Developer 2000 by Oracle MCQs

Developer 2000 by Oracle MCQs

These Developer 2000 by Oracle multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Developer 2000 by Oracle. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 60+ Developer 2000 by Oracle MCQs.
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1: Procedures and functions to be used within the form can be written by creating which object?

A.   Object Group

B.   Property Class

C.   Record Group

D.   Program Unit

E.   Visual Attribute 

2: Which of the following is not a type of canvas?

A.   Content

B.   Stacked

C.   Popup

D.   Tab

E.   Vertical/horizontal toolbar  

3: A programmer wants that for a specific block, when the last item loses focus, the focus should go to the next block automatically. What should be done to enforce the above navigation style?

A.   Use a go_block built-in in the post-text-item trigger

B.   Use a go_block built-in in the post-block trigger

C.   Use a go_item built-in in the post-text-item trigger

D.   Set the next navigation data block property of the data block

E.   It cannot be done  

4: Foreign functions are:

A.   Functions written in a separate PL/SQL library and used through attached libraries

B.   Functions written to access a data source other than Oracle

C.   Subprograms written in a 3GL programming language

D.   Functions written to access data sources other than Oracle

E.   Not supported in Developer 2000  

5: Which is the default canvas?

A.   Content

B.   Stacked

C.   Tab

D.   Vertical Toolbar

E.   Horizontal Toolbar 

6: In which of the following type of triggers is the default functionality replaced if you write some code?

A.   Pre

B.   Post and pre

C.   Key

D.   On

E.   On and key 

7: Which system variable represents the name of the last window that was affected by an action that caused one of the window event triggers to fire?

A.   System.Window

B.   System.Event_Window

C.   system.trigger_window

D.   system.action_window

E.   system.window_affected 

8: Unrestricted built-ins can be used with which type of trigger?

A.   All types of triggers

B.   Pre

C.   Post

D.   On

E.   Pre and Post 

9: You do not want the lov to be refreshed every time it is displayed. Which property would you set to no?

A.   Automatic Skip

B.   Automatic Select

C.   Automatic Display

D.   Automatic Refresh

E.   Automatic Position  

10: Which can be a data source for a data block?

A.   Table

B.   View

C.   Procedure

D.   From Query

E.   All of the above can be sources for a data block  

11: System.record_status variable cannot have which of the following values?

A.   Changed

B.   Insert

C.   New

D.   Query

E.   Empty 

12: Which system variable gives information about the current block?

A.   System.current_block

B.   System.cursor_block

C.   System.trigger_block

D.   a and b

E.   a, b and c  

13: The user wants that whenever he comes to a specific text item the LOV should be displayed automatically. What property of the LOV would the programmer have to set?

A.   Auto Refresh

B.   Automatic position

C.   Automatic display

D.   Auto popup

E.   Auto appear  

14: How many content canvases can be displayed in a window at a given time?

A.   1

B.   2

C.   3

D.   4

E.   No limit  

15: The synchronize with item property is used:

A.   To verify the values entered in a text item

B.   To create more than one item in a block that display the same database column value

C.   To show both the value in the database and the new value

D.   To display the time in a text item

E.   To automatically skip to the next navigable item once the last character in the text field has been fully entered  

16: You have created multiple timers in your application. How will you come to know which is the most recently expired timer?

A.   You cannot have multiple timers

B.   A reference is passed to the when-timer-expired trigger which indicates the name of the timer that has expired

C.   By using the get_timer_name built in

D.   By using the get_application_property built in

E.   By using the get_recent_timer built in 

17: The default value for the DML array size property of a block is:

A.   1

B.   2

C.   5

D.   10

E.   50  

18: Which of the following is not a property of the LOV?

A.   Validate from list

B.   Auto display

C.   Automatic column width

D.   Filter before display

E.   Automatic position  

19: The When-Validate-Item trigger is available at which level?

A.   Form

B.   Block and form

C.   Item and form

D.   Item and block

E.   Item, block and form

20: How many content canvases can be attached to a window?

A.   1

B.   2

C.   3

D.   4

E.   No limit  

21: A popup menu can be attached to which of the following objects?

A.   Canvas

B.   Block

C.   Window and Block

D.   Item

E.   Canvas and Item 

22: Which trigger can you use to modify the example record that determines which rows will be identified by the query?

A.   Pre-Select

B.   Pre-Fetch

C.   Pre-Query

D.   On-Query

E.   Post-Query 

23: The automatic skip property of an item:

A.   Automatically moves the cursor to the next block

B.   Moves the cursor to the next navigable item when adding or changing data in the last character of the current item

C.   Automatically terminates the application

D.   Automatically moves the focus to the next window

E.   Automatically moves the focus to the next canvas  

24: You want to allow the users to enter their passwords. Which item type would you use?

A.   Text Item

B.   Text Item with conceal data property set to yes

C.   Text Item with multi-line property set to yes

D.   Text Item with wrap style property set to none

E.   Text Item with keep cursor position property set to yes 

25: The window style property can have which of the two values?

