Comptia A +: Windows Pre Installation MCQs

Comptia A +: Windows Pre Installation MCQs

These Comptia A +: Windows Pre Installation multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Comptia A +: Windows Pre Installation. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 30 Comptia A +: Windows Pre Installation MCQs.
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1: You cannot do an in-place upgrade from a 32-bit operating system to a ___________(or vice versa).

A.   Media Center

B.   Reformat

C.   64-bit operating system

D.   32-bit drivers

2: You would choose a 64-bit version if you needed to run 64-bit ____ or use hardware that had only 64-bit drivers.

A.   Reformat

B.   Applications

C.   HLC (hardware compatibility list)

D.   Businesses

3: You can upgrade from Windows 2000 to Windows ____ with an upgrade or Clean install.

A.   Vista

B.   Downgrade

C.   Not available

D.   User settings

4: You can create a ____ computer by keeping your existing installation of Windows.

A.   Dual boot

B.   Support

C.   Backup

D.   Windows

5: The Starter edition Aero and the .NET framework (is/is not) supported.

A.   Is not

B.   Applications user settings

C.   20

D.   Ultimate

6: Though an in-place upgrade does not affect user files and settings - you should still ____ the system prior to performing the installation in case something goes wrong.

A.   Windows Easy Transfer

B.   HLC (hardware compatibility list)

C.   Cannot run

D.   Backup

7: While you can purchase an upgrade copy of Windows if you want to move up two versions - you can only perform an in-place upgrade if you are moving only ____ version up.

A.   New

B.   1

C.   Clean install

D.   Backup

8: You __________ a 32-bit operating system on a 64-bit processor.

A.   USMT (User State Migration Tool)

B.   1

C.   Virtual computer

D.   Can run

9: Home ____ editions include more features such as full Aero support - Windows Backup - and Media Center.

A.   Backup

B.   Premium

C.   Corporations

D.   Businesses

10: ____ that cannot run Vista come with Windows XP Home preinstalled.

A.   Hardware software

B.   USMT (User State Migration Tool)

C.   Can run

D.   Netbooks

11: Choose Windows Vista/7 over Windows XP for ____ drive encryption.

A.   BitLocker

B.   Virtual computer

C.   Windows Easy Transfer

D.   Windows

12: Choose Windows 7 over Vista for improved ___ and restore flexibility._

A.   Compatibility

B.   Upgrade Advisor

C.   Backup

D.   Driver

13: You can install Windows XP on the same partition but a different ____ than the existing installation of previous Windows versions.

A.   USMT (User State Migration Tool)

B.   User data

C.   Folder

D.   Processor

14: With a clean installation - use ____ to transfer all user settings and data from the old installation to the new installation.

A.   User data

B.   Windows Easy Transfer

C.   64-bit drivers

D.   Windows

15: Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate editions support running Windows XP as a ____.

A.   Cannot run

B.   Can run

C.   In-place

D.   Virtual computer

16: With a clean installation - use the ____ for additional migration options - for example to migrate user settings to different computers.

A.   64-bit operating system

B.   In-place downgrade

C.   Driver

D.   USMT (User State Migration Tool)

17: Windows XP hardware recommendations include: 300 MHz processor - ____ MB RAM - 1.5 GB free disk space - CD or DVD drive - Super VGA (800x600).

A.   Processors

B.   300

C.   New

D.   In-place upgrade or Clean install

18: Choose an ____ edition for BitLocker. These editions include all features of both Home and Professional editions.

A.   Ultimate

B.   MAP (Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit)

C.   Windows

D.   Hardware software

19: As a final preparation step - perform a backup of your existing system. If you are doing a clean install - you can use the backup to restore ____ to the new installation.

A.   Driver

B.   86 64

C.   User data

D.   User settings

20: The Starter edition comes only in a ____-bit version. Aero and the .NET framework is not supported. For Vista - the Starter edition is only available in 'emerging' markets. For Windows 7 - the edition is available world-wide - and is typically pre-in

A.   Virtual computer

B.   Search

C.   1

D.   32

21: Choose a Professional/Business/Ultimate edition of Windows if you need to connect to a ____.

A.   Domain

B.   2

C.   User data

D.   USMT (User State Migration Tool)

22: Moving from Windows XP is often not a trivial task because of ____ and ____ incompatibilities between XP and Vista/7.

A.   Hardware software

B.   32

C.   Libraries

D.   Sidebar

23: The biggest advantage to using a 64-bit version is support for more than ____ of memory (most 32-bit systems can only use about 3GB of memory).

A.   Downgrade

B.   Pin

C.   4GB

D.   Upgrade Advisor

24: Choose Windows Vista/7 over Windows XP for ____ and indexing improvements.

A.   Search

B.   Backup

C.   Can run

D.   Preserved

25: During install you can choose to ____ partitions (losing all existing data and any existing operating system installation) or install into an existing partition. If you do not do this - user data will be preserved following the installation.

A.   1

B.   Reformat

C.   Downgrade

D.   Backup

26: Choose Windows Vista/7 over Windows XP for Windows ____ and gadgets. Search and indexing improvements - Windows Media Center for playing and managing digital media

A.   Pin

B.   Sidebar

C.   64-bit operating system

D.   Libraries

27: Check the ____ to verify that hardware is compatible with the operating system.

A.   Vista

B.   Corporations

C.   Media Center

D.   HLC (hardware compatibility list)

28: Enterprise editions are like Ultimate editions - but sold to large ____.

A.   Reformat

B.   Corporations

C.   300

D.   User data

29: You can upgrade from Windows 98/ME to Windows Vista or Windows 7 with a ____.

A.   Applications user settings

B.   Sidebar

C.   Hardware software

D.   Clean install

30: Upgrade versions of Windows are for users who already have an existing installation of ____ - and who want to install the newer version on the same computer.

A.   Windows

B.   In-place upgrade

C.   Clean install

D.   Libraries