Game Development MCQs

Game Development MCQs

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Complex mathematical calculations which are part of physics engine are executed by GPU only and not by?

A.   CPU

B.   Rendering

C.   3D Array

D.   None of the above


In 3D rendering, ___ describes how illumination in a scene gets from one place to another. Visibility is a major component of light __?

A.   Shading

B.   Transport

C.   Reflection

D.   Projection


The particle physics engine is primarily suitable for special effects—namely, the ballistics of projectile weapons and particle systems and the _____ effects for explosions?

A.   audio

B.   video

C.   2D

D.   None of the above


Which of the following options is incorrect regarding how to send and receive packets using UDP protocol?

A.   For most modern OS platforms you have some sort of basic socket layer available based on BSD sockets, which can be manipulated using simple functions like “socket”, “bind”, “sendto” and “recvfrom”.

B.   UDP is a connectionless protocol, so each time you send a packet you must specify the destination address. You can use one UDP socket to send packets to any number of different IP addresses.

C.   Each socket must be bound to a unique port, because when a packet arrives the port number determines which socket to deliver to. Developers should avoid using ports lower than 1024 because they are reserved for the system.

D.   By default sockets are set in what is called “blocking mode”. This means that if you try to read a packet using “recvfrom”, the function will not return until a packet is available to read.

E.   Once a socket is created and set to "blocking mode", they cannot be flip into “non-blocking mode”. When in "non-blocking mode", the "recvfrom” function returns immediately when there are no packets are available to read.


In 3D rendering, the shaded three-dimensional objects must be flattened so that the display device - namely a monitor - can display it in only two dimensions, this process is called 3D __?

A.   Transport

B.   Shading

C.   Projection

D.   Reflection


Which of the following is NOT a technique for reducing polycount in 3D models?

A.   Keeping an eye on the silhouette of your model can be very important in preventing it from getting too complex.

B.   Take advantage of Unseen Polygons. There are some scenarios where it will be impossible for the player to see certain parts or sides of a model.

C.   Keep the environment illumination adjusted to highlight some important aspect of complex 3D polygons.

D.   Creating different LOD (Level of Details) Models depending on the object's distance from the camera during the game.


Choose below the option that's NOT correct regarding audio compression and information loss?

A.   Audio data compression has the potential to reduce the transmission bandwidth and storage requirements of audio data. Audio compression algorithms are implemented in software as audio codecs.

B.   Lossy audio compression algorithms provide higher compression at the cost of fidelity and are used in numerous audio applications. These algorithms almost all rely on psychoacoustics to eliminate or reduce fidelity of less audible sounds, thereby reducing the space required to store or transmit them.

C.   Only in lossy compression (not in lossless), information redundancy is reduced. Methods such as coding, pattern recognition, and linear prediction are employed to reduce the amount of information required to represent the uncompressed data.

D.   Lossless audio compression produces a representation of digital data that decompress to an exact digital duplicate of the original audio stream, unlike playback from lossy compression techniques such as Vorbis and MP3.


Translation affects the position of an object, rotation affects its _____ and scale affects its size?

A.   orientation

B.   vertex

C.   matrix

D.   render


Render textures can be used to ____ a scene that is not immediately displayed?

A.   render

B.   materials

C.   textures

D.   data


The Game Loop is one of the most famous and widely used game__ . A game loop runs continuously during gameplay. Each turn of the loop, it processes user input without blocking, updates the game state, and renders the game?

A.   Class Patterns

B.   Design Patterns

C.   Render

D.   Modeling Patterns


Which of the following is NOT a type of texture for 3D modeling ?

A.   Specular Map

B.   Diffuse Map

C.   Normal Map

D.   Photon mapping

E.   Tiling


Which of the following options is NOT correct regarding texture mapping concepts?

A.   A texture map is an image applied (mapped) to the surface of a shape or polygon. This may be a bitmap image or a procedural texture. They may be stored in common image file formats, referenced by 3d model formats or material definitions, and assembled into resource bundles.

B.   Multitexturing is the use of more than one texture at a time on a polygon. For instance, a light map texture may be used to light a surface as an alternative to recalculating that lighting every time the surface is rendered.

