Graphic Designer MCQs

Graphic Designer MCQs

Answer these 100+ Graphic Designer MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Graphic Designer.
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1: What program is used to make vector images?

A.   Photoshop

B.   After Effects

C.   InDesign

D.   Illustrator

2: C=0 / M=100 / Y=100 / K=0, CMYK values, will produce what color?

A.   Black

B.   Blue

C.   Green

D.   Red

E.   White

3: Which of these best describes "anti-aliasing"?

A.   Rounding off the corners of a page.

B.   Removal of errors and bad pixels from a low-res image.

C.   A rough placeholder graphic that will be replaced before printing with a high-res version.

D.   A smooth edge or transition of pixels around a graphic, so it's not jagged.

E.   Editing to take out the image's EXIF data.

4: What dpi should you use for raster images that will be printed in a glossy magazine?

A.   133 dpi

B.   240 - 266 dpi

C.   266 - 300 dpi

D.   150 dpi

E.   1200 dpi

5: What dpi and color mode setting should you use for print?

A.   100dpi - CMYK

B.   300dpi - RGB

C.   72dpi - CMYK

D.   72dpi - RGB

E.   300dpi - CMYK

6: What are raster images saved in CMYK mode used for?

A.   Printing

B.   Video

C.   Email Newsletters

D.   Web Sites

E.   Powerpoint Presentations

7: Which type of graphic can be infinitely rescaled without loss of resolution?

A.   Pixelated

B.   Raster

C.   Vector

D.   Despeckled

E.   Pointilated

8: What graphical format Adobe Illustrator based on?

A.   Pixel

B.   Vector

C.   Raster

9: What resolution is best suited for the web?

A.   12 points per inch.

B.   6 points per inch.

C.   72 points per inch.

D.   100 points per inch.

E.   32 points per inch.

10: What program is best used for vector illustration?

A.   Adobe Indesign

B.   Adobe Flash

C.   Adobe Dreamweaver

D.   Adobe Illustrator

11: Photoshop is a product of :

A.   Mac

B.   Apple

C.   Macromedia

D.   Adobe

12: Which program is best for creating animation?

A.   Indesign.

B.   Adobe Flash.

13: Color can be used to:

A.   Provoke emotion.

B.   Group elements together or isolate them.

C.   Highlight important elements such as headlines and subheads.

D.   All of these.

E.   Signal the reader where to look first.

14: What is color does the following hex value represent? #000000

A.   Black

B.   Green

C.   Blue

D.   Yellow

E.   Red

15: What restriction can a designer put on licensing the use of work that they have created?

A.   In what type of media it is produced

B.   Time frame in which it is produced

C.   All of these

D.   Quantity of items being produced

E.   Geographic region in which it is produced

16: Which of the following is considered the industry standard for photo manipulation in graphic design?

A.   Paint


C.   Photoshop

D.   Acrobat

E.   Dreamweaver

17: What does "ai" stand for regarding graphic design software?

A.   Adobe Indesign

B.   Photoshop

C.   Adobe Illustrator

D.   Auto Interlace

E.   Alpha Identity

A.   35 dpi

B.   300 dpi

C.   72 dpi

D.   150 dpi

19: What is the program Dreamweaver used for?

A.   Print layout

B.   Web Design and web development

C.   Vector Art

D.   Animation

20: What is the general resolution used for print?

A.   300 ppi

B.   144 ppi

C.   72 ppi

D.   600 ppi

21: What is the correct color mode for files to be printed?




D.   Depends on the output device. RGB is better for devices with larger gamma range.

E.   RGB

22: True or False? Saving a 72dpi logo is excellent for commerical printing.

A.   False

B.   True

23: Texture can be used to:

A.   All of these.

B.   Give a printed publication, presentation, or web page a mood or personality.

C.   Provoke emotions.

D.   Create a feeling of richness and depth.

E.   Create contrast for interest.

24: In offset printing, printers mix inks using what colors?

A.   Spot

B.   Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black

C.   RBG

D.   Hex

25: Which image file format most commonly supports animation?

A.   .jpg

B.   .ps

C.   .psd

D.   .gif

E.   .tiff

26: What file format should images with transparent backgrounds be saved as?

A.   jpg

B.   tif

C.   png

27: When would it be best to use Illustrator rather than Photoshop?

A.   Either one is just as good.

B.   When its requested.

C.   When Anti-aliasing is necessary.

D.   Image editing and when manipulating photos.

E.   Creating scalable graphics or when optimizing vector images.

28: Out of the following, which establishes typographic hierarchy?

