Dreamweaver MCQs

Dreamweaver MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Dreamweaver MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Dreamweaver by answering these multiple-choice questions.
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A.   Format>Font Size

B.   Properties Panel>Page Properties>Links>Never Underline

C.   Insert Panel>Page Properties

D.   Format>Fonts

2: How do you change the contrast of an image on a site page?

A.   Modify>Image>Brightness/Contrast

B.   Double Click image

C.   Modify>Image

D.   all of the above

A.   _different

B.   _new

C.   _self

D.   _blank

4: What is the default text color in Dreamweaver?

A.   Pink

B.   Black

C.   White

D.   Grey

5: Which of the following features allow you to see your file exactly as it appears in a browser?

A.   Design

B.   Live View

C.   Split

D.   Code

6: Once you have selected a Workspace layout you:

A.   Will need to re-write all code

B.   Only change layouts after one week

C.   Are not permitted to change whatsoever

D.   Can change to another layout at any time

7: In a Spry Drop Down Menu: In the source code: Which response is correct?

A.   <li><a href="#"><strong>Home</strong></a> </lu>

B.   <li><a href="#"><strong>Home</strong></a> </li>

C.   <li><a href="#"><strong>Home</strong></a> </ul>

8: True or False: Dreamweaver lets you take items out of a list two ways - either by removing the list formatting from an item or items or by deleting their text outright.

A.   False

B.   True

9: How do you make the grid appear visible while designing a page?

A.   View>Grid>Show Grid

B.   View>Snap to Grid

C.   Insert>Grid

D.   Cmd+View Grid

10: Which panel allows you to change the color of the background of a web page?

A.   Insert panel

B.   Properties panel

C.   Files panel

D.   Assets panel

11: Which is a valid file name for the first page of a site?

A.   home.htm

B.   index.htm

C.   aboutus.htm

D.   homepage.htm

12: Which is a Paragraph Tag?

A.   <para>

B.   <h1>

C.   <table>

D.   <p>

E.   <em>

13: The Insert menu offers which of the following options?

A.   Image

B.   Comment

C.   All of these

D.   Hyperlink

14: Dreamweaver can create sites that include:

A.   Animations

B.   Hyperlinks

C.   Sound

D.   All of these

15: How many sites can be created with one copy of Dreamweaver on one computer?

A.   1000

B.   unlimited amount

C.   10

D.   100

16: You can save images for the Web in which formats?





17: What is the extension used for cascading style sheets?

A.   .ai

B.   .css

C.   .fla

D.   .xthml

18: The Document Window lets you work in which view?

A.   Design

B.   Split

C.   All of these

D.   Coder

19: Which of the following is the correct format to start a Heading Level 2?

A.   <#H2>_


C.   __


A.   Another page in your site

B.   Another location on the same page

C.   A page on any site on the internet

D.   All of these

21: Dreamweaver can be used to create which of the following?

A.   CSS

B.   all of these

C.   PHP


22: Which of the following is a Workspace Layout option in Dreamweaver CS5?

A.   Designer

B.   All of these

C.   Classic

D.   Coder

23: What does CSS Stand For?

A.   Cascading Style Sheets

B.   Cascading Symantec Sheets

C.   Cats Stop Something

D.   Correlating Style Sheets

24: How many sites can you create with one copy of Dreamweaver installed on your computer?

A.   unlimited

B.   2

C.   999

D.   10

25: True or False: Dreamweaver allows a user to copy and paste text directly from Microsoft Word.

A.   True

B.   False

26: What is the hexidecimal code for white?




D.   FFF111

27: How do you center text?

A.   Format>Font

B.   all of the above

C.   copy and paste

D.   Format>Align>Center

28: True or False: Dreamweaver has built in validation tools.

A.   False

B.   True

29: Dreamweaver is currently owned and produced by which company?

A.   Macromedia

B.   Google

C.   Yahoo

D.   Adobe Systems

30: What is the html tag that tells the text to be bold?

A.   none of these




31: What are Div tags?

A.   visible HTML tags

B.   broken links

C.   HTML tags which control the apperance and position of the containers

D.   HTML tags which appear only when clicked on

32: Which of the following is the correct keyboard shortcut to save your current file?

A.   Tab + S

B.   Ctrl + S

C.   Alt + S

D.   Shift + S

33: What is the first step in inserting an image into a layer?

A.   Insert>Image

B.   Copy & paste

C.   Open in photoshop

D.   File >Open

34: Which is a bullet?

A.   None Of The Above.

B.   Small Circle or Similar Icon.

C.   A Linked File.

D.   A Completed File.

35: Which of the following files can you create using Dreamweaver CS4?

A.   ColdFusion

B.   JavaScript


D.   All of these

36: What happens if you click on the New button on the toolbar?

A.   nothing

B.   none of these

C.   new window appears and you need to choose which type of document to create

D.   all new documents will be saved

37: Once you have added a browser to your list of available browsers for previewing, you can:

A.   All of these

B.   Select primary and secondary browsers

C.   Rename the browser item

D.   Delete the browser

38: Dreamweaver obtains file validation information from which one of the following sources?

A.   World Wide Web Consortium

B.   Google

C.   Yahoo

D.   Wikipedia

39: In which of the following is it possible to specify the color?

A.   active links

B.   visited links

C.   links

D.   all of these

40: How do you add a row to a table?

A.   Modify>Table>Split Cell

B.   Modify>Select Table

C.   Modify>Table>Insert Row

D.   none of these

41: What is the definition of a Meta Tag?

A.   boxes around images

B.   HTML code which has info such as page title, keywords, and descriptions.

C.   HTML code predetermined by Dreamweaver

D.   none of these

42: Which of the following is the HTML tag to start a Heading Level 3?


B.   <#H3>



43: Which of the following are not allowed to be included in filenames of web pages?

A.   &

B.   #

C.   @

D.   all of these

44: True or False: The properties and options that are displayed in the property inspector changed based on what is selected in the document window.

A.   True

B.   False

45: To view Web pages and other content, you need a...

A.   web coder

B.   Web browser

C.   code reader

D.   code browser

46: When designing a site, split will allow which of the following?

A.   a frameset to be created

B.   none of these

C.   view both code and design

D.   ability to view two pages at once

47: Which of the following should be tested once a site is designed?

A.   different screen sizes

B.   different browsers

C.   links

D.   all of these

48: What is a benefit of viewing the source code of a site?

A.   modify the height of the entire page

B.   copy the Javascript language

C.   learn how the page was structured and layed out

D.   none of these

49: How can you see the source code from the web browser?

A.   File>Open

B.   View Menu> Source

C.   Layers Panel

D.   source code can never be seen

50: True or False: Dreamweaver supports syntax highlighting within code view.

A.   False

B.   True