History of Modern Public Relations MCQs

History of Modern Public Relations MCQs

Answer these History of Modern Public Relations MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of History of Modern Public Relations.
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1: Media tours are within the city tours

A.   True

B.   False

2: The group visits(multi city tours) that target media outlets and reporters to promote a new product or service are known as

A.   Promotion tour

B.   Media visits

C.   Celebrity visita

D.   None of the above

3: Modern Era of PR is the current era of applying the strategies and tactics advanced by _________ and other leaders to corporations and organizations

A.   Edward Bernays

B.   Dan Edelman

C.   Alfred Martin

D.   Charlie Chaplin

4: An event or activity specifically designed to draw attention to a product, service, or celebrity and create lots of news coverage or publicity is known as

A.   Press event

B.   Publicity stunt

C.   Both

D.   None

5: Pro Bono Work is term derived from

A.   Spanish

B.   French

C.   Latin

D.   English

6: Who is often considered the "father of modern public relations"?

A.   Edward Bernays

B.   Ivy Lee

C.   Arthur Page

D.   P.T. Barnum

7: Which historical event significantly influenced the growth of public relations as a profession?

A.   The invention of the printing press

B.   The Industrial Revolution

C.   World War I

D.   The Civil Rights Movement

8: Ivy Lee is known for his work with which company, where he is considered one of the pioneers of modern PR practices?

A.   Ford Motor Company

B.   General Electric

C.   Standard Oil of New Jersey (Exxon)

D.   Coca-Cola

9: The term "public relations counsel" was coined by:

A.   Edward Bernays

B.   Arthur W. Page

C.   Ivy Lee

D.   Doris Fleischman

10: The publication of the "Declaration of Principles" in 1906 is associated with:

A.   Edward Bernays

B.   Ivy Lee

C.   Arthur W. Page

D.   The Publicity Bureau

11: In the context of public relations history, "muckrakers" were:

A.   Early advertising executives

B.   Journalists who exposed social and political issues

C.   Pioneers in political campaigning

D.   The first public relations practitioners

12: The term "public relations" was first used in the book titled:

A.   Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann

B.   Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward Bernays

C.   The Engineering of Consent by Edward Bernays

D.   Public Relations: A Strategic Approach by David W. Guth

13: The "Four-Minute Men" during World War I were:

A.   Propaganda experts in the government's service

B.   Pioneers in media relations

C.   Advocates for employee welfare

D.   Volunteers who delivered patriotic speeches in public places

14: The role of public relations in political campaigns became prominent during the presidency of:

A.   Franklin D. Roosevelt

B.   John F. Kennedy

C.   Abraham Lincoln

D.   Warren G. Harding

15: The establishment of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) took place in:

A.   1920

B.   1935

C.   1947

D.   1953