Animation MCQs

Animation MCQs

The following Animation MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Animation. We encourage you to answer these 60+ multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: 3D space is represented by 3 axis. Which letter is not representative of one of these?

A.   y

B.   x

C.   b

D.   z

2: What kind of render pass measures the distances between surfaces to create soft shadows for compositing?

A.   Beauty

B.   Ambient occlusion

C.   Depth

D.   Matte

3: What is the standard NTSC framerate?

A.   24 fps

B.   28 fps

C.   25 fps

D.   30 fps

4: which of the following is generally used for smoke effects?

A.   surface

B.   halo

C.   volume

5: A character quickly changes direction, but his clothes continue forward at a different timing than his body. What is think known as?

A.   Overlapping action

B.   Squash and stretch

C.   None of these

D.   Pose animation

6: Which software does not support animation?

A.   Daz 3D

B.   Softimage

C.   Zbrush

D.   Blender

E.   Modo

7: Which of these modeling processes uses spline curves as a basis for generating surfaces?

A.   Polygons

B.   Rigging

C.   Texturing


8: In a walk cycle, what is the passing position?

A.   The start position

B.   The lowest position

C.   The end position

D.   The halfway position

9: True or False? A displacement map is typically in black and white.

A.   True

B.   False

10: What is the main advantage of recording the live action movement you intend to animate?

A.   You can clearly spot interesting poses

B.   It will give you a better, more realistic feel for the timing of specific actions

C.   You will be able to spot details your eye doesn't pay attention to

D.   All of these

11: _____________________ refers to using computer software to create 3D computer models of characters, props, and sets.

A.   Researching

B.   I don't know

C.   tutorials

D.   Rigging house

E.   Modeling

12: What will happen to the animation when keyframes are placed further apart?

A.   Animation will move slower

B.   Animation will move faster

13: Without rigging you cannot do texture map on 3D model. True or False?

A.   True

B.   False

14: What are Storyboards used for?

A.   Visualizing the final look of an animation

B.   Planning out an animation

C.   Modeling an object from multiple views

15: Which of these are NOT viewing angles shown in quad view?

A.   Front

B.   Side

C.   Top

D.   Behind

16: Which process would you use to make a model of a 3D character animatable?

A.   Rigging

B.   Lighting

C.   Rendering

D.   Texturing

17: Which of these file formats is importable into most 3D packages?

A.   .ma

B.   .obj

C.   .c4d

D.   .frt

18: What is the control point used to manipulate the shape of a NURBS curve?

A.   Control ray

B.   Control vertex

C.   Control spot

D.   Control layer

19: For creating a single model, which of these is a more efficient way to model in polygons?

A.   Start simple, increase polycount as needed

B.   Start with a very high polycount and keep the count consistent to completion

C.   Start with a medium to high polycount and reduce polygons as needed

20: What process would you use to add coloration to a surface of a 3D model?

A.   Rigging

B.   Dynamics

C.   Texturing

D.   Modeling

21: Which of these are associated with transparency?

A.   Depth

B.   Blinn

C.   Semisurface

D.   Alpha

22: Turning on shadows would increase or decrease render time?

A.   Increase

B.   Decrease

23: Which process is used in 3D animation to create and modify 3D geometry?

A.   Texturing

B.   Rendering

C.   Lighting

D.   Modeling

24: Which of these most accurately describe rigging?

A.   A technique for simulating the way in which light bounces from surface to surface within a scene

B.   The process of converting the 3D data stored in a software package into the two-dimensional image ‘seen’ by the camera within the scene

C.   The process of preparing a character model for animation, including setting up an underlying skeleton, and linking it to the mesh of the character model

25: What will happen to the animation when keyframes are closer together?

A.   Animation will move slower

B.   Animation will move faster

26: What process is used to combine rendered files into final images?

A.   Modeling

B.   Lighting

C.   Rigging

D.   Compositing

27: Which of these aspect ratios is associated with widescreen images?

