracted from the image?

A.   Points

B.   Files

C.   Colors

D.   Pixels

37: When sending your document to be printed by a commercial printer what color mode should you document be in?

A.   RGB


C.   Duotone

D.   Grayscale

38: When designing for the web what mode of color should you use?

A.   RGB

B.   Greytone

C.   Indexed


39: What is Photoshop's default file type when using Save As?

A.   PDF

B.   JPG


D.   PSD

40: When using the SAVE AS: feature, the ________ file type saves my graphic design with all layers visible for changes upon opening the next time.

A.   .gif

B.   .jpeg

C.   .psd

D.   .png

41: What color models can photoshop use?

A.   All of these

B.   grayscale

C.   lab

D.   rgb

E.   cmyk

42: What is Photoshop's default Color mode?

A.   RGB

B.   Pantone

C.   Lab


43: Layer masks are composed of resolution dependent pixel grayscale images that can be edited with paint, eraser and selection tools.

A.   False

B.   True

44: Which is the best compression format for photos on the Web?

A.   EPS

B.   RAW



45: When designing for the web you should size your document using what unit of measurement?

A.   Inches

B.   Points

C.   Centimeters

D.   Pixels

46: The magic wand tool allows you to:

A.   Fix cosmetic details and imperfections

B.   Save your image

C.   Select an image area based on color

D.   Paint a raster texture

47: What does PSD stand for?

A.   Palette Display

B.   Photoshop Document

C.   None of these

D.   Photographic Document

48: To save a project under its' current file name, the keyboard shortcut is:

A.   Shift + S

B.   Alt + S

C.   Shift + V

D.   Cmd (ctrl) + S

49: Photoshop allows you to add notes and save them with your images

A.   True

B.   False

50: What is the keyboard shortcut for select all?

A.   Shift + S

B.   Shift + Command (Ctrl) + A

C.   Command (Ctrl) + A

D.   Command (Ctrl) + S