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1: What is a <b> tag used for?

A.   To define a push button

B.   To define italic text

C.   To define text with strong importance

D.   To define a (single) break

E.   To define bold text

2: What MIME-type must a cache manifest be served with?

A.   text/cache-manifest

B.   text/plain

C.   application/cache-manifest

D.   application/xml

3: How do you make an element draggable ?


<img draggable="allow" /> 

B.   <img draggable="true" />

C.   <img drag="allow" /> 


<img drag="true" />

4: What is a Web Worker?

A.   JavaScript script running in the background of the page

B.   Hundreds or thousands of these can be allocated in clusters to distribute work amongst common tasks on a web platform

C.   No correct answer

D.   JavaScript script embedded in the page, triggered by the user

5: Which of the following is NOT a benefit offered by using application cache?

A.   Offline browsing: users can navigate a site even when they are offline.

B.   Security: data stored within the cache is protected from external access.

C.   Reduced server load: the browser only downloads resources that have changed from the server.

D.   Speed: cached resources are local, and therefore faster.

6: Which of the following defines a visible heading for a <details> element?

A.   <progress>

B.   <figure>

C.   <details>

D.   <section>

E.   <summary>

7: Which method lets you access the canvas to start drawing on it?

A.   getCanvas();

B.   setCanvas() ;

C.   setContext();

D.   getContext();

8: What does minimizing HTML code get rid of?

A.   whitespace

B.   unclosed div tags

C.   bugs

D.   unloaded JavaScript

9: Search is a valid input type.

A.   True

B.   False

10: How will you return a reference to the parent of the current window or subframe in an HTML 5.0 web application?

A.   window.frameElement

B.   window.parent


D.   None

11: You can force a scroll bar onto a page by using:

A.   all of these

B.   a right nav tag

C.   an aside tag

D.   CSS overflow

12: Is this correct or not ? <video width="320" height="240" controls="controls"> <source src="movie.mp4" type="video/mp4"> <source src="movie.ogg" type="video/ogg"> <source src="movie.webm" type="video/webm"> Your browser does not support the video tag. </video>

A.   Yes, it seems correct.

B.   No, the "controls" attribute can not be set to "controls".

C.   No, the "controls" attribute does not exists.

D.   No, you can not use 3 <source> in a single <video> tag.

E.   No, you can't directly add the text "Your browser does not support the video tag." in a <video> tag.

13: The method to draw a rectangle filled with current fill style is

A.   fillRect(x,y,z)

B.   fillRect(x,y,width,height)

C.   fillRect(width,height)

D.   fillRect(x,y)

14: The action attribute in a <form> element:

A.   none of these.

B.   Specifies a javascript snippet to be executed when the form is submitted.

C.   tells the browser what to do if an input field is invalid.

D.   specifies the URL of the service that will handle the submitted data.

15: What is not a new element in HTML5

A.   <figure>

B.   <aside>

C.   <nav>

D.   <figcaption>

E.   <img>

16: <applet> tag is not supported by HTML5. Which tag can you now use in place of <applet> ?

A.   <object>

B.   <abr>

C.   <em>

D.   <abbr>

E.   <address>

17: When using an <input type="email"> field many modern browsers will display a tool-tip warning for easier client-side form validation.

A.   False, client-side form validation is only possible with the use of JavaScript.

B.   False, form validation is only possible on the server.

C.   True, but this should not replace server-side validation.

18: The browser remembers data from a form and outputs it using:

A.   form overrides

B.   autofocus

C.   list

D.   autocomplete

19: What can HTML 5 forms NOT do?

A.   detect email addresses and phone numbers

B.   completely replace server side form validation

C.   validate forms

20: <nav> is an HTML5:

A.   pattern.

B.   box type.

C.   element.

D.   attribute.

21: Which tag would semantically separate a section of photos from a section of videos?

A.   <article>

B.   <section>

C.   <hgroup>

D.   <nav>

22: Which of the following is a not content-specific element in HTML5?

A.   <footer>

B.   <nav>

C.   <header>

D.   <narrow>

E.   <article>

23: To limit the length of input in a form field use:

A.   limit_value

B.   value="medium"

C.   medium

D.   maxlength

24: What does SVG stand for?

A.   Size Vector Graphics

B.   Scalable Vector Graphics

C.   Size Visable Graphics

D.   Size Vested Graphic

25: How many footers can you have in a html 5 document?

