Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of AMBA AHB MCQs. We encourage you to test your AMBA AHB knowledge by answering these multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: Which among the below stated statements does not exhibit the characteristic feature of 16-bit microcontroller?

A.   High speed

B.   I/O Flexibility

C.   Limited Control Applications

D.   Large program & data memory spaces

2: Which microcontrollers offer the provision and salient software features of fault handling capability, interrupt vector efficiency and versatile addressing ?

A.   Intel 80960 (32 bit)

B.   Intel 8096 (16 bit)

C.   TMS 7500 (8 bit)

D.   TMS 1000 (4 bit)

3: How are the address and data buses removed in external memory type of microcontrollers?

A.   Through demultiplexing by external latch & ALE signal

B.   Through demultiplexing by external latch & DLE signal

C.   Through multiplexing by external latch & DLE signal

D.   Through multiplexing by external latch & ALE signal

4: Which among the below mentioned devices of MCS-51 family does not possess two 16 -bit timers/counters ?

A.   8031

B.   8052

C.   8751

D.   All of the above

5: Which register is used for accessing external data memory?


B.   SP

C.   PC

6: Which ports can also be used to access external memories?

A.   P1

B.   P2

C.   P0 and P2

D.   P2 and P3

7: Unlike micro processors, micro controllers make use of batteries because they have:

A.   Low current consumption

B.   Low voltage consumption

C.   Low power consumption

D.   High power dissipation

8: How are micro controllers classified on the basic of internal bus width?

A.   8,16 bits

B.   4,16,32 bits

C.   4,8,16,32 bits

D.   8,16,32,64 bits

9: How is the performance and the computer capability affected by increasing its internal bus width?

A.   It decreases

B.   Remains the same

C.   It increases and turns better

D.   Internal bus width don’t affect the performance in any way

10: Give the names of the buses present in a controller for transferring data from one place to another?

A.   Data bus

B.   Address bus

C.   Data bus, address bus

D.   Data bus, address bus, control bus

11: When 8051 wakes up then 0x00 is loaded to which register?

A.   SP

B.   PC

C.   PSW


12: How are the bits of the register PSW affected if we select Bank2 of 8051?

A.   PSW.3=0 and PSW.4=1

B.   PSW.3=1 and PSW.4=1

C.   PSW.2=0 and PSW.3=1

D.   PSW.5=0 and PSW.4=1

13: On power up, the 8051 uses which RAM locations for register R0- R7 ?

A.   00-2F

B.   00-07

C.   00-7F

D.   00-0F

14: Which architecture is followed by general purpose microprocessors?

A.   Harvard architecture

B.   Von Neumann architecture

15: Which of the two architecture saves memory?

A.   Harvard

B.   Von Neumann