iOS 5 App Development Basics MCQs

iOS 5 App Development Basics MCQs

Our experts have gathered these iOS 5 App Development Basics MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of iOS 5 App Development Basics by answering these 20 multiple-choice questions.
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1: Formatting placeholder for integers

A.   !

B.   %d

C.   Pound

D.   Touch Up Inside

2: Used to set up an outgoing connection from the implementation code to the view

A.   ==

B.   IBOutlet

C.   Instruments

D.   !=

3: Syntax for declaring a string called userName

A.   Ommand+Return

B.   NSString *userName;

C.   Workspace

D.   Convenience

4: Size of iPhone lo-res icon image in pixels

A.   GraduationParty ... addAttendee:withDish

B.   YES

C.   Scene

D.   57 x 57

5: Extension for interface file

A.   Y *= 5;

B.   IBAction)moveMe:(id)sender;

C.   H

D.   Inspector and library

6: An _______ is used to enable your code to talk to objects within views

A.   Float

B.   Ption+Command+Return

C.   IBOutlet

D.   EXtensible Markup Language

7: The @ symbol is shorthand for creating one of these

A.   X--;

B.   NSString

C.   Int

D.   Object-oriented programming

8: Data type for numbers with tame numbers of decimal points

A.   !

B.   Nil

C.   NSDictionary

D.   Float

9: In most graphical user interfaces - a _____ view is a view that must be dismissed (OK button - Cancel button for example) before the user can perform any other actions in the application.

A.   Cocoa Touch - Media - Core Services - Core OS

B.   Modal

C.   Productivity

D.   IBAction

10: Write a statement to declare and initialize a label object called myLabel

A.   Do{/*stuff to do here*/}while();

B.   Jump Bar

C.   UILabel *myLabel = [[UILabel alloc] init];

D.   Cocoa Touch

11: The bar across the top of the Editor area that shows you the item you are editing

A.   Treats the field as a password - hiding each character as it is typed

B.   [ : p1];

C.   Jump Bar

D.   NSDate

12: ______ are variables that can store a ____ to an object.

A.   Image view

B.   Outlets ... pointer

C.   2

D.   Classes

13: Two-way selection logic block

A.   Static

B.   Wrap

C.   Jump Bar

D.   If(){/* stuff to do*/} else{ /*stuff to do*/}

14: Typical header syntax for a button that will be applying the moveMe action in an app

A.   IBAction)moveMe:(id)sender;

B.   Property list

C.   Cocoa Touch

D.   NSString *userName;

15: Apps written to assist users with special disabilities

A.   Accessible apps

B.   Int

C.   Count++;

D.   -

16: The library that contains the objects you can add to a view or XIB file

A.   #import 'myFile.h'

B.   Inspector and library

C.   Object library

D.   Integrated Development Environment

17: Tests to see whether two values are equal

A.   Hash

B.   ==

C.   @end

D.   Scene

18: In the US - the # symbol is often called the ____ symbol

A.   Isolate the functional components of an app

B.   Pound


D.   Command+S

19: Given: #import @interface WelcomeViewController : UIViewController @end The superclass for WelcomeViewController

A.   Superclass

B.   UIViewController

C.   Model

D.   Token

20: Something the simulator cannot reliably test

A.   Attributes Inspector

B.   NSDate

C.   Performance

D.   Control-click on the View Controller's icon to bring up a Connections dialog

21: In the UK - the # symbol is often called the ____ symbol

A.   Hash

B.   Performance

C.   Xcode

D.   Label

22: Boolean for 'false' in Objective-C

A.   Classes

B.   512MB

C.   NO

D.   Stub

23: Combining two messages into a single line of code

A.   Image view

B.   Integrated Development Environment

C.   Scheme

D.   Nested message send

24: Beginning with iOS4 - applications no longer terminate when the user presses the...

A.   Document Outline Area or Outline View

B.   Home button

C.   IBOutlet

D.   Workspace

25: Define a collection of methods to perform a task

A.   Protocols

B.   Nil

C.   Cocoa Touch

D.   Isolate the functional components of an app

26: Apps that provide easy access to a single screen of information with a backside view for modifying preferences

A.   Utility apps

B.   Scene

C.   Identity Inspector

D.   NSURLRequest

27: Companion to the @property directive

A.   @synthesize

B.   Header

C.   Bool

D.   512MB

28: The object currently in control and interacting with the user

A.   Superclass

B.   First Responder

C.   CGAffineTransform

D.   While(){/*stuff to do here*/}