A.   any number

B.   2

C.   3

D.   20

26: What is the purpose of <em> tags?

A.   To define external interactive content

B.   To define a body element

C.   To define emphasized text

D.   To define a table caption

E.   To define bold text

27: Which browser does NOT support SSE (Server sent events)

A.   Google Chrome

B.   Opera

C.   Internet Explorer

D.   Firefox

E.   Safari

28: What does the <nav> element represent?

A.   the HTML5 replacement for the deprecated <a> element.

B.   the base URL specified with the location attribute.

C.   The <nav> element is not part of the HTML5 specification.

D.   a section of a page that links to other pages or to parts within the page.

29: Which is the correct DOCTYPE for HTML5?

A.   All of these

B.   <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

C.   <!DOCTYPE html>

D.   <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">

30: Which of the following is correct?

A.   If an HTML5 document finds no stylesheet, it becomes invalid.

B.   HTML5 describes the content of a page while CSS defines style rules.

C.   It is best to style a webpage using the new HTML5 style properties.

31: What is the use of <kbd>?

A.   Defines keyboard input

B.   Defines broader container area

C.   Defines Important Text

D.   Defines a sample output from a computer program

E.   Defines a Definition Term

32: The process of giving all elements in a page a margin of 0 and padding of 0 is called a:

A.   recall

B.   reset

C.   reprocess

D.   reboot

33: Which attribute in <video> element is responsible for start playing as soon as it is ready?

A.   autoplay

B.   loop

C.   autorun

D.   fastload

E.   preload

34: HTML5 form validation will validate all specified field types and...

A.   email fields.

B.   url fields.

C.   time-date fields.

D.   required fields.

35: What is the proper syntax for adding placeholder text to a text input?

A.   <input placeholder=”Placeholder text” />

B.   <input>Placeholder text</input>

C.   <input value=”Placeholder text” />

D.   <input pre=”Placeholder text” />

36: Controls attribute in <video> element doesn't include

A.   Play button

B.   It includes all of the option.

C.   Pause button

D.   Seeking

E.   Volume

37: Which of the following languages will you use to paint the graphics designed using the HTML 5.0 <canvas> tag?

A.   VB script

B.   None

C.   JavaScript

D.   PostScript

38: What is the correct email input tag?

A.   <input type="text" name="email" />

B.   <input type="email" name="user_email" />

C.   <input type="Email" id="email" />

D.   <input type="text" id="email" />

39: Which of the following defines a part of a document, that would still make sense out of the context of its webpage (like a news article)?

A.   <rt>

B.   <article>

C.   <section>

D.   <mark>

E.   <details>

40: HTML5 was partially created by WHATWG and:

A.   Netscape

B.   XML

C.   W3C

D.   XHTML 2.0

41: Adding height and width to img elements can...

A.   prevent change in page layout when the image finishes loading.

B.   all of these.

C.   stretch an image.

42: You should insert text content between the <video> and </video> tags for browsers that do not support the <video> element.

A.   False

B.   True

43: When does the onhashchange event dispatches?

A.   If the entire URL changes.

B.   If the hash portion of the current URL changes.

44: What is the purpose of <svg> tags?

A.   To preformat pictures or text using Cascading Style Sheets

B.   To insert JavaScript content

C.   To draw pictures or text using Scalable Vector Graphics

D.   <svg> tags are not supported by HTML5

E.   To structure web pages

45: Which is the correct tag used for input fields, that contain a numeric value?

A.   <input type="text" min="1" max="10" />

B.   <input type="number" name="points" min="1" max="10" />

C.   <input type="text/number" name="points" id="text" min="1" max="10" />

D.   <input type="text" name="points" />

46: When you format images with <img> tags, which attribute do you not use?

A.   Type

B.   Enctype

C.   Bold

D.   Action

E.   All of these

47: <meta charset="utf-8" /> should be placed...

A.   at the very end of the file.

B.   right after the opening <head> tag.

C.   at the very beginning of the file.

D.   anywhere on the page

48: Which tag is used for describing details about a document?

A.   <section>

B.   <header>

C.   <figure>

D.   <details>

49: Which HTML tag should be used to contain each individual post on a page of blog posts?

A.   <aside>

B.   <div>

C.   <footer>

D.   <article>

50: Which tag specifies the caption inside a figure element?

A.   <figure>

B.   <figcaption>

C.   <command>

D.   <section>