A.   1:1

B.   16:9

C.   4:3

28: Orthographic cameras show what view?

A.   Side view

B.   Front view

C.   Top view

D.   All of these

29: A ________________ is a series of sketches that can be used as a guide for making a show.

A.   manual

B.   movie

C.   book

D.   Storyboard

30: What process is associated with mapping images onto models?

A.   Rigging

B.   Image modeling

C.   Texture mapping

D.   Image placing

31: Which of these passes are used for adding depth of field in post?

A.   Depth pass or zdepth

B.   Matte

C.   Ambient occlusion

D.   Field pass or ypass

32: True or False. 12 Animation principles are only for Character Animation.

A.   True

B.   False

33: Which of the following actions gives the illusion of weight and volume to a character as it moves?

A.   Timing

B.   Exaggeration

C.   Anticipation

D.   Squash and stretch

34: Which process is used to create a coordinate system to map 2D images onto 3D surfaces?

A.   Lightmapping

B.   UV mapping

C.   Procedural mapping

D.   Keyframing

35: Which of these most accurately describe rotoscoping in CGI?

A.   Tracing elements of live action images frame by frame

B.   Creating a preliminary animation exercise to study weight, timing and the basics of "Squash and Stretch"

C.   Creating a blurred effect to simulate incorrect camera speed to image size ratio

D.   Adding computer generated shaking or vibration

36: Which of these are used to add more physically accurate and realistic lighting to a 3D scene?

A.   Global Illumination


C.   Photolighting

D.   Texture mapping

37: What 3D data is included in the obj file format?

A.   Polygonal geometry

B.   Render settings

C.   Keyframe data


38: A method of reducing or preventing rendering artifacts by using colour information to simulate a higher screen resolution is called:

A.   Bitmapping

B.   Smoothing

C.   Beauty passing

D.   Anti-aliasing

39: which is the technique by which movements of actual human is recorded as motion data and applied to rigs of animation models?

A.   Livecap

B.   Freedomcap

C.   Mocap

D.   Multicap

E.   rigcap

40: What does keyframing mean?

A.   Recording values at a particular point in space

B.   Recording time at a particular point in space

C.   Recording values at a particular point in time

D.   Recording space at a particular point in time

41: Which of the following is NOT one of the 12 Principle of Animation?

A.   Slow in and slow out

B.   Rigging

C.   Timing

D.   Arcs

42: What Animation Principle prepares the audience for a major action, such as starting to walk or run?

A.   Staging

B.   Anticipation

C.   Exaggeration

D.   Squash and stretch

43: Which of these processes are used to simulate light passing through and bouncing out of translucent surfaces such as wax or skin?

A.   Subsurface scattering

B.   Displacement mapping

C.   Light blur

D.   Light distribution

44: Blocking is usually the first step in which style of animation?

A.   None of these

B.   Straight Ahead

C.   Back to Back

D.   Pose to Pose

45: True or False? You can NOT switch between Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics during the animation process.

A.   False

B.   True

46: The digital process required to extend 24 fps to 30 fps when converting from PAL to NTSC for US viewing is called:

A.   3-2 pulldown

B.   Clean up

C.   Anticipation

D.   Boiling

47: The difference between keyframes is called:

A.   Tweening or morphing

B.   Keysplining

C.   Tweaking

D.   Key averages

48: Which of the following is the correct order of positions when creating a walk cycle?

A.   Start - Middle - Finish

B.   Primary - Switchover - Secondary

C.   First - Centre - Last

D.   Extreme - Passing position - Extreme

49: What's the process of animation that is done so that the audience will be able to understand the actions of a character as it relates to the story?

A.   Anticipation

B.   Overlapping

C.   Follow-Through

D.   Staging

50: What is Gimbal Lock?

A.   Scale Order Issue

B.   Translate Order Issue

C.   Create Problem in Modeling

D.   Rotating Order Issue