Criminal Justice (U.S.) MCQs

Criminal Justice (U.S.) MCQs

Answer these 10+ Criminal Justice (U.S.) MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of Criminal Justice (U.S.).
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1: An lsd trip peaks between __________ hours after ingestion.

A.   Two to six

B.   One to four

C.   Three to five

D.   Three to six

2: Courts of general jurisdiction are also known as ______ courts.

A.   District

B.   Appellate

C.   Felony

D.   Municipal

3: Freud posited that the __________ consists of what we are currently thinking.

A.   Conscious

B.   Subconscious

C.   Preconscious

D.   Unconscious

4: High-level appellate courts are also referred to as ________.

A.   Courts of last resort

B.   Trial courts of limited jurisdiction

C.   Trial courts of general jurisdiction

D.   Intermediate appellate courts

5: The sourcebook of criminal justice statistics is published by the ________.

A.   18,000

B.   Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)

C.   1930

D.   Bureau of Justice Statistics

6: The most common way for someone to become a detective is to ________

A.   Attend graduate school in criminal justice

B.   Attend specialized training in the field

C.   Earn an undergraduate college degree

D.   Be promoted from patrol officer

7: Women's prisons are usually not characterized by the ____ found in men's institutions.

A.   Anti-staff mentality

B.   Interracial tensions

C.   Violence

D.   All of the above

8: A cornerstone of age-graded theory is the influence of _______________ on behavior.

A.   Personality traits

B.   Social capital

C.   Pseudomaturity

D.   Chemical imbalances

9: If a grand jury is not used, the prosecutor files a(n) ________ against the accused.

A.   Charging document

B.   Information

C.   Peremptory challenge

D.   Property analysis

10: All of the following are considered professionals in the courtroom work group, except the________.

A.   Victim

B.   Judge

C.   Defense Attorney

D.   Prosecuting Attorney.

11: The highest fine an individual can receive upon criminal sentencing is ________.

A.   $10,000

B.   $80,010

C.   $80,00

D.   $80,10

12: The best way to control events that occur outside of your vehicle is to _________.

A.   Plan your route.

B.   Received through your eyes

C.   When your trying to get your vehicle out of deep snow/mud/sand.

D.   Position your vehicle in the correct lane

13: Inmates develop their own _________, or language.

A.   Argot

B.   Hierarchy

C.   Prisonization

D.   A pardon

14: Jails have even fewer alternatives for dealing with the issue of _______ than prisons.

A.   Privatization

B.   Costs

C.   Overcrowding

D.   Drugs

15: Research confirms that ____ of capital offenders released from prison have killed again.

A.   Over half

B.   About one-third

C.   Nearly all

D.   A small percentage