A.   Document or Dialog

B.   Modal or Non-Modal

C.   MDI or SDI

D.   Parent or Child

E.   Response or Popup  

26: The object from which another object can inherit property settings is:

A.   Property Group

B.   Property Cluster

C.   Object Property

D.   Property Class

E.   Property Library 

A.   When-Window-Activated

B.   When-Window-Deactivated

C.   When-Window-Resized

D.   When-Window-Closed

E.   When-Window-Opened  

28: Which built-in displays a list of values (LOV) window at the given co-ordinates, and returns TRUE if the operator selects a value from the list, and FALSE if the operator cancels and dismisses the list?

A.   Show_Lov

B.   Open_Lov

C.   Display_Lov

D.   Prompt_Lov

E.   Lov_Show 

29: Identify the incorrect statement regarding alerts:

A.   An alert at the most can have 3 buttons

B.   An alert can have three styles

C.   At runtime, it is not possible to change the label of the buttons

D.   At runtime, it is possible to change the title of the alert

E.   At runtime, it is possible to change the message of the alert  

30: Which of the following is not a valid format mask for character strings?

A.   FM

B.   X

C.   9

D.   A

E.   !  

31: You want to know if you are at the first record in a block. What technique or variable would you use?

A.   System.first_record system variable

B.   System.cursor_record system variable

C.   The get_block_property built-in

D.   The get_record_property built-in

E.   Either b or c  

32: Given the following triggers, arrange them in the correct order of execution:
1 Pre-Logon
2 Pre-Form
3 When-New-Form-Instance
4 Post-Logout

A.   1,2,3,4

B.   2,1,4,3

C.   2,1,3,4

D.   3,1,2,4

E.   3,1,4,2 

33: You want to display a custom screen for logging on to the application. What trigger would you use?

A.   When-New-Form-Instance

B.   Pre-Logon

C.   Post-Logon

D.   On-Logon

E.   When-New-Block-Instance 

34: Which trigger will fire first when the form is run?

A.   On-Logon

B.   Pre-Logon

C.   When-New-Form-Instance

D.   When-New-Block-Instance

E.   When-New-Item-Instance

35: Which built-in is used to exit from the application?

A.   Quit

B.   Terminate

C.   Exit_form

D.   Exit

E.   Quit_form  

36: What will happen if the same trigger exists at both the item and block level?

A.   The block level trigger will fire

B.   The item level trigger will fire

C.   First the block level trigger, then the item level trigger will fire

D.   First the item level trigger, then the block level trigger will fire

E.   The item level trigger will fire by default, but setting the execution style property of the trigger can change the sequence

37: Which of the following is not a valid find trigger?

A.   Find_Timer

B.   Find_Block

C.   Find_Canvas

D.   Find_Form

E.   Find_Trigger 

38: What is the maximum number of windows you can create in a form?

A.   5

B.   10

C.   20

D.   50

E.   No limit  

39: Which object is automatically created upon creating a form?

A.   Block

B.   Canvas

C.   Window

D.   Alert

E.   Menu  

40: A restricted procedure is one which:

A.   Is only accessible by special users

B.   Can be used only if the privileges are granted by the DBA

C.   Can only be used in specific types of triggers and not in all triggers

D.   Restricts its usage to only one data block

E.   Can be used only if the data is accessed directly from a table  

41: Which of the following helps expose COM components to the .NET framework?

A.   RCW

B.   CCA

C.   CWA

D.   CCW 

42: Which of the following is used to notify all waiting threads of a change in the objects state?

A.   The system.Threading.Monitor.ReferenceEquals method

B.   The system.Threading.Monitor.Enter method

C.   The system.Threading.Monitor.PulseAll method

D.   The system.Threading.Monitor.TryEnter method 

43: The _________  methods are primarily meant for COM Interoperability use.

A.   System.AppDomain.ApplyPolicy

B.   System.AppDomain.CreateComInstanceFrom

C.   System.AppDomain.Load

D.   System.AppDomain.GetAssemblies

44: Which of the following is a must for a private assembly?

A.   Cryptographically strong name

B.   Unique name

C.   Cryptographically Light name

D.   Global assembly cache 

45: In which file can you define the "Process Model" attribute?

A.   Web.config

B.   Machine.config

C.   In both files

D.   In neither file

46: Which Portable Executable (PE) file does not contain the assembly manifest?

A.   Executable

B.   DLL

C.   Module

D.   ALL

47: The global assembly cache:

A.   can store only a single assembly.

B.   can store multiple assemblies with the same name, but different versions.

C.   can store multiple assemblies with the different names and same versions.

D.   can store multiple assemblies with the either with same name or same version.

48: You can create the remote application domain using:

A.   AppDomain.BuldDomain

B.   AppDomain.MakeDomain

C.   AppDomain.CreateDomain  

D.   AppDomain.GenerateDomain  

49: Which of the following files is used to implement application and session level events?

A.   Global.asax

B.   Web.config

C.   Machine.config

D.   None of the above

50: What happens when enough memory is not available to be allocated to an object?

A.   MemoryFull exception is thrown

B.   Garbage collector is automatically run to free up memory

C.   OutOfMemory exception is thrown

D.   The .Net worker process is restarted