Symbian C++ MCQs

Symbian C++ MCQs

Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of Symbian C++ MCQs. We encourage you to test your Symbian C++ knowledge by answering these 40 multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: Which of the following system-provided framework classes of Symbian OS GUI is used to handle the control stack for first-level key event distribution?

A.   RWsSession

B.   RWindowGroup

C.   CCoeEnv

D.   CCoeAppUi

2: Which of the following is/are (an) advantage(s) of lodger controls?

A.   Lodgers reduce the client-server traffic between an application and the window server.

B.   Lodgers improve graphics quality.

C.   Lodgers reduce overheads because controls are much more compact in memory than in windows.

D.   Lodgers have less demanding processing requirements.

E.   Lodgers help in drawing objects and implementing themes.

3: In Symbian C++, the basic class for color is the Trgb: color specification. What is the size of the TRgb: class object?

A.   8 bits

B.   16 bits

C.   32 bits

D.   64 bits

4: Which of the following APIs will be used to enable or disable "Show call duration"?

A.   Settings Framework API

B.   AIW Dial Data Consumer API

C.   Logs Timers API

D.   Item Finder API

E.   Data Connection Log Counters API

5: Which of the following is NOT a valid integer data type in Symbian OS programming?

A.   Tint8

B.   TUint32

C.   TUint64

D.   TInt64 

6: For S60 devices, what is the minimum size that an element should have, in order to be considered as index finger usable?

A.   5 X 5 mm

B.   7 X 7 mm

C.   10 X 10 mm

D.   12 X 12 mm

7: Which of the following services is/are provided by the ESOCK of the Symbian OS?

A.   It provides the facility of connection management API for selecting, configuring and monitoring connections.

B.   It provides the facility for loading and configuring the CPMs based on the contents of various CMI files.

C.   It provides the lowest level interface to the telephony functionality within Symbian OS.

D.   It provides the facility for making connections with remote systems and transferring data.

8: In an S60 device, which touch event will activate a menu command under the finger?

A.   Touch

B.   Tap

C.   Touch and cancel

D.   Touch and drag

E.   None of the above

9: What function(s) does the Trusted Computing Base (TCB) in Symbian OS perform?

A.   It is used to control the lowest level of the security mechanisms and also to maintain the integrity of the system.

B.   It is used to check the trusted software provided in the mobile phone by Symbian and others, such as the UI platform provider and the phone manufacturer.

C.   It is used to gain access to a system resource and system resources take the form of services provided via an API.

D.   It is the smallest part of the system that the processes can fully trust.

10: Which of the following Avkon controls provided in the S60 platform are window-owning controls?

A.   Editors

B.   Lists

C.   Dialogs

D.   Setting pages

E.   Queries

11: What is the output of the following code?
#include # or
LIBRARY centralrepository.lib
CRepository* cRepository = CRepository::NewLC( KCRUidDCLLogs );
TBuf<50> bytes;
User::LeaveIfError( cRepository->Get(KLogsGPRSReceivedCounter, bytes ) );
CAknInformationNote* informationNote = new (ELeave) CAknInformationNote;
TBuf<100> msg;
msg.Copy(_L("Data in bytes : "));

A.   It displays the total data received using GPRS.

B.   It displays the total data sent using GPRS.

C.   It displays the total data sent using WLAN.

D.   It displays the total data received using WLAN.

12: Which of the following layers is responsible for managing all plug-ins, Central Repository, DBMS and cryptographic services in Symbian?

A.   UI Framework layer

B.   OS Services layer

C.   Base Services layer

D.   Mutimedia layer

13: What is the maximum size of values that can be assigned to data type TInt in Symbian C++?

A.   Signed and unsigned 8-bit integer

B.   Signed and unsigned 16-bit integer

C.   Signed and unsigned 32-bit integer

D.   Signed and unsigned 64-bit integer

14: Setting multiple networking profiles is not possible on the S60 platform.

A.   True

B.   False

15: Which line will produce an error when the following Symbian C++ code is executed?
Line 1.        class foo {
Line 2        virtual int f0();
Line 3        int virtual f1();
Line 4        friend int f2();
Line 5        int friend f3();
Line 6        };

A.   Line 2

B.   Line 3

C.   Line 4

D.   Line 5

E.   The code is error free.

16: What will happen when the following Symbian C++ code is executed?
Line 1        class foo {
Line 2        enum A { AA };
Line 3        int f(A a = AA);
Line 4        int f(B b = BB);
Line 5        enum B { BB };
Line 6        };

A.   The code will run successfully.

B.   Line 3 will produce an error because the syntax of the assignment is incorrect.

C.   Line 4 will produce an error because BB has not been declared above.

D.   Line 2 will produce an error because of incorrect declaration of AA.

17: Which of the following services is NOT provided by the MMFDevSound API?

A.   The playing of DTMF strings.

B.   Initialization and configuration of hardware devices, for example, setting microphone gain, setting stereo balance and so on.

C.   The editing of raw audio data.

D.   The playing and dynamic control of tones with user specified frequencies.

18: What does r_name34 represent in the following resource string declaration?
RESOURCE TBUF r_name34 { buf = STRING_value_in_rls_file; }

A.   It is the keyword for the statement.

B.   It is a utility structure to contain the string.

C.   It is the symbolic ID used in your code.

D.   None of the above 

19: Which of the following actions CANNOT be performed using the Extended Skins API?

