These Mac OS multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Mac OS. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 70+ Mac OS MCQs.
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1: What is mei?

A.   An hard disk

B.   A Windows computer on the network

C.   A MacOS X server

D.   My computer<br>


What is the Mac OS X printing system?

A.   an hp printing system

B.   cups

C.   a linux printing system

D.   None of the above


Is it possible to use a Mac to share an internet connection?

A.   yes

B.   no


Which of the following can do calculations?

A.   Calculator

B.   Finder

C.   Spotlight

D.   Mail


While viewing a document with QuickLook, can you print it?

A.   yes

B.   no


What is the command to terminate an application from the command line?

A.   term

B.   kill

C.   stop

D.   halt

E.   shutdown

A.   The hardlink is not valid anymore.

B.   The hardlink stays valid.


How can you open a Finder window from the command line?

A.   With the finder command

B.   With the open command

C.   It’s not possible

D.   With the win command


Can Safari automatically enter account names and passwords?

A.   Yes

B.   No


How do you usually install most of the applications under MacOS X?

A.   With an msi installer

B.   By drag and drop of the .app bundle

C.   By using activeX controls

D.   None of the above


Is journaling supported by HFS+?

A.   yes

B.   no


Which of the following features was added to MacOS X 10.5 in the application?


B.   POP

C.   RSS

D.   HTTP mail

E.   None of the above


Which of the following filesystems can be read by Mac OS X 10.5?


B.   UFS

C.   EXT3

D.   FAT32

E.   ZFS


What is this icon?

A.   A walking folder

B.   A public folder

C.   A movie folder

D.   My computer


Mail can detect addresses in e-mails.

A.   True

B.   False


What is the sudo command?

A.   It does not exist

B.   It is the super user do command

C.   It is the command to schedule commands

D.   None of the above


In which menu is an application preferences button usually located?

A.   In the menu with the same name as the application

B.   In the Apple menu

C.   In the Help menu

D.   All of the above


What feature was added to Leopard to reduce desktop clutter?

A.   The Trash

B.   Stacks

C.   Folders

D.   Spaces


Is IPX supported by Mac OS X?

A.   yes

B.   no


Can the finder mount WebDav shares?

A.   yes

B.   no


What does ~ mean in a path?

A.   Hard drive root

B.   Document folder

C.   Home folder

D.   Network root

E.   None of the above


Is Mac OS X Ipv6 capable?

A.   yes

B.   no


Which key can be used to immediately open a spring loaded folder?

A.   Shift

B.   Alt

C.   Spacebar

D.   Delete


What is the orange button in the MacOS X windows title bar?

A.   Auto resize

B.   Minimize in the dock

C.   Open

D.   Close

E.   None of the above


What is the name of the Mac OS X search engine?

A.   fastsearch

B.   live search

C.   google

D.   spotlight


How does safari indicate progress in loading a web page?

A.   It displays the current percentage of the loaded data

B.   A blue bar fills the address field

C.   The progress bar fills

D.   It doesn’t


Is Mac OS X POSIX compliant?

A.   yes

B.   no


How do you know if a transaction has been secured with SSL under Safari?

A.   It’s not possible

B.   All internet transactions are secured

C.   Safari does not support SSL

D.   A lock appears at the top right corner of the Safari window

E.   None of the above


Cups can be configured with a web browser. On which port is the cups server listening?

A.   132

B.   2546

C.   631

D.   548

E.   9845


Which is the current equivalent of Microsoft Office made by Apple for OS X?

A.   iOffice

B.   iWork

C.   iDocs

D.   AppleWorks


Is HFS+ case sensitive by default?

A.   yes

B.   no


How do you customize a toolbar?

A.   By double clicking it

B.   By right clicking it

C.   You cannot

D.   None of the above


What is Safari?

A.   A calendar application

B.   A contact list

C.   A web browser

D.   A mail client

E.   None of the above


What is the command used to move a file?

A.   move

B.   translocate

C.   mv

D.   cp

E.   cpy


Which key on the keyboard is used to open a file using quicklook?

A.   q

B.   enter

C.   l

D.   spacebar

E.   Any key


How can you create a PDF instead of printing?

A.   It’s not possible

B.   By exporting it from the application

C.   By using the PDF button in the print dialog

D.   None of the above


Under System Preferences, can the dock be put at the top of the screen?

A.   Yes

B.   No


Which of the following URI are correct?


B.   http.//

C.   file:///Users/john/Documents


E.   None


You can access Wikipedia through the Dictionary in OS X.

A.   True

B.   False


What is “Phoenix”?

A.   A hard disk

B.   A Windows computer on the network

C.   A MacOS X server

D.   My home folder


What does this icon denotes in the image shown above?

A.   Internet icon

B.   Perference

C.   Info icon

D.   Spotlight icon


Which of the following applications have tabs in Leopard?

A.   Safari

B.   Terminal

C.   Mail

D.   iTunes


What is the command to clear the terminal?

A.   clean

B.   empty

C.   cleanse

D.   clear


Where are an application’s preferences usually located?

A.   On the Desktop

B.   In the System preferences

C.   In a user’s library or the system-wide library

D.   In the application’s bundle


Which of the following are true?

A.   Each user on a Mac OS X system can use the system in a different language

B.   Mac OS X 10.5 can run Mac OS 9 applications under classic

C.   Mac OS X is based on a UNIX system

D.   Mac OS X natively supports the IPX protocol

E.   Mac OS X can run Microsoft office


What are the possible views for items in Finder windows in Leopard?

A.   Icons stacks, columns and list

B.   Only icons

C.   Icons, list, columns, and cover flow

D.   None of the above


If you have only one button on your mouse, which key would you press to emulate the right button?

A.   command

B.   option

C.   ctrl

D.   shift

E.   fn


What does the Private Browsing option do in Safari?

A.   It prevents the sending of any information to websites.

B.   It is equivalent to the invisible status in instant messaging systems

C.   It makes sure that the following aren’t stored: seaches, cookies, history, form information

D.   All of the above.


Can PPC Mac run Boot Camp?

A.   yes

B.   no


Which key should you hold to boot a mac in target mode?

A.   c

B.   d

C.   p

D.   t

E.   m