C.   The way that samples (e.g. when viewed as pixels on the screen) are calculated from the texels (texture pixels) is governed by baking.

D.   texture maps may have 1-3 dimensions, although 2 dimensions are most common for visible surfaces. For use with modern hardware, texture map data may be stored in swizzled or tiled orderings to improve cache coherency.


Which of the following is NOT a property of the UDP protocol ?

A.   No concept of connection, you have to code this yourself

B.   No guarantee of reliability or ordering of packets, they may arrive out of order, be duplicated, or not arrive at all!

C.   You have to manually break your data up into packets and send them

D.   Makes sure it doesn’t send data too fast for the internet connection to handle


Gravity typically acts in the down direction, unless you are going for a _____ effect?

A.   visual

B.   special

C.   motion

D.   None of the above


In a convex polygon, the line between any two points in the polygon is completely contained within the polygon. In a concave polygon, there is at least _____ of points in the polygon for which the line between the points is partially outside the polygon?

A.   one pair

B.   two pair

C.   three pair

D.   four pair


Which of the following options is NOT Rendering software?

A.   Lightworks

B.   Enlighten

C.   Beast

D.   3ds Max

E.   SpeedTree


Renderers and ____ systems represent near-extremes in the balance of platform-specific to generic code in a system?

A.   2D

B.   audio

C.   3D

D.   Particle


In 3D rendering __ is the relationship between the incoming and outgoing illumination at a given point?

A.   Reflection

B.   Shading

C.   Transport

D.   Projection


The view frustum is the volume of space that is potentially visible to the _____ . It is shaped like a pyramid with the tip snipped off?

A.   camera

B.   pixel

C.   point

D.   plan


A Network port is an integer number normally ranging from?

A.   0 to 20635

B.   0 to 65535

C.   0 to 75535

D.   0 to 55535


The problem with using TCP for realtime games like FPS is that unlike web browsers, or email or most other applications, these multiplayer games have a real time requirement on packet delivery?

A.   Multiplayer Games

B.   Single Games

C.   Mobile Games

D.   3D Games


Which of the following is NOT a property of the TCP protocol?

A.   Connection based

B.   Guaranteed reliable and ordered

C.   Makes sure it doesn’t send data too fast for the internet connection to handle

D.   You have to manually break your data up into packets and send them


Which of the following is incorrect to say about networking in game development ?

A.   UDP is a reliable protocol, in the sense that all packets that are sent will eventually get through. The protocol theoretically guarantees the delivery of the packets.

B.   With UDP we can send a packet to a destination IP address and port, and it will get passed from computer to computer until it arrives at the destination computer or is lost along the way.

C.   TCP-based connection is reliable and ordered, meaning that all data you send is guaranteed to arrive at the other side in the same order that you wrote it. Its also a stream of data, meaning that TCP takes care of splitting up your data into packets and sending those across the network for you.

D.   TCP and UDP are both built on top of IP, but they are radically different. UDP behaves very much like the IP protocol underneath it, while TCP abstracts everything so it looks like you are reading and writing to a file, hiding all complexities of packets and unreliability from you.


In 3D rendering, __ addresses how different types of scattering are distributed across the surface (i.e., which scattering function applies where). Descriptions of this kind are typically expressed with a program called a shader?

A.   Reflection

B.   Transport

C.   Projection

D.   Shading


Springs and _____ alone can produce a whole range of impressive effects such as ropes, flags, cloth garments, and water ripples?

A.   Rendering

B.   Particles

C.   Texturing

D.   GPU


What are sub-disciplines for the Game Programming?

A.   GamePlay

B.   AI

C.   Tools

D.   Graphics

E.   All of the above


In mathematical terms, a transform _____ a coordinate system onto another?

A.   maps

B.   model

C.   audio

D.   texture


SFML provides an _____ to work with position, rotation, and scale in the class sf::Transformable?

A.   Method

B.   Function

C.   API

D.   Rendered


Which is the color that an object reflects when illuminated by "good lighting."?

A.   Diffuse Color

B.   Editable Poly

C.   Specular color

D.   Omni Color


What are the roles in the video games industry?