A.   Weight

B.   Contrast

C.   Placement

D.   All of these

E.   Point size

29: Which color best reflects these descriptions? Warmth, love, anger, danger, boldness, excitement, speed, strength, energy, determination, desire, passion, and courage.

A.   orange

B.   purple

C.   black

D.   red

E.   yellow

30: What is the right solution to create unity?

A.   Line up photographs and text with the same grid lines.

B.   Repeat a color, shape, or texture in different areas throughout.

C.   Use the same color palette throughout.

D.   Any of these.

E.   Choose visuals that share a similar color, theme, or shape.

31: Which type of color model is best suited for web graphics?

A.   YUV

B.   HSV


D.   CAT

E.   sRGB

32: Which of these best describes Photoshop and Illustrator:

A.   Photoshop is raster, Illustrator is vector

B.   Photoshop is vector, Illustrator is raster

C.   Photoshop is CMYK, Illustrator is Monotone

D.   Photoshop is web, Illustrator is print

E.   Photoshop is RGB, Illustrator is CMYK

33: What program can you use to export content for the web?

A.   Fireworks

B.   All of these.

C.   Photoshop

D.   InDesign

E.   Illustrator

34: When referring to computers. A bit map would best be described as.....

A.   a directed line segment whose length represents the magnitude.

B.   a type of graphic composed of pixels in a grid, where each pixel or "bit" contains color.

C.   an array of binary data.

D.   the line segment or its length from a fixed point to a variable point.

35: What program is used to browse and organize Adobe files?

A.   Bridge

B.   Edge

C.   Photoshop

D.   Creative Cloud

36: Which of the following is a solution to create a balance?

A.   Any of these

B.   Use one or two odd shapes and make the rest regular shapes.

C.   Center elements on a page.

D.   Repeat a specific shape at regular intervals, either horizontally or vertically.

E.   Lighten a text-heavy piece with a bright, colorful visual.

37: What pixel density should one use for web layouts?

A.   72 ppi

B.   120 ppi

C.   300 ppi

D.   266 ppi

38: Which file type does not render animation?

A.   .swf

B.   .tif

C.   .gif

39: What does UI/UX design stand for?

A.   User Interest/User Experience Design

B.   United Interface/United Expert Design

C.   United Interest/United Experience Design

D.   User Inbound/User Example Design

E.   User Interface/User Experience Design

40: What does DPI stand for?

A.   Digital Pixels per Inch

B.   Dots Per Inch

C.   Dots Per Index

D.   Digital Pixel Information

E.   Dot Point Information

41: What should raster images saved in RGB color mode never be used for?

A.   Email Newsletters

B.   Printing

C.   Video

D.   Powerpoint Presentations

E.   Web Sites

42: Resolution is a measurement of the output quality of an image, usually in terms of what?

A.   feet, inches, or yards.

B.   pixels, dots, or lines per inch.

C.   All.

D.   height, weight, or length.

E.   time, space, or distant.

43: Which of these problems could keep a printer from being able to print a file?

A.   Raster images sized down in the design program but not in the raster image program

B.   Raster images saved in RGB mode

C.   All of these

D.   Fonts not converted to outlines or curves

E.   Linked image files not included with the file

44: True or False? You can change any file type by changing the file name extension.

A.   False

B.   True

45: What is leading?

A.   The size of type

B.   The space between the baseline of lines of type

C.   The space between letters

46: Colors that are opposite of each other are called?

A.   Square

B.   Triadic

C.   Complementary

D.   Split-Complementary

E.   Analogous

47: This software is used for pagination:

A.   Adobe Photoshop

B.   Adobe Dreamweaver

C.   Adobe InDesign

D.   Adobe Illustrator

E.   CS5.5

48: When should an image be saved as an EPS file?

A.   When you want to embed the fonts in the file.

B.   When it is going to be used to make t-shirts by a silk screen process.

C.   (all of these)

D.   When it needs to be printed in both color and grayscale.

E.   When it is going to be placed in another file and printed on a postscript device.

49: What size is a Letter size sheet (USA)?

A.   8.267" x 11.692"

B.   8.5" x 11"

C.   11" x 17"

D.   8" x 10"

50: What is negative space?

A.   The space around and between the subject(s) of an image.

B.   The reduced space between words.

C.   Vector shapes that have no color assigned.

D.   A mirrored image.

E.   Layers that are set to invisible.