Comptia Network + MCQs

Comptia Network + MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Comptia Network + MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Comptia Network + by answering these 30 multiple-choice questions.
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1: A network administrator is troubleshooting connectivity from a client machine. An error message that reads 'Page Cannot be Displayed' is shown in the browser whenever a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) is typed in the address bar. However - if the

A.   Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol

B.   The NIC (Network Interface Card) is bad.

C.   53

D.   Periodically (randomly) blinking

2: All of the following Novell NetWare operating systems support NDS (NetWare Directory Services) natively EXCEPT...

A.   3.1

B.   Central Processing unit

C.   1000BASE-LX and10 GBASE-LR

D.   In a locked room in an offsite location

3: POP Means...

A.   Have the administratorrecreate the shares to be named networkshares and privateshares in order to modify the share names to acceptable lengths

B.   443

C.   Post Office Protocol

D.   Two or more connected computers that can share resources

4: A network administrator needs to verify that the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) service is running on a particular server. On what port number should a Telnet session be established?

A.   25

B.   It is an address assigned to a NIC (Network Interface Card).

C.   Hard to troubleshoot - Difficult to change or move - Doesn't offer much fault tolerance

D.   Simple Network Management Protocol

5: What is on Port 389?

A.   LDAP - Active Directory (Windows) - e-Directory (Novell) - Open Directory (Apple)

B.   Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol

C.   User Datagram Protocol

D.   There are too many collisions occurring in traffic. Disconnect each network card individually to find and replace the one that is broadcasting.

6: What is a MAC (Media Access Control) address?

A.   Hypertext transfer protocol over secure sockets layer.

B.   Firewall

C.   It is an address assigned to a NIC (Network Interface Card).

D.   Hard to troubleshoot - Difficult to change or move - Doesn't offer much fault tolerance

7: Which one of the following UNIX commands is similar to Telnet and used for terminal emulation?

A.   Bus - Star - Ring - Mesh - Point-to-point - Point-to-multipoint - Hybrid

B.   A network's physical topology gives you the lay of the land and the logical topology illustrates how the signals and data travel throughout the layout.

C.   MT-RJ (Mechanical Transfer-Registered Jack)

D.   Rlogin

8: Which two utilities can be used to find out what IP (Internet Protocol) address resolves from a domain name?

A.   Netstat and ping

B.   The device ID (Identification)

C.   Basic Rate Interface

D.   Internet Protocol

9: Which command generated the following output? Active Connections Proto Local Address Foreign Address State TCP CompA:3006 Established TCP CompA:3021 Established

A.   A. 18 -000 feet (5 -486.4 meters)

B.   Handles e-mail functions

C.   Wireless Fidelity

D.   Netstat

10: Which one of the following IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) standards uses

A.   Port Address Translator

B.   1000BASE-LX and10 GBASE-LR

C.   514

D.   20 & 21

11: A technician connects a computer to the LAN (Local Area Network) switch to analyze the traffic occurring from another computer on the network. The only traffic observed coming from the other computer is broadcast frames. What can be concluded from th

A.   The analyzer is functioning properly.

B.   40 bit - 128 bit - 64 bit

C.   1000BASE-CX

D.   Network Time Protocol

12: IPX/SPX means...

A.   Select the most probable cause

B.   Make certain the web site has an external DNS (Domain Name Service) name and a public IP address - and that port 80 is open on the router.

C.   Consists of two distinct and terminated ends with each computer connected to one unbroken cable running its entire length. All of the computers can see all of the data flowing through but the only one computer the data is addressed to will actually g

D.   Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange

13: NIC means...

A.   Network Interface Card

B.   Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension

C.   They get their name because they truly are 'at the service' of the network and run specialized software for the network's maintenance and control known as the network operating system. Sometimes servers have more than one job. But whether servers are

D.   Initial installation cost may be higher - One central single point of failure (the hub or other device)

14: Examples of valid WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) key lengths

A.   40 bit - 128 bit - 64 bit

B.   443

C.   23

D.   Central Processing unit

15: DC means...

A.   Post Office Protocol

B.   User Datagram Protocol. This protocol is connectionless and routable.

C.   Direct Current

D.   Hypertext transfer protocol

16: IIS Means...

A.   Industry Standards Organization

B.   Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - a network service that assigns IP addresses to clients. Should remember that it uses scopes to manage any excluded/ static IP addresses.

C.   Internet Protocol

D.   Internet Information Services

17: Application Server

A.   Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

B.   Check the connection from the WAP (Wireless Access Point) to the network

C.   Manages network applications

D.   Integrated Services digital Network

18: TCP/IP Means;

A.   T1 (T-Carrier Level 1).

B.   Internet Protocol

C.   802.11a.

D.   Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

19: PPTP Means...

A.   Public Switched Telephone Network

B.   53

C.   Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol

D.   2.4 GHz (Gigahertz).

20: TFTP Means...

A.   1433

B.   Internet connection

C.   Trivial File Transfer Protocol

D.   WINS (Windows Internet Name Service)

21: A valid MAC (Media Access Control) address is how many bytes long?

A.   6

B.   10 GBASE-LR

C.   Application

D.   Presentation

22: Which one of the following will affect the range of an 802.11b WAP (Wireless Access Point)?

A.   Hypertext transfer protocol over secure sockets layer.

B.   BootP (Boot Protocol)

C.   A long length of antenna extension cable

D.   Digital Subscriber Line

23: TDR means...

A.   Client-server networks are the opposite of peer-to-peer networks. A single server uses a network operating system for managing the entire network.

B.   MAC (Media Access Control) address

C.   The analyzer is functioning properly.

D.   Time domain reflectometer

24: What is EAP? What is it used for?

A.   The NIC (Network Interface Card) is bad.

B.   Extensible Authentication Protocol. It is used in 3rd party authentication providers/ multi-factor authentication.

C.   Provides remote users with access to the network through modems and an IP connection

D.   Configure the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server to increase lease expiration time

25: On what Port is HTTP?

A.   ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)

B.   10 GBASE-LR

C.   53

D.   80

26: Fault Tolerance

A.   389

B.   The capability of a computer or a network system to respond to a condition automatically - often resolving it - reducing the impact on the system.

C.   Remote Desktop Protocol

D.   A network's physical topology gives you the lay of the land and the logical topology illustrates how the signals and data travel throughout the layout.

27: Web Server

A.   10 GBASE-LR

B.   Manages web-based activities by running Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) for storing web content and accessing web pages

C.   Intrusion Detection System

D.   802.11a.

28: What is QoS?

A.   Remote Desktop Protocol

B.   Quality of Service

C.   Router

D.   Trivial File Transfer Protocol

29: Which protocol does a diskless workstation use to obtain a network address?

A.   The NIC (Network Interface Card) is bad.

B.   A transmission method in which data goes form a source node to all other nodes on a network. Each node receives the data and acts on it - which can generate a great deal of network traffic.

C.   BootP (Boot Protocol)

D.   Public Key Infrastructure

30: WEP Means...

A.   Wired Equivalent Privacy

B.   Bayonet-Neill-Concelman or British Naval Connector

C.   All workstations except Workstation 3 can communicate to each other.

D.   All hosts can communicate.