A.   Changing the active theme.

B.   Receiving notifications of change in skin content, configuration.

C.   Creating a generic parameter list with basic types.

D.   Deleting skin or copying skin from one location to another.

E.   Setting idle wallpaper.

20: What will happen if the following piece of code is executed?
TBool var_a=2 ;
If (var_a == ETrue)
... ... // Some code here

A.   The code will execute if the var_a equals true.

B.   The code will execute if the var_a equals false.

C.   The code will always execute irrespective of the value of var_a.

D.   The code will never execute irrespective of the value of var_a.

21: The default stack size in Symbian OS is :

A.   5Kb

B.   8Kb

C.   16Kb

D.   32Kb 

22: Which of the following is not a typical function of the Arrow up/Arrow down standard keys in S60 devices?

A.   They move the focus one item up/down in lists and grids.

B.   They move the cursor one line up/down in editors.

C.   They change the value in a pop-up field immediately in forms.

D.   They scroll the view up/down in viewers.

E.   They adjust the sound volume during calls and sound playback when the device does not have dedicated volume keys.

23: Sending and receiving an SMS without the message tone and without any new message notification can be achieved by sending the SMS through sockets using the SMS Utilities API.

A.   True

B.   False 


What will happen if the following declarations are done?
Line 1        int;
Line 2        int i;

A.   Line 1 is correct, but Line 2 will show a warning.

B.   Line 2 is correct, but Line 1 will show a warning.

C.   Line 1 and Line 2 will each show a warning.

D.   Line 1 and Line 2 are both error free and warning free.

25: Which of the following string functions is/are used in Symbian C++ for the purpose of searching?

A.   Locate()

B.   Compare()

C.   Find()

D.   Collate() 

26: How will you write a comment in Symbian C++?

A.   ' text

B.   / text

C.   // text

D.   ** text 

27: Which of the following Symbian classes can be used to play audio data?

A.   CmdaAudioPlayerUtility

B.   CmdaAudioRecorderUtility

C.   CMMFCodec

D.   CMMFDevSound 

28: On the S60 platform, when an application starts, which of the following options shows the correct order in which the objects are created?

A.   application ->document->UI controller->view controller->view

B.   application -> UI controller-> document->view controller->view

C.   application ->document-> view controller->UI controller-> view

D.   application ->document-> view controller->view ->UI controller

29: Which of the following statements is/are true about the concept of components with regard to Symbian Software Structuring?

A.   They are a collection of files needed to build and test at least one target file.

B.   They have their own source tree where all the source files and other package files must be contained.

C.   They are used to implement programming interfaces that are under change control.

D.   All components are aggregated into packages owned and maintained by a single organization.

30: Suppose you have 2 classes namely, Person and Footballer, as follows:
class Person { virtual void func(void) { ; } };
class Athlete : public Person { /* . . . */ };
and suppose 2 pointers are defined as follows:
Person *Joy = new Person;
Person *Max = new Athlete;
What will be the value of the variable "a", if the following dynamic_cast statement is executed?
a = dynamic_cast(Joy);

A.   Joy

B.   Max

C.   0

D.   None of the above

31: Which of the following servers is responsible for starting and stopping the communication servers providing dedicated services?

A.   C32 Serial Server

B.   ESock Server

C.   Root Server

D.   None of the above 

32: Which of the following classes do(es) NOT own any external object, whether directly (by pointer) or indirectly (by handle)?

A.   'T' classes

B.   'C' classes

C.   'R' classes

D.   'M' classes

33: Which of the following mechanisms provided by the Symbian OS allows file access control?

A.   Reference Monitor

B.   Data Caging

C.   Trusted Computing Base

D.   Trusted Computing Environment

34: Which statement will you use in an S60 resource file to declare the version number of the resource file?




D.   None of the above

35: Which of the following CANNOT be highlighted, selected or retrieved in a text viewer editor, using the CAKnItemFinder class of the Item Finder API?

A.   Email Address

B.   Url Address

C.   GSM Network

D.   Phone number

36: Which of the following functions is/are provided by the Kernel and hardware services of the Symbian Operating System?

A.   Digital TV hardware abstraction

B.   Unicode 3.0 and support for different languages

C.   Demand paging of read-only code and data

D.   L2 cache support

37: Which of the following TDisplayMode display modes is used to display 16 shades of gray?

A.   EGray2

B.   EGray4

C.   EGray16

D.   EGray256

38: Which of the following servers is a serial communications server that drives the communications ports and also runs serial-like protocols that use other communications services?

A.   C32



D.   Messaging

39: Consider the following lines of code. What does it signify if aForeground is set to FALSE?
void CMyViewAppUi::HandleForegroundEventL(TBool aForeground)
    if (aForeground==TRUE)
        iEikonEnv->InfoMsg(_L("Some Message here"));
        iEikonEnv->InfoMsg(_L("Some Message here"));

A.   The application is switched to the foreground.

B.   The application has gone to the background.

C.   The application is not running.

D.   The application has crashed.

E.   None of the above

40: Which of the following layers is/are present in the Symbian System Model?

A.   Multimedia layer

B.   Base Services layer

C.   Session Layer

D.   UI Framework layer

41: Can a file within a package contain hardcoded references to the package directory location in Symbian?

A.   Yes

B.   No

42: Every file present in the hierarchy of the Symbian platform is owned by one and only one component, collection, package and layer.

A.   True

B.   False