A.   Producer

B.   Publisher

C.   Development Team

D.   None of the above 


Game _____ , a framework which has inbuilt physics engine and rendering mechanism?

A.   Engines

B.   Library

C.   Software

D.   Programming


Read the following code and select a True statement? 1- bool loadFromFile(const std::string& filename, sf::Shader::Type type); 2- bool loadFromFile(const std::string& vertexShaderFilename,const std::string& fragmentShaderFilename);

A.   A.The first function loads either a fragment or a vertex shader

B.   B.The second function loads both a vertex and a fragment shader

C.   C.Both(A & B)

D.   D.The first and second will loads only single file


Rendering _____ and materials are used to display the object on screen?

A.   Scene

B.   Materials

C.   Geometry

D.   Textures


Rendering is the final process of creating the actual 2D image or animation from the prepared scene.Which of the following is NOT a technique for rendering?

A.   non-realistic wireframe

B.   polygon-based

C.   reflection/scattering

D.   ray tracing

E.   radiosity


The update() and draw() methods bring the encapsulated scene graph functionality to the API of the __ class?

A.   View

B.   Model

C.   World

D.   Transformable


Choose the correct flow of Component architecture for the rendering package?

A.   High-level > Scene

B.   Intermediate-level > Model

C.   Low-level > Rend > Prim

D.   None of the above


Somewhere in every game there's a chunk of code (a function for example) that reads in raw user input __ , etc. It takes each input and translates it to a meaningful action in the game?

A.   button presses

B.   keyboard events

C.   mouse clicks

D.   button presses, keyboard events, mouse clicks

Which of the following are Game Art 3D?


A.   Concept Art

B.   Modeling

C.   Wrapping & Texturing

D.   Animation

E.   None of the above 


_____ artists may produce concept art, sprites, textures, environmental backdrops or terrain images and user interface.

A.   Designer

B.   2D

C.   3D

D.   Animator


The game world maintains a collection of objects. Each object implements an update routine that simulates one frame of the object’s behavior and in each frame, the game refreshes every object in the collection. What game design pattern does the description above references ?

A.   Update method

B.   Game loop

C.   Observer

D.   Event Queue


What is the design pattern that ensures aa class has one instance and provides a global point of access to it?

A.   Component

B.   Singleton

C.   State

D.   Type Object

E.   Observer


A graphics processing unit (GPU) is a specialized electronic circuit designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the creation of and media in a frame buffer intended for output to a display?

A.   audio, text-based

B.   video, text-based

C.   camera, text-based

D.   All of the above


Complex mathematical calculations are part of a _____ engine that is executed only by GPU instead CPU.

A.   Physics

B.   Game

C.   Motion

D.   Particle


A Particle system is essentially an emitter object, which has shape and size and creates particles according to certain rules. Each particle that's created receives a variety of attributes from the emitter and _____?

A.   speed

B.   gravity

C.   environment

D.   rotation

E.   direction


A particle system is a technique in game development that uses a large number of very small sprites, 3D models, or other graphic objects to simulate certain kinds of "fuzzy" phenomena. They are hard to reproduce with conventional ____.

A.   Rendering Techniques

B.   Rendering Objects

C.   Camera Viewer

D.   Texturing Techniques


Which Mesh Animation methodology supports deformations of Muscles and Joints?

A.   facials

B.   biceps

C.   skin movement on rib-joints

D.   All of the above


A type of geometric model of a three-dimensional object in which the basic shape is made up of points, or vertices, connected by edges is called:

A.   Maps

B.   Material


D.   Mesh


Rendering systems are built on an API such as _____ which provide software abstraction of the graphics card.

A.   Update and Draw

B.   OpenGL and Direct3D

C.   2D and 3D

D.   Render and Shader


The problem with using __ for games like FPS is that unlike web browsers, or email or most other applications, these multiplayer games have a ___ requirement on packet delivery.

A.   TCP; real time

B.   UDP; real time

C.   TCP; reliable

D.   UDP; reliable


Which statements are True of Texturing?

A.   Texturing is a technique for adding detail, providing surface texture, or providing color

B.   It is a realistic look that can be given to the characters, sets or props

C.   It is common in almost all the 3D applications

D